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  1. very good!!!!! very well and great price? I'm also building the falcon pieces BrickLink ... I miss only 300 pieces ... the more expensive ones! where did you get these for 113 pounds?
  2. Arrived!! From USA!!!! February 25, 2013 at 17 person I answer the doorbell ... who is??? .... and the other side ... the courier!!! Wow! My heart was pounding!!! ... she is she is!! Yeah!!! the Imperial Star Destroyer has arrived! P.S. the customs went to great! Definitely buy from the States again! For the rewiew visit my website
  3. I also started the construction of 10,179 from BL! I already got 1389 pieces from Italy € 108 with shipping! But you're doing all the pieces of the original color or the parts that are not visible change color to save money? and if so, to what parts change color?
  4. it's arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! follow my site for review and photo report!!!!!!!!! and please...signed my guestbook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Al82

    Which set should I buy?

    Thanks...and sorry if I opened a new topic!
  6. Al82

    Which set should I buy?

    I can take one to choose between these sets: 1) Lego ucs 10225 r2d2 2) Lego ucs 10227 b-wing 3) Lego 9515 the malevolence + 7931 jedi shuttle Or tell me which with max 170 euro... which one? Thanks for the help!!!!!!!
  7. Al82

    Hi, I'm Alessio, from Italy! non sono iscritto...ora però provvedo! Grazie dell'invito!!! DanilaBob...I'm happy about that! For me it is the first time I write in a non-Italian forum! I hope to be well received!
  8. Al82

    Best 2012 Star Wars set

    yeah, if I judge by the price, playability and Minifigs... 9492 definitely!
  9. 10030...when you come from the U.S.?

  10. Al82

    UCS Sandcrawler MOC

    Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most ever impressive 10144!!! I also had an idea for the moc sandcrawler...but not at these levels! wow!
  11. Al82

    Best 2012 Star Wars set

    Yeah...jabba the hutt, bib fortuna, oola, gamorrean guard, salacious...wonderful design!!!
  12. Al82

    10240 Red Five X-wing Starfighter

    I was also buying the 7191 ... but now I wait for the 10240! When May arrives???
  13. Among those I definitely 10221 but when will the shipment of 10,030 he will be better than the ones I have! Among the dreams, 10179 ....
  14. Al82

    BrickLinking a UCS Millennium Falcon

    I would also like to build my 10179 ordering the pieces with BL! Enterprise crazy!
  15. my last recent purchase??? Directly from the U.S. Lego ucs 10030 ISD!!! incoming 02/24/2013!!!!!!!!