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  1. RogueJedi007

    D2C Designers requesting feedback for 2012 models

    1. Have not bought any of these sets. 2. Both 3. Buckingham Palace 4. Large, nice town sets like Police Stations and Hospitals like the new Fire station set. Not the boring, wall-less <insert that tiresome argument> Police Stations and Hospitals we have gotten in the past. Also non-emergency sets like a post office, restaurant or something else in the same style. 5. Better quality plastic for the collectable minifigs.
  2. RogueJedi007

    REVIEW: 5984 - Lunar Limo

    This is the set I am most looking forward for this year, and even more excited now due to this excellent review. Thanks!
  3. RogueJedi007

    The Best Spaceship Released By LEGO

    All good sets mentioned already, but one that I think is missing because it is one of my fav's is the Unitron Starhawk II. It has got some sweet weapons, multiple engines and all around cool.
  4. RogueJedi007

    We want the amazing 4999 Vestas Wind Power Plant!

    I would like to get this set as well for a reasonable price.