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  1. RichardAM

    Eurobricks LEGO Batman Contest

    This looks like a great contest- it's brought me right out of my builder's block. :) I can't wait to see what everyone else makes- I love me some Batman.
  2. RichardAM

    Prince of Persia 2010

    My first sets arrived today! I got 2x Hassassins and 1x Market. Love the colour selection, especially the new mid-tan. The figs are awesome- definitely a great theme. I remember reading well before production that this was Disney's aim, they wanted not just a new film but a franchise. I think all that depends on the success of this first film though.
  3. RichardAM

    REVIEW: 8683 Minifig series 1 -

    Along with the Indian Native this was one of the figs I was looking to least from the first wave- too much of this fig is similar to what we already have. I like the minifig head though- along with the majority in the series I can see it being very useful. :)
  4. RichardAM

    The fishing competition!

    Great sense of action and movement- you've really crammed a lot of great stuff into the footprint. I like that for instance even things irrelevent to the story like the roof have the same detail and technique present elsewhere. You've done a great job.
  5. RichardAM

    City 2010

    Just the Octan Tanker and Cherrypicker for me please. And maybe the sea plane.
  6. RichardAM

    Warrant Service

    Excellent use of space, and making the most of height is nicely done. I like the idea and the humour that comes with it, and the fact it's built so well makes it all the better.
  7. RichardAM

    PTVII: Creative Critic

    Stick my name down, i'll give it a bash.
  8. RichardAM

    Vote for the Tournament REDCOAT MVP

    More to come.
  9. RichardAM

    'Behind The Helm' - please tell us what you think!

    Love the pacifist kind of civilian theme this time round. I might even try the creative critic category this time too. : )
  10. RichardAM

    Pillage the Village II: The Calm After the Storm

    I shall be entering- thanks for running this again. : )
  11. RichardAM

    Pillage the Village II: Coming soon...

    I had fond memories of building and entering this last year. I never got my entry for the large entry finished- hopefully i'll be able to do much better this year. :)
  12. RichardAM

    The Crimson Wolf

    I saw these on Flickr and was wondering if they'd be accompanying the port at all. Separately I think both models will probably be superb, but putting them together in one scene is surely going to be epic. Can't wait for the finals!
  13. RichardAM

    City 2010

    From the photos so far the Octan tanker has been my favourite. The small seaplane is nice too. The rest is pretty unimaginative and horrible looking retreads imo.
  14. RichardAM

    Custom Sails

    These look great Amanda, and if they're anything like the flags/capes i'm sure they'll be awesome. Are they in production/for sale at all yet? The other thing I was wondering was if they were semi-transparent like the capes? Following Hound's suggestion of the different shapes, i'm sure ragged/ripped and holey (no, not holy!) sails would look pretty good too. :)
  15. RichardAM

    Pirates Advent Calendar

    I've been interested in the calendar for sometime now, but if it's a similar case to the Tic Tac Toe of cheap-prod figs I definitely won't be buying. Until we get clarification on that, i'm on hold.