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  1. Happy birthday mate!

  2. Happy New Year everybody! I am pleased to share with you a pair of figures that were made just before the end of last year. The first one is Jarael who is a one of the main characters from the fantastic Knights of the Old Republic comic book series. The Electro Shock Staff was made for me by the talented customiser EclipseGrafx. It's a neat weapon that has a lot of play potential, all of the components are removable. The second figure is the Republic Special Forces Captain that was featured in the cinematic 'Hope' trailer for the new Old Republic MMORPG game. One thing to note is that the pauldron featured in this set of images is a test paper pauldron I made before deciding on the final design. This is the final pauldron, I altered the size and shape of the original one to facilitate better movement in the arms. The old was a little too big. And finally here is an image of the left arm before the final pauldron was attached with a bit of expoxy putty. Thanks for looking and I hope to share some more customs with you all in the future. Rayman
  3. Yeah, the new Mandalorian faces aren't very nice. It's good to see that you've reverted back to the classic face style. But what's most impressive is the custom cape you've made for Vizla. Looks like that craft punch really does do the trick!
  4. Darn too many good entries, glad to see such a high turnout for this cosplay event : ) I would like to give my votes to (in no specific order): Sorrow Morgan19 Matn Good luck to all the entrants!
  5. Thanks for the replies! I have also updated my original post with the background story comic pictures that I promised, and if you don't want to scroll up here they are: Bonus back story comic — not part of competition entry. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 (comes after Contest Vignette Pic) Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 I am glad that you picked up on the cosplaying troll : ) I used an ALPS printer to print out the decal, as I prefer to use clear decals. However this makes the decals a little prone to damage when handled. You're close, I used thinned black paint to clean up some of the edges on the legs. But I have used black felt-tip pens in the past for this before. Thanks KielDaMan, It was originally an Anime show from the mid 1990's but they're remaking it into a four-part movie series — haven't seen it though. I do recommend that you see it if you have the chance. Totally a pain to apply though... Thanks for your comment! Thanks LuxorV I hope to see more non-standard figs before the deadline, this has been one of the more interesting competitions that I have participated in. It'd be awesome if we could host a EB cosplay event — doesn't have to be a competition — every year.
  6. You really are clairvoyant LuxorV, thanks for extending the deadline. I wouldn't have been able add the finishing touches to my entry if it weren't for it. I am also glad to see that entries are coming in daily. : )
  7. Rayman

    Pole Girl Cammy? Kammy?

    Haha wonderful entry there Alanboar HK — it's my favourite so far. The cross dressing Chun-Li reminds me of an old Jackie Chan movie where he turns into her — randomly — during a fight scene. Was it City Hunter? Anyway thanks for the laugh! Rayman
  8. Black Widow is perfect! Did you paint her hair? I also like the dress design for Pepper Pots, are the sides of the legs decaled as well?
  9. The decals look great and they're well applied too. However I think that if you shifted the leg decals just a little higher your Commander Deviss will be just that little bit better, because right now I believe they're all the way on the shins If you look at the Lego printed stormtrooper legs you will see that the kneepads have been positioned at the place where the rounded part of the leg meets the straight edged part. Could you upload some photos of the back of your customs? I would love to see what design you came up with. Also nice job on painting the black line inside the macro binocs, I know from experience that this can get real tricky! Thanks for sharing, Rayman
  10. Rayman


    I would agree, perhaps taking a set of photos with only Vaderella so that members maybe able to better see your figure. Why does she have a blaster attached to the back of her bicycle? Is it to shoot down anyone that might fall for her charm? : ) Good luck for the competition!
  11. Hello everyone, Sorry for the late post. I have been working on this figure on and off ever since the competition was announced, but unfortunately it's exam period right now so I am glad that I got this finished in time. Here are the specs for my cosplay character: Name: Sammy Orcari Gender: Male Race: Troll Theme: Anime - Neon Genesis Evangelion Character: Shinji Ikari in unit one's plug suit Reference Image Cost of LEGO parts (Based on BL Prices): $3.00 — I can't believe that blue hands cost $0.76 each! Cost of Custom materials: $1.50 — just some decal paper, black paint, and printer ink. Sammy lining up to register for the comic convention. Here's why Sammy is cosplaying Sammy is not like your typical TLG Troll. How so might you ask? Well... he doesn't enjoy eating bugs, stealing livestock, plundering and pestering the human townsfolk. He also becomes really nervous thinking about those things! Sammy dreams of a more peace and productive co-existence with his human Legoland counterparts, but it's somewhat difficult to communicate with them when the townspeople think you're going to attack them! So what's Sammy to do? He's not what you call charismatic, and worse still he can't even smile! Poor Sammy... Sigh, what special skills and passions does this odd troll have to offer? He does enjoy mending clothes — he mends the the troll army's clothes —, which is great, but Sammy is sure that there are already expert tailors working in the human town. He also likes Japanese Anime — yep, they get the internet in troll land as well — in fact he's a huge Anime fan, and this is precisely where Sammy's curiosity about humans comes from. He is going to have to find a way to fit in the non-troll world! Bonus back story comic — not part of competition entry. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 (comes after Contest Vignette Pic) Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 VIEWS OF THE FIGURE Sammy Front Sammy Back Sammy Side Sammy Front - up and down lit ABOUT THE FIGURE: Neon Genesis: Evangelion — the original series, I haven't seen the new one yet — is one of all time favourite television shows, which was why I decided to have my character dressed in this theme. Why I made a troll cosplay? Originally I had wanted to do a female human cosplayer but as I was working on the decals I thought that it might be humourous having a stereotypically evil and anti-social character dress up to escape that generalisation. I also personally think that the sand green flesh works well to offset the predominantly blue suit, and the red highlights on the suit match up with Sammy's red eyes. Thanks for looking and hope you get a smile from Sammy's attempt at blending in with the crowd. Good luck to the rest of the entrants as well! Rayman
  12. I've been waiting sooo long for someone to do an Isaac Clarke figure! Is that a Level 5 helmet in the background? The sculpting for the armour and hair — especially the hair — are top notch. Just a question about the level 5 helmet has it been casted or has it been painted? If it's painted the finish looks smooth enough to have been casted. Good luck for the competition.
  13. Man... each one of these figures could win the Cosplay competition if you altered them to be cosplayers ; ) Great work as usual Tin7
  14. Rayman

    My First Cosplay: Kielito Buu

    Haha, nice entry KielDaMan. The smile on your character's face is representative of my own. Kudos on being the first to kick off the anime based cosplay entries. I am enjoying the 'home-made' details on your figure! Good luck with the contest.
  15. Rayman

    REVIEW: Set 4738: Harry Potter - Hagrid's Hut

    Lovely review, LEGO did a great job with the new HP faces, especially Hermione and Ron. I do agree with you on the price 45 EUR for this set seems to be a bit out of my budget.