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  1. Fantastic set... definitely a must buy set.. Hmmmm... maybe we will looking another 10xxx harry potter sets ?
  2. Hi... Reza.. Indonesian kah ?

    Sebenernya di Indonesia tidak ada yg jual lego khusus, karena nyaris diatur oleh distributor tunggal. Namun,kita ada forum lego, coba cek : , nah disana ada seller seller lokal yg bagus,

    kalo mau bikin army, mau tidak mau harus berkenalan juga dengan bricklink ( www., itu satu satunya sources terlengkap.

  3. Hi gladiator, just saw your impressive army. Was wondering where in Indonesia I could go to buy lego? I have been several times but I dont know where to find specialist shops. Thanks for your help.


  4. gladiator

    [REVIEW] 8043 - Excavator

    Brilliant review Blackbird ! I hope this set will available at my country soon 1000% I will buy it
  5. gladiator

    Review: 852922 Dragon Knight's Battle Pack

    Come on, I already have this set. I think the quality is fair. NOT EXCELLENT, but STILL GREAT. I rate the minifigures 5/5 and the shield 5/5 but the weapons 1/5 and the outer packaging is very nice
  6. Coool... I love it. Thanks Oky for this picture. I decide to buy all toy story 3 sets. Unfortunately, they still not available in my country, Indonesia :(
  7. gladiator

    REVIEW: 8683 LEGO Minifigures Series 1

    are you serious with the spoiler ?
  8. gladiator

    REVIEW: 8683 LEGO Minifigures Series 1

    White Fang, I really jealous with you ... Your review, absolutely made me crazy :) But, after read the comprehensive review, is that confirm ? there will be 3x16 complete, and random for the rest (12) for each box ? Yummy...
  9. update pictures , page 1 enjoy
  10. Wow, thanks for detail IlikePi. 1. the monkey added in animal category in bricklink catalog. Slightly different with Bull-eye (Toy Story), first appearance in bricklink listed as minifig, but now moving to animal category. 2. Yes, I have both. Original white ninja and reissue from Vintage minifigs vol.5. 3. Thanks for your correction about pilot droid and R5-D4, I will fix soonest together with upcoming minifigs. 4. Female pirates comes from pirates chess set. Please check :), but until today, nobody upload the images to bricklink catalog. 5. Yes, I also have cas 407, please check :), and I will fix again for jester minifigs. I must show the sad version in one of them.
  11. updated some pictures in page one
  12. gladiator

    Review: 7950 Knight's Showdown

    I love it CopMike. Thanks for sharing this review.
  13. gladiator

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    I hope these are not april's fool.
  14. gladiator

    LEGO 10211 Grand Emporium x 3

    Svelte... I really jealous with you. You show me the best picture of 10211. Fantastic
  15. gladiator

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Hi all, let me post new pictures from our local toys fair event at Jakarta, March 13-14. Knight fantasy era army vs Troll army and Lion Knight army vs Skelly army other pictures : enjoy !