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  1. In my modified Blue Mustang, I use this piece as 'hips' in the rear. This is because the 11x3 curved technic panel wasn't available in blue
  2. Fantastic! Also the image size, it's much better than before. Congratz! Fresko
  3. Pictures are here: It look like it's easy to rebuild from the pictures. Groeten, (also from Belgium ) Frédéric
  4. More text is not necessary, at least for me. You probably use thumbnails to put in your images, but it makes them way to small. I really recommend Bricksafe, it is much cleaner and easier to use. Brickshelf is somewhat outdated.
  5. Indeed, I dislike topics with such little images. When I see it, I mostly close the topic. It's so annoying.. Try to upload your pictures on Flickr or Bricksafe. It allows you to choose a good resolution for deeplinking. Your creations are awesome, I envy your building skills, but please: take your time to post with normal images, and you'll attract even more people... Fresko
  6. Thanks! Today I builded an LPE, with 2 modified big cilinders. It was based on LPEpower's V8. It ran much more smoothly and with less vibrations. Also, I got it running by Lego handpumps. At cost of this, it is a lot more air-thirsty. In just a few seconds, my airtank (plastic bottle of 1L) has insufficient pressure... Next thing I'll try is making this LPE less thirsty (with an improved flywheel, with a precise and adjustable valve, a larger airtank, ...). If it passes the 'tests', I'll see if I could build a LEGO compressor which has a sufficient flowrate to let the LPE run idling. Or at least for a minute (until air tanks are 'empty'). Tomorrow pics! Fresko
  7. Hey all! I've been thinking about a new 'secret' project. I would like to build a LPE that doenst' need high pressure (max 2 bar) to run smoothly and with a low air consumption So, I'm not looking for big LPE (like V8, V6 or even V4) with impressive RPMs and a lot of torque. If nessecairy, I will modify the cylinders. But I prefer to use non-modified. Most video's on Youtube are those 'big blocks' or one cylinder versions which are (mostly) powered by 4-6 bar. My experience with LPE's is the following: - More cylinders = smoother running - Small cylinders = less air consumption than big cylinder (obviously) - More RPMs = more air consumption I've build a simple V4 (unmodified, small cylinders), with 'smooth' switches (old, used switches) It needed approximately a minimum of 3 bar to run smoothly, and it kept running until 1.8 bar (with a lot of coughing). I was even not able to let it run by Lego pumps (with air tank). After some experiments (with a couple minutes running on 7(!) bar), the switches started to leak. WIth leaking switches, the engine needed about 2 bar minimum to 'run'. Unfortunaly I forgot to test the RPMs. Some experimental testing: There is another technique to control the cylinders, by squeesing the tubes (switchless) From what I've seen on YT, they need a lot more RPMs to run smoothly. Again, most of those LPEs run on 4-6 bar. Do you have some idea's how I could build an 'eco-friendly' LPE? Should it be better to use 1 or 2 modified big cilinders? I'm scared they will use more air and it won't run smoothly on low pressures. Tomorrow I will do some tests with a switchless engine, probably with 2 or more small cylinders. Fresko
  8. Thank you all for the nice reactions... I'm so honored that some very famous builders replied You can see a temporary video on my Facebook page, probably I will film a new video next weekend. In the video, the model was powered by 12 rechargeable AA batteries (12 x 1.2V). The rear of the car is still a live axle, but it has a whole different structure. It uses the same mounting points as the original (excluding the panhard rod). My expirience says that RC motors will function the best using less gears as possible. Thats why the wheels (or rather the hubs) are connected directly with the 'slow' output of the RC motor. I modified the brakes, or rather their return to center mechanism. Instead of using a rubber band to get the RTC, I used 2 hockey springs. My brakes don't rub at any time to the disks. For powering them, I used a XL-motor. Yet, the brakes doesn't have a lot of power. You can slow down a little, but it doesn't give the WOW-effect, in fact: you probably shouldn't notice if you don't know there are brakes. Still, my rubber pieces are completely destroyed, a bit like on the pic of Nerdsforprez. Fresko
  9. Hi all! It's been a long time since my last post, I have been busy with school. A few weeks ago I builded the standard Mustang Shelby by Sheepo in black with red striping. I tought it was a very nice and detailed model, but I was wondering if it would be possible to make it faster, using only official LEGO parts. Therefore I decided to build, next to my standard mustang a RC version. It turned out very well, I didn't mesured the speed yet, but I think it goes around 15 or even 20 km/h. For propulsion I used 4 RC motors, 2 for each rear wheel. To power those energy slinding motors, I used 2 RC units. I kept the brakes in the front, but even with a XL motor, they doesn't have a lot of braking-power. More at my Facebookpage, even a little test video: I'm sorry for my bad English and rubbish text, I wrote it in a hurry. A clean, nice and detailed topic will follow!
  10. Try with a proxy sever, this is really a great entry!
  11. Wow, it looks really nice! I like how you arranged the working doors. I'm looking forward to the Caterham. Is it much faster as your Mustang? Does it drift, or are those tires a bit sticky? Fresko
  12. +1, or a subtle hint on how to find it?
  13. Efferman, didn't you noticed my question? Is it possible to make de .STL file?
  14. I prefer the version with the round headlights. Nevertheless, this is a very nice model too!
  15. fresko

    Lego technic clubs

    An ACC or 'Allround Car Competition' is a technic-related meeting. The aim is to build a vehicle, which convience to a specific theme. An example of a theme is 'All but four', a theme were you have to build a verhicle with less or more than 4 wheels. With that vehicle you have to accomplish assigments, like parking in a tight spot or race against opponents. You can see an example here, done by the LowLUG: or