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  1. Star-Sam

    Chrome Darth Vader

    Interesting question! I'm sure it have the normal black. But Let's get asked the profis I'll hope Copmike can tell us more about the figure, mayby there are 10 countries with 100 figures. So that there were 10'000 worldwide, would be the sam liken in 2007 and the golden C-3PO! greetz Star-Sam
  2. Star-Sam

    Review : 7683 - Fight on the Flying Wing

    GREAT Review Information for all lucky german: In Germany the two Indiana Jones Set's are in stores. But only in the special shop called: GALERIA KAUFHOF. The Prices are: Shanghai Chase: 40€ Flying Wing: 60€ greetigs Star-Sam
  3. Star-Sam

    Mystery FREE Raffle!

    Sounded great! Count me please, too! greetz Star-Sam
  4. Star-Sam

    PICTORIAL REVIEW: 6242 Soldiers Fort

    Wow, you are on of the first people, who got his set Thanks to your Review, it's very nice. I love the new pirate-minifgures, they look so awesome detailled. And the other part's are cool, too. But the price to pieces didn't look so good And therefore we have a new Comic, what a shame-10 years waiting for so great set's. So thanks again for the review! greetings Star-Sam
  5. Star-Sam

    City '09?

    Is that a new set or is it already notice? greetings Star-Sam
  6. Star-Sam

    New 2009 Pirates Sets - NEW closeups of the wench & mermaid added

    So I found new pictures of the Pirate Impuls Set for 2009. There will be one with a pirate and one with a soldier: greetings Star-Sam
  7. Star-Sam

    Castle sets 2008/2009

    Thanks metalandi for the picture! My guess about the figs pictures: Quenn/Princess: Would be nice, if they made a Castle-Tower for the princess, with their own room's... Troll maidservant/witch: Uhhh...very difficult, maybe a 'Impuls'-Set with the maidservant/witch and accesoires like a grimoire! That are my cogitations greetings S-S
  8. Star-Sam

    2008 Picture thread

    Thanks for the information, but sorry that's not really new. But for all german fans, pics from the original 2009 Trade Catalogue(Just posted for the describtion): Star Wars 1 Star Wars 2 greetings Star-Sam
  9. Star-Sam

    BrickArms Pirate Accessory Prototypes

    Great job, like always ! I must buy this awesome swords and gun's. I think the best idea ist the knife at the gun for cool jungel-Battles or a history moc ! So great job again... ...greetings Star-Sam
  10. Star-Sam

    Republic Gunship Nose Art

    I think, you've done a great job! I had the ideam too, to make Gunship sticker'S, but yours are really better. So far on question, how did you design the Twi'lek (Which programm)? And for and idea in the future: Mak a red Twi'lek, maybay with some blue ''Force Unleashed: Forceweaves''! greetings Star-Sam
  11. Star-Sam

    New BrickArms Prototypes!

    Great work brickarms! They look so awesome. I love the Two-Face figure, is the best I've ever seen... One Question: Which material did you use for the new Two Face head-shape? greetings Star-Sam
  12. Star-Sam

    2008 Picture thread

    It's the LegoWorld a big event in the netherlands. Hope there will be pictures ! greetings Star-Sam
  13. Star-Sam

    Nute Gunray minifig....

    Wow a great work! They are simple, but fantastic.I love to see, how great figures are grow if you have just normal pieces^^.Did you used normal helmets? greetings Star-Sam
  14. Star-Sam

    Japanese Garden

    This is an awesome Moc! I love the nice style of the japanese garden. With all the flowers an this nice river it's really perfect. Think of that: For the next project, you could build a japanese house and connect it with this garden greetings Star-Sam
  15. Star-Sam

    2008 Picture thread

    YES, that would be the greatest LEGO STAR WARS year ever. But I think we can trust whung's first list (and the list is a bit different...). He's always right... greetings Star-Sam