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  1. Thank you very much for all comments.

    19 hours ago, Merlict said:


    I'd say the floors could be a bit higher but I guess there's no way to extend the curved corners. Very nice.

    Yes, the floors could be a little higher, but all the dimensions match the windows.

    11 hours ago, peedeejay said:

    Cool department store!

    I wonder how sturdy the facade this, since the windows are build sideways.

    The whole thing is holding up pretty well, but some windows fall easily into the building.


    22 hours ago, Maple said:

    Wow. That's huge!

    (Insert 'That's what he said' joke.)

    I really need to look up how to make trees like that. I don't have a ton of newer pieces but I'm guessing it uses the flower part with 6 stems.

    Small trees: