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    AT-TE Troop Deployment?

    Everyone knows about the new AT-OT with dropship set that's coming soon. (Maybe we're gonna see them in action soon?) I was browsing through pictures on brickshelf when i noticed that the AT-OT has a troop deployment in the rear of the walker. I have been bothered for some time how to get my troops out of my AT-TE. The clone wars series hasn't showed anything about it. There was only one moc i found in which a person used the hatch doors with a removable trap door piece as part of it. Anyone who has an AT-TE notice the same problem? Anyone got any good mocing for it?
  2. iH Master 13uilder17

    Star Wars Minifigs

    ever since the original tie fighter came with one stormtrooper and Vader, everyone has been obsessed with creating an army of (insert name here). For me, I consider the # of figs in an army to be important. I have OCD and everything needs to have 2 or more friends. Like I have 3 AAT's, AT-TE's, etc. I also need to have ALOT of regulars (normal clones, B1's) as the majority and colored troops as the minority. I don't know what it is, but the brain tells you that a massive army is awe inspiring. True lego is about building things, but it depends on what you want to build. For some it's BUILDING an army. Customers shouldn't really complain about not enough figs. for example, hasbro has made the expensive AT-TE set with only one fig if i remember correctly. Well that's enough of my rant.
  3. iH Master 13uilder17

    Customization for Phase 2 Clones

    i wanted to know what size hole if anyone drilled it yet or something.
  4. Doesn't anyone with an army of Phase I clones have a large assortment of unused, antennae, visors, and searchlights? Has anyone figured out how to use them for the Phase 2 troopers yet by drilling a hole or something?
  5. iH Master 13uilder17

    3 mocs in one topic

    These are okay but they are too boxy.
  6. iH Master 13uilder17

    Tarkin head

    what did you order exactly?
  7. iH Master 13uilder17

    Y-Wing alternate

    the landing craft was too boxy for my taste so i waited until better sets like the AT-TE came out.
  8. iH Master 13uilder17

    What color is the Defoliator?

    basically the cannon is tan mounted on the regular blue AAT chassis.
  9. iH Master 13uilder17

    [Comic] 222nd Legion Chronicles - Dedicated Topic

    nice addition thanks.
  10. iH Master 13uilder17

    Review: 2008 San Diego Comic Conn

    yay the "rare" regular troopers.
  11. iH Master 13uilder17

    REVIEW: 10195 Republic Dropship with AT-OT

    if you have an at-te or 7675 can you put them together?
  12. iH Master 13uilder17

    Chrome Vader or Chrome Threepio?

    definetly 3PO he's gold for god's sake! vader is a shiny black?
  13. iH Master 13uilder17

    Chrome Darth Vader

    It's more of a 2 for 1 deal for bps. If you buy tons of battle packs, you're sure to get at least one. it's just like a small prize for buying sets. nuff said
  14. iH Master 13uilder17

    7675 Stap Sticker

    Look carefully at the DSS in the light if you flop it back in forth slowly you should see it. it's almost invisible to the paper. i thought i had the same problem but i found out.
  15. iH Master 13uilder17

    Chrome Darth Vader

    okay you maybe right unless you bring a weight that measures grams. the second idea is that when you shook it nah.
  16. iH Master 13uilder17

    Chrome Darth Vader

    nice pull, you got it out of one battle pack. it took about 5 of them for me to get one. 1. Did you read your latest lego magazine? It says they will randomly put the chrome vaders in any of the 2009 star wars lego sets. 2. It obviously could have been heavier? It's no mistake and don't think it's a miracle, it's the golden C-3PO contest all over again.
  17. iH Master 13uilder17

    Show Your Army, Navy, and Collection Display

    I'll photograph my new clone army, i sold the bulk of my phase 2 on ebay. i just need a good camera...
  18. iH Master 13uilder17

    Star Wars sets anyone?

    i was just wondering where all of the republic fighter tanks went? they were only in stores for a very short time and only nabbed one. also, my lego store finally got a shipment of 8014 clone walker bps.
  19. iH Master 13uilder17

    Star Wars license discussion

    Also why would Kit Fisto and Qui Gon be with Darth Vader and his imperial shuttle? but this is probably a joke, lego would never put pippi longstocking. (just googled searched it)
  20. iH Master 13uilder17

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars Preview

    all of your figures are in a jumbled up mess, no offense,
  21. iH Master 13uilder17

    [Comic] Episode 1: The War

    nice, can't wait for more.
  22. iH Master 13uilder17

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours

    not like the old one from wookiee attack? im going to moc it just like the one from wookiee attack because it looks too small. lego has failed to impress me. the new videos put up (thanks for whovever was it) has now lowered my hype for these new sets. all of the sets look too small. i might get the AT-OT, but it has a sort of major flaw. the cockpit folds back onto the 6 front seats. this being that you can only carry 6 people in the back rather than 12. The endor bunker looks decent with the doors and blasting walls? but it includes a lot of new figs. The Y wing doesn't look that great and I have too many anakins and ahsokas already. The venator is terrible because it's just little rooms combined that u can take out. not worth it. plus 5 figs? Gunray's ship looks the best cheap set i have seen in a while minus the battle packs. definetly getting that, the revolving doors impress me as well. gunray looks really good as well. plus pilot droids for us that didn't get the MTT.
  23. iH Master 13uilder17

    Build a Star Wars Land-Based Vehicle

    time to get my old rusty moc brain out.
  24. iH Master 13uilder17

    Skaak ti vig

    that's really nice! those imperial like soldiers are really detailed. i'll probably get another ahsoka to make the shaak ti. where'd u get the decals for shaak ti:? anyway great MOC!
  25. iH Master 13uilder17

    Watto's Junkyard Discussion

    i am, and i can't wait.