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    Upside down building?

    I assume because they were used as engines in classic space sets.
  2. Cameron_Talley

    So Did Anybody Else Skip Their Dark Ages?

    I don't think I've ever had a dark age. I do have several hobbies so my day-to-day interest in Lego tends to come and go (I go through phases), but I don't think a year has gone by since my early childhood that I haven't gotten at least one Lego set.
  3. Cameron_Talley

    Your layout, table or floor?

    From a model railroading standpoint, a table lets you get more realistic pictures. We see trains in the real world at eye level, not from the air (unless you're on an Airplane!). Many model railroads are built about chest height for a more realistic view.
  4. Cameron_Talley

    LEGO 4.5 Volts

    Great layout! What do you use for traction tires for the 4.5v motors? I recently rebuilt my only lego train, set 7722, but the traction tires crumbled apart in my hands. I'd really like to run the train again, assuming it still works. ( I guess I'd need to buy some grey track, too, since I am missing one rail).
  5. Cameron_Talley

    REVIEW: Indiana Jones 7199 The Temple of Doom

    That track would be perfect for LEGO scale Narrow Gauge Trains.... Great review!
  6. Cameron_Talley

    The 2009 Pirate LEGO

    No Pirates 11/17/2008 in Waco, TX. :( Hoping they come in before the 20th so I can use that coupon...
  7. Cameron_Talley

    The 2009 Pirate LEGO

    I've seen these dozens of times but I just now noticed the flags on the Ship are flying the wrong way. Oops!
  8. Cameron_Talley

    The 2009 Pirate LEGO

    Yes, "Modular" refers to the Technic pieces that let you rearrange the set in different ways without having to tear part of it up. Modular construction lets you change things easily and create new models without having to start from scratch. MOC stands for My Own Creation, and is just that...your own creation! :)
  9. Cameron_Talley

    The 2009 Pirate LEGO

    Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the "new" Palm tree just the same Mold as was used in the 4+ Pirates theme a few years ago? So far these sets look great....lets get some detailed reviews!
  10. Cameron_Talley

    New 2009 Pirates Sets - NEW closeups of the wench & mermaid added

    Yes, I think the Shipwreck set will likely be S@H/Toys R Us Exclusive...And it may come out later, too, just like the Agents sub set.
  11. Cameron_Talley

    New 2009 Pirates Sets - NEW closeups of the wench & mermaid added

    A few earlier catalogs referenced a May release...which I would say means...March? Seems like it's always earlier than Lego says...
  12. Cameron_Talley

    Indy 2009 Discussion Thread

    I don't have any batman sets but I think he is referring to the fact that the Tommy guns are on the same "wheel" (the sprue that the molds are formed on) of parts as the batarang. So to include it you would have to include batarangs.
  13. Cameron_Talley

    Indiana Jones "jungle duel" review

    I picked this up last weekend, mainly also for parts. It came with two Mutt heads instead of a Irena Head. :( But anyway, it's a nice little $10 set...We need more sets like this that include these myriads of "detail" parts.
  14. Cameron_Talley

    6981 Aerial Intruder review

    Sorry to bump this old topic but this is quite possibly my favorite Lego Space set, topping even the Futuron Monorail. I remember getting this set for Christmas and being ecstatic. Such a great set. It was also my first Lego set with missing pieces. :( Was missing several pieces, some of which I filled from my own collection, but I didn't a 1x1 plate modified with Vertical clip (needed to hold the large antennas on). This was way before the days of the internet so my Mom had to call Shop@Home..Heck, I'm not even sure if it was called Shop@Home then. I do remember they got it sorted out, but it was pretty disappointing. (I should add that it was YEARS before I got another set missing a piece...) I also didn't like the way the top radar dish thing spun around, so I replaced the lazy susan with a regular 2x2 plate. Still have this model built on the shelf...I don't think it's ever been apart since I built it...Thanks for the excellent review!
  15. Cameron_Talley

    CONTEST: Pillage the Village - Terms & Conditions

    Could we possibly get some sort of index to PtV MOC threads? Recently a slew of older threads have been getting replied to which is making it very difficult to find the actual PtV entries...