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  1. UK Sales

    WHSmiths High Holborn had 3 boxes of S6 minifigs yesterday, down to a rather sparse 1 box today - going fast! cheers, timbutnice
  2. UK Sales

    HP truNk
  3. UK Sales

    As well as the Christmas Vignette promotion set, the Lego store in Westfield Stratford are giving away a poly from the recent Sun promotion free with what looked like every purchase. Choice of one of four - Venator, Cars, HP truck, Micro Truck. cheers timbutnice
  4. UK Sales

    25% off city Lego at Argos - advertised online, but doesn't show up on the 'stock checker' in stores, but does at the till / quick pay machines. cheers timbutnice
  5. UK Sales

    Holborn ( central London) WHSmiths have S5, cheers, timbutnice
  6. UK Sales

    Don't know from the pictures I sort of hope it comes with train tracks and an underwater palace!
  7. UK Sales

    two gems from Argos at prices I haven't seen: Queen Anne's Revenge £74.99 City of Atlantis £36.99 (ignore the odd pictures ... I hope!) cheers, timbutnice
  8. UK Sales

    As reported on brickset forums, there are some great kingdoms deals at amazon too - but you have to search for them! Try Mill Village Raid and King's Carriage Ambush cheers, timbutnice
  9. UK Sales

    Sale now on at S@H, not much of a selection, but looks like a real sale this time! cheers, timbutnice
  10. UK Sales

    As usual, apologies if already posted, but Argos have reduced loads more items online. A lot of discounts are fairly small (~10%), but there are some good ones in there too. Here's the link to their sales cheers timbutnice
  11. UK Sales

    PoTC sets available for pre order on Amazon.co.uk Apologies if already posted (assume it must have been) but I hadn't spotted it yet cheers timbutnice
  12. UK Sales

    More discounts at Amazon that I haven't spotted: City of Atlantis 30% off, Orient Bazaar 63% off, Fire Station 44% off! cheers, timbutnice Just spotted that john lewis have matched some if amazon's prices and have some additional 30% off deals. Well worth a look!
  13. UK Sales

    Whsmith in Kingston bentalls centre have s4. Two full boxes, and a couple of boxes of s3 too. John lewis in Kingston have loads of s3 for £1.50 though. Cheers, timbutnice
  14. UK Sales

    As well as the ones with obvious reductions (red text with 20% off etc.) the majority of sets on the site seem to have been reduced without any notice of a reduction - e.g. Tower Bridge is now £178, down from £209. Lovely! timbutnice
  15. UK Sales

    Asda in Clapham Junction has all 4 Star Wars battlepacks in for £6.97, unfortunately no Battle of Naboo that I could see, cheers, timbutnice