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  1. GIR 3691

    Contest Turtle Contest - Voting Thread

    19. Warhead (1 vote) 22. TrapleS (1 vote) 26. msx80 (1 vote) 76. Dregden (1 vote) 104. BEAVeR (1 vote) 124. Jarren (1 vote) 128. Leopold (1 vote) 188. j_w_smart (1 vote) 257. Mr. Brickman (1 vote)
  2. GIR 3691

    Contest Turtle Contest - Entry Thread

    Ice Planet-Inspired Turtle. Head is vaguely Koopa-inspired, and the legs are Headcrab-inspired.
  3. GIR 3691

    Contest Turtle Contest - Entry Thread

    M:Tron-Inspired Turtle. Heavy duty. Can be used to to tow, albeit very slowly. Hope this is sufficient render quality.
  4. GIR 3691

    Contest Turtle Contest - Entry Thread

    MPT The Mobile Power Turtle is a slow-moving but reliable power source for all of your space exploration and/or colonization needs. Just have a forklift on standby in case it tips over.
  5. GIR 3691

    [MOC] Batman's The Tumbler

    Very nice work. I'm impressed with your approach to those tricky angles along the back of the Tumbler. Those gave me quite a headache when building mine.
  6. GIR 3691

    Color Change by AFOLs?

    Man this is a tough choice... Had to pick 88283 Hair Mid-Length Tousled with Center Part - Tan and 85961 Minifig, Armor Breastplate with Back Stud - Black
  7. GIR 3691

    Review: 8128 Cad Bane's Speeder

    Thanks! It's a really interesting piece. I may have to get one and see what sort of minifigs I can come up with.
  8. GIR 3691

    Review: 8128 Cad Bane's Speeder

    Nice review. Can you take a picture of Bane's breathing apparatus on its own?
  9. 1 point each to: 6) Zombie Entry (Build by Darkblane) 17) Clown Entry (Build by Redcross) 47) Clown Entry (Build by Fugazi) Really excellent builds, everyone. This was really hard to narrow down.
  10. I built mine for the skater. Anyone familiar with the Tony Hawk Pro Skater games will recognize the inspiration here. The skater is meant to be placed here riding his skateboard through the air. The 1x1 clip tile attaches to the skateboard and can be rotated for different poses.
  11. GIR 3691

    Review - 8096 Emperor Palpatine's Shuttle

    Does this set not come with the little cart they carried burned Anakin in? The manual looks to show a picture of the pilot hilariously carrying Anakin in his arms... wouldn't that be a logical inclusion here? I'm not really liking this set. It seems like a ship no one was really clamoring for, and it does not seem executed well.
  12. This is really cool! I'm really digging the expanded possibilities here, though I'd like more versatility with technic half pins. Most of my builds involve a half pin stuck in the bottom of a 1x1 brick, or something similar. Like this:
  13. GIR 3691

    Review - the minifigs from 8097 Slave 1

    Those are some beautiful minifigs. Only complaint is how they seem to overdo the wrinkles on clothing, and the level of detail is a bit too high for what I like to consider LEGO's art style. That Boba is so tempting. Maybe I'll end up buying this set for the minifigs and selling the ship. I don't need 3 Slave 1's. EDIT: ...or not. $79.99? Are they insane?
  14. GIR 3691

    Review: 7124 Flash Speeder

    This is one of my alltime favorite sets. It was a blast to put together and to play with, had a nice assortment of useful green parts, had a great minifig and was just an all-around win IMO. I recently re-built it and it is sitting proudly with my collection.