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  1. Pretty cool! Really like the way you made the logo. Destiny is quite the game, and these figures capture them very well.

    Very nice work ...perfect characters!

    Thanks so much guys! I spent much longer than I'm willing to admit on the logo. :tongue: Thankfully the figures came together much more quickly!

  2. Wow, amazing display. I love the all the little details and the SNOT technique on the field! :wub:

    How the heck did you position President Business and Batman like that?

    Thank you!


    The first time I saw this, I burst out with laughter. This is fantastic!

    I'd also like to know.

    Glad to hear it, thanks!

    As for the positioning, Batman is holding onto a 'tap' piece (you can just barely see the top of it between his leg and cape). President Business is held up with a 1x1 brick with stud on one side, raised up a stud, and moved outwards with a 1x1 round brick (you can the see the brick where it's attached to just under his thigh).

    Love the "Wheres my pants" guy waving his pants!! :laugh:

    Thanks! Thought that would be a fun detail to throw in. :classic:

  3. Very cool. I love the miniature logo build. It looks great.

    Thanks a bunch!

    I really wish that the logo came as an official set. Great job on the build.

    That would be super awesome! Maybe as an UCS type set for the larger logo? Thanks!

    Truly AWESOME! Can I get instructions on the mini logo?


    Thanks! Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be putting any instructions together. Maybe when I get it back (currently on display), I'll take some pics of the tricky parts.

    Brilliant job! Keep up the good work! :wink::thumbup:

    Thank you! I'll do my best :sweet:

  4. Words cannot express the awesomeness that is that game. :laugh:

    Thanks for the picture! I think I might try building one of these later! :classic:

    I know right? I just wish I didn't have midterms this week... :cry_sad: And glad to hear it!

    I was hoping someone would make something g for the release if X and Y. Great seeing an Ultra Ball as I just caught Yveltal in one!

    Oh man! You're making me so jealous! I've only been able to clock in 5 1/2 hours :sceptic:

  5. Cool design, I just made the regular pokeball and the ultra ball since my brother is picking up the game tomorrow.

    Thanks! And nice!

    Very nice! I might use your design to make some of these for my room. :sweet:

    My brother and I are getting the game tomorrow, too.

    Thanks, and please do! How are you enjoying the game? I'm lovingggggg it!

    I'm getting X within the next few hours! (EDIT: Got it!)

    Great Pokeballs by the way. :classic: Pokeball, Great Ball, and Ultra Ball (I know 'em by heart :wink:).

    It would be great if you had an LDD .lxf file for these. (Just a suggestion :classic:)

    Thanks! How are you liking it?

    And while I don't think I'll whip up an LDD file, how about a shot of what's inside? It's pretty simple actually. (Should be up in a few minutes)

    Here it is: 10250922944_b56a86c839_n.jpg

    So basically there's one attached to the top plate and one to the bottom. If you have any questions, lemme know.

  6. they're so cool, and they would fit so well in my carrier, I think you should give them to me :D

    Thanks! They're available for pick-up. Toronto, Canada. :wink:

    Very nice. I like how you mixed them up a bit so that they look different yet similar as well.

    Thanks! That was definitely the look I was going for.

    Just WOW!

    Wow! Thank you!

  7. Excellent designing 'DarthNick'......the lime green one is my favourite of the trio......Brick On ! :grin:

    Thanks! My personal fave is actually the yellow, but mostly cause I like the skis... :tongue:

    Great stuff, some great parts usage!

    Thanks! It was lots of fun finding some cool pieces to use!

  8. Man it's been a while since I've posted (or even checked) EB. I'm glad to say I think I'm ready to get back into it.

    And what better way than to build something for the theme of the month.



    Hope you like my first Hero Factory MOC!

  9. is this what your trying to show?

    Indeed it is. I've heard it's been around before, but it's new to me, and I just think they're awesome!

    I have this. Playability is rather limited, the piece per cent ratio is awful and [insert more jokes here].

    Lol... Playability is better than you think, as it does connect to these nice and snugly.