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  1. Biggest Avalonian till date finished!

  2. Biggest Avalonian till date finished!

  3. Working on my largest project till date.

  4. Building again! Keep an eye on the horizon!

  5. 4 years and a month on EB.. I'm getting old!

  6. is preparing something epic..

  7. Welcome to the green side.

  8. Thank you for all your hard work in the Shipyard Ratshot! Stay safe and pay us a visit now and then. :)


  9. Stuff has been paid Admiral!

  10. Ha goeie! Da's lang lyn!

    Ik kin altyd wol efkes by dy delkomme rûn die dagen, want der moat idd wer ris wat barre. De Santa fertsjinnet it net om stoffich te wurden!

    Ik stel ek wol efkes in lijst op mei wat der sa al komme moat (ungefear). In hiele bult normal bricks yn elts gefal.

  11. Happy Birthday Aredhel!

  12. I just drop by to say hi.

  13. I was never here either.

  14. Cool! :)

    You can join me and Nykle too during a building session, might be even more fun. :D

  15. You are welcome Skalldyr! Thank you again. :)

  16. When you are 'back in action' we should drink a beer once with Admiral Croissant. How does that sound? :D

  17. And so I noticed. :P Whoops!

  18. Your avatar is getting fat!