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  1. supertoad64

    Review: 7950 Knight's Showdown

    Great review! I'm getting so excited to get my hands on these sets! As others have mentioned, it sucks that the dragon knights don't get a shield, but a set is never perfect. I know there has also been a lot of talk about how the lion knights appear "good" and the dragon knights appear "bad," but you could always think of the dragon knights as the rough antiheroes and the lion knights as an evil, ignorant, theocratic monarchy.
  2. supertoad64

    Entrance to Khelduran

    Wow, simply amazing! It's pretty impressive how you've done the snow with the white bricks. It really creates the illusion of snowfall. I would love to see an interior!
  3. supertoad64

    Review: Fairy Minifig Key Chain

    Nice review! This seems to be along the same lines as the dark pink heart princess key chain released several years ago. I like how the admiral's daughter torso was recolored and slightly reworked for this. That is an excellent torso. Strange that they included the original admiral's daughter torso print on the back, though this does make the torso more versatile and looks good with the hairpiece covering it partially. I'll definitely be picking this up to make another princess or noblewoman out of it.
  4. I just got this collection in the mail and can verify that the printing on my ninja princess' head is identical to the one posted in this thread. It seems that the master used to print the heads is actually off. The printing on the head of the actress is also a little different than the original version. It is somewhat compressed together vertically so that the eyes and hair are closer to the mouth. However, I will say that while the prints are not identical to the original releases, they are quite well-done. The colors are very deep and uniform and the lines are very clean. In fact, the printing on these is clearer and richer than the originals in my opinion. It's too bad the plastic is noticeably different. It doesn't feel cheap, really, just smoother and definitely not as glossy.
  5. supertoad64

    REVIEW: 7570 Ostrich Race

    What a great looking set! It appears Lego will be continuing to churn out great minifigs into 2010.
  6. supertoad64

    Castle Sets 2010

    While I certainly agree that your idea would expand the variety of sets and minifigs (as well as stimulate imagination and make a lot of AFOLs happy) the issue is that most, if not all, of TLC's modern sets revolve around conflict. While it is possible to create medieval sets around non-violent conflict, it is much easier and initially striking if they are. What I mean is, when kids see a set that has two distinctly identified factions both equipped with weapons, it is easier for them to immediately visualize how they will role play with it then it would be if the set had civilians with generic soldiers and no apparent violent conflict.
  7. supertoad64

    Castle Sets 2010

    That Fright Nights minifig pack is pretty well done. Too bad the shields were kinda dorky and nobody liked Willa (although her torso and dress slope are useful). FK is a pretty under appreciated theme considering the minifigs were pretty cool. For new minifig packs, 1 mounted knight, a swordsman, a bowman, and a peasant/princess/old wizard would be pretty ideal for me personally. I doubt TLG would include a civilian, though, as they are usually a draw for purchasing the more expensive sets. That, and they haven't really made one like that for quite some time. I hope they don't put the king in there! It seems most people have more kings then they need already. What would be really cool is if they made several different minifig packs, with the same basic assortment of figs, but slight differences in torsos, faces, accessories, etc. Then the fourth spot could be filled by a different type of minifig and collecting all of them would give a nice diversity of figs. That would probably be pretty cost prohibitive, though.
  8. supertoad64

    Your dream Lego theme

    Conan the Barbarian, Super Mario Bros., and any fantasy rpg video game series (FF6 would be unbelievable). I won't be holding my breath, though...
  9. supertoad64

    REVIEW: Indiana Jones 7199 The Temple of Doom

    This review is excellent, so detailed and thorough. I love this set (especially the figs) and want to get it even more having seen this review!
  10. Well, that's too bad about the plastic quality. I've held off buying these in the past due to quality concerns. Having said that, I think I'll still pick up at least one of these. I already have the original Ninja princess and the forestwoman, but those are such excellent figs, I'm not sure I could pass up getting more. The ninja princess face prints is one of my favorites and the forestwoman torso makes an excellent princess/peasant woman. Now, if only they'd reissue the ultra-rare green ninjas :)
  11. supertoad64

    Castle Sets 2010

    Too bad about the lack of shields, but these would still make pretty nice impulse sets. Doesn't Lego sometimes distribute these on Shop at Home? I just remember that some really small sets that seemed like these could be ordered from the catalog back in the original Knights Kingdom era. This line looks great so far; I can't wait to see how it develops.
  12. supertoad64

    Castle Sets 2010

    Woah! Great pictures! I really like what I can see of the minifigs. They seem like they will fit in well stylistically with the crown knights. It also seems that the factions are not dictated as strictly "good=lion bad =dragons" as I thought. Though I can't make out most of the faces very well so maybe the dragon knights will have angry faces. I love the shields! They look lovely! And it appears that the euro-armor is back with new prints as well. I still want to know who's imprisoned in the tower, though.
  13. supertoad64

    Pif Paf City

    Simply amazing, especially the water tower. I love the subdued color palette as well!
  14. supertoad64

    Tombclone: Ye Olde Stage Coach MOC

    Wow, what an excellent MOC! I love all the details, the scale, and the minifigs! I love seeing how builders MOC coaches, as most of LEGO's official ones are a bit lacking in my opinion. This one is just right. That cactus technique is also beautiful and very realistic. I was never into the western theme, but if LEGO made a new theme with sets like this, I don't think I'd be able to resist!
  15. supertoad64

    Tolkien licence?

    I haven't read any of the books, but I have seen the movies, and although I would absolutely love to see some licensed sets get made in this theme, I doubt it will happen. Mostly because with the future Kingdoms line, and the Harry Potter revival, it seems like that will be a lot of castle/fantasy sets being produced. I'd be delighted to be proven wrong, though!