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  1. Bzroom

    [MT] Camper Tricycle

    nice, my entry idea was a truck with a camper trailer. you did a much better job on the camper than i could have done
  2. Bzroom

    [MT] [WIP] Octan GT

    This thing is really awesome
  3. Is there anyway you can round off the front of the roof?
  4. Eraman, you could just use a spring loaded M motor for that function. Lots of wasted precision in the servo. You should theoretically be able to select 7 functions (or more?) with a servo, not just 2.
  5. Amazing. I own an r6 and a hyper motard. I wish I owned one of these models.
  6. Bzroom

    [WIP] RC Chassis V6

    All these advanced suspension techniques are definitely overkill for lego. EXCEPT: bumpsteer. You will notice bump steer when RC-ing around.
  7. Bzroom

    [WIP] RC Chassis V6

    You're right, there's quite a bit of conflicting information. It helps to really understand the forces at play and make your own decision: The idea of anti-dive is to not have braking force cause suspension compression. The easiest way to do that is to ensure that your braking force (from contact patch to CG) is as close to perpendicular to the suspension as possible. You can imagine if it were parallel to the suspension, then all of the braking force would go into the suspension and there would CRAZY dive.
  8. Bzroom

    [WIP] RC Chassis V6

    Hi, wow that's a beast. I dont see any anti-dive though. It actually appears to have "increased-dive" geometry in the front, and no dive or jack resistance in the back. Also it looks like your steering arms are too equal length and parallel for ackerman. You also appear to have a significant bump steer. Sorry for the strong critique. I love suspension too. Fortunately your ackerman and bump will be affected by your final rack design. Those cylinder mods make me cringe :( To achieve the anti-dive in the front, you'll actually want the top wishbone tilted forward in the front (yours is tilted backward). You'll still want to retain the aft positioning (for caster), but just reverse the tilt of the top. (or bottom). You want braking force, when draw from the contact patch to the CG to have a parallel line with the wishbones for ant-dive. Your force from contact patch to CG is closer to perpendicular which will have a significant dive affect.
  9. I totally agree with Erik. There are so many new parts that would be a real shame if we couldn't use them.
  10. Man i'm gonna be terrible in this competition. I have very few studded bricks and model team style parts (chrome, windows, hinges, accessories) etc.
  11. Very cool. I like the attachable power functions!
  12. Bzroom

    [WIP] Chassis Project

    It sounds like you're trying to space optimize way too early. You wont need to get the motors in absolutely tight with the rear end. You may find that puts the motors in the way and you actually need to spread them out to make room for more crucial components. Best to keep things iterating and loosely connected until you're absolutely sure that all components have been given a home, then you can optimize.
  13. I think the mad-voter was on to something. Maybe next time, we should have everyone rate all the entries, from 1 to 10. Then, average everyone's score to determine the overall rank. This way you can capture the relative ranking of all models for all voters.
  14. I appreciate the spirit of the mega-voter!