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    What's your latest acquisition?

    I purchased the Mines of Moria set New on eBay for only $60!
  2. MrHorntail

    Which set should I buy?

    Hey everyone, this has been a really big dilemma recently for me. The Lord of the Rings line has gotten me back into LEGO, as I am a huge fan of Tolkien’s works. However, after seeing the upcoming summer wave of lotr sets, there are so many different options for sets to buy!! I can only spend about $100, so I just want you guys’ feedback on which set(s) you would choose: 1. 1 1. Pirate Ship Ambush (99.99) 2. 2. Council of Elrond, Uruk-hai Army, and Escape fr/mirkwood spiders (all 29.99) 3. 3. Battle at the Black Gate (59.99), Uruk-Hai Army (29.99) 4. 4. Mines of Moria (79.99), Shelob Attacks (19.99) You guys can see teasers/reviews for these sets on brickshowtv, and again I really need help deciding, so any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks
  3. MrHorntail

    Which is the better option?

    Thanks a lot Deathleech, I was thinking along the same lines as well. Guess I'll just have to wait for this summer to get my hands on lotr sets ;P
  4. MrHorntail

    The price of a Brick

    Really gives me an insight on the prices of LEGO. Thank you very much
  5. The introduction of lego lord of the rings has gotten me back :)
  6. MrHorntail

    LEGO Castle 2013

    Really looking forward to the dragon mountain set!
  7. MrHorntail

    (LCC) Iceland Wizards

    Love the ice and water effect! nice scenery as well :)
  8. MrHorntail

    LOTR Project: The Return of the King

    These sets look so authentic! How did you get the Witch King's helm in particular?
  9. I am in the process of building a medieval army, but can't decide which set(s) to get: either the Kingdoms Chess set or two Uruk-hai Army sets. I understand that the uruk-hai set probably will be of more value in the future when it is no longer in production because of its minifigures, but the Kingdoms set has a whopping 28 minifigures, basically a mini-army right out of the box! Perhaps I could get the chess set now and then wait for further Lotr releases (Battle at the Black Gate)? Any advice would be appreciated! :) Good luck to all others who are currently in the process of creating their own armies as well!
  10. About two months ago i was doing secret santa shopping at my local Walgreens, and there were packs of Series 8 minifigures, but when I checked back again a week before, they were gone :(
  11. MrHorntail

    GC3 P2: Assault on BattleCreek Castle

    I like the design on the front of the castle walls
  12. MrHorntail

    [MOC] Wizard Shack

    Reminds me of lord of the rings, very awesome looking! :)
  13. I totally just makes creating an uruk-hai army so much harder. I'm still feeling guilty that instead of buying two sets of uruk-hai army, i got the lego kingdoms chess set cause of the sheer number of minifigures..
  14. MrHorntail

    [MOC] Last march of Treebeard

    Treebeard is very nicely detailed! COngrats on pulling this off, I also love how the orcs are scrambling for cover! :)