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  1. Ye Olde Pirate

    MOC: Enoch Badcock's Shipyard

    Yes, I don't have those pieces, or I would have used them. The do look better than what I used. My ancestor lived from about 1650 to 1695. He was born in England and immigrated to Massachusetts. He died in the town of Milton.
  2. Ye Olde Pirate

    MOC: Enoch Badcock's Shipyard

  3. Ye Olde Pirate

    MOC: Enoch Badcock's Shipyard

    Thanks everyone! Thanks 'Big Cam'! I am very happy to have my humble little creation blogged!
  4. Ye Olde Pirate

    Whose barrel is it!?

    Very funny! I haven't seen those ol' monkeys in the barrel in years!
  5. Ye Olde Pirate

    MOC: Enoch Badcock's Shipyard

    Hello All! I built this MOC in honor of my ancestor, Enoch Badcock, who was a shipwright from Massachusetts. In my MOC, he's from St. Kitts for the sake of the story. The inside of the office. Originally the parrot stand was going to be a hat rack. The outside of the office. Link to MOC pages: C&C welcome! Thanks for looking!
  6. Ye Olde Pirate

    1463 treasure cart

    Very nice review. That's funny that that soldier was the last one left.
  7. Ye Olde Pirate


    This looks very well built. The SNOT is beautiful and adds a welcome touch. The use of the 'Dastan' minifig hairpiece for a mop is a brilliant idea, and the sail to the boat is creative too. Good Job!
  8. Ye Olde Pirate

    Custom Minifig: Eleanor of Aquitaine

  9. Ye Olde Pirate

    Custom Minifig: Emperor Frederick Barbarossa

    Thanks! I saw my dwarf's beard lying around and thought, "Hey, that'd work perfectly!" Well, I'm happy to provide you with a picture of the emperor 'vlai'. Happy Reading!
  10. Ye Olde Pirate

    MOC: Plymouth

    Ahh... You are right! I was just thinking after I'd posted that comment, that it wasn't historically accurate.
  11. Ye Olde Pirate

    MOC: Plymouth

    I clicked on the link, but it said the folder was not public. But from what I can tell, it looks very nice. The graves are a great touch, as over half their number died during the first winter. More foliage would be nice...Maybe some other huts around the big house. But, I know the limitations with LDD so this is pretty cool. It's a great idea too.
  12. Ye Olde Pirate

    MOC: Ye Olde Country Cockfight

  13. Hello Everyone! Here's my next minifig for CCCVIII. I present to you...Emperor Frederick Barbarossa! Info: Frederick Barbarossa one of the most beloved emperors of the Holy Roman Empire (Germany) in the Middle Ages. He died tragically by drowning in river while on Crusade. It was said by the people that Frederick Barbarossa was not really dead, but asleep in a cave in a mountain in Germany. It was said that when the ravens ceased to fly around the mountain, he would wake up. I used this painting as a model for the minifig. Please leave me some feedback.
  14. Ye Olde Pirate

    Custom Minifig: Eleanor of Aquitaine

  15. Hello Everyone! This is my next entry in CCCVIII. Info on Eleanor: Eleanor of Aquitaine was one of the most influential women of the middle ages. She was famed for he beauty, and was queen two different countries (England and France). She was a very colorful character and loved fun and adventure. She inherited the province of Aquitaine in southwestern France when she was just 15 years old. Not long after, in order to unite Aquitaine with the rest of France, King Louis VII married her. She went with him on the Second Crusade, but after being married for 15 years and producing him no heir King Louis divorced her. Several months later she married King Henry II of England. She sired him 8 children including the legendary Richard the Lion-hearted and the infamous John Lackland. Despite her good looks and apparent good nature, King Henry was not faithful and had many mistresses. One of the most famous mistresses he had was Rosamund of Clifford who died mysteriously. Overtime several accounts tell that Eleanor poisoned Rosamund. Though that's probably untrue, I've included a cup filled with poison in Eleanor's hand. Eventually she encouraged the rebellion of her sons against their father, so Henry had his wife confined to a castle. When Henry died, Eleanor went on to advise her son Richard the Lion-heart when he became king, and later her son John. She died at the grand old age of 81. This is the painting I used as a model for the minifig. More pics: Thanks for looking! Please leave me some feedback!