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  1. NPimenta

    [MOC] Tiny House

    A few weeks ago, i decide to build this house with my 3 year old son, my parts stock is not much, and because of that i need to adapt some pieces in diferent colors, and manage the size of the house. The result is the humble "Tiny House", my first ABS MOC, and voted for the MOC of the Month in my LUG Comunidade 0937 All pictures HERE in Flickr
  2. NPimenta

    [MOC] The Wedge House

    Hi Everyone, here i show you all one more "poor" House of my virtual neighborhood :laugh: SPECS: 7094 Pieces Dimensions: 64,3cm (81 studs) x 63,5cm (80 studs) x 20cm (19 studs) All pics HERE
  3. NPimenta

    Moc: The Twist House

    Hi All, tks for the comments, i will try to put this in real bricks asap, i would like to have a MOC in real thing. so far, because the trees are a little expensive, and "boring", i made a update to the exterior with "brickable" trees. Entertanto fiz um update ao jardim, acredito que as arvores fisicamente fiquem melhores, pois digitalmente a certo ponto já não sabia a quantas andava.
  4. NPimenta

    Moc: The Twist House

    Hi everyone, here is my latest construction (the second one). i don't like the renders very much because the shadows, but is the best i can do now. i choose to take the interior "pics" under construction for better view, maybe some details are missed. specs: parts: 4675 dimensions: 88 x 73 x 17 i hope you enjoy it you can view all pics here:
  5. NPimenta

    LEGO Collectible Minifigures Guess Who?

    here is the lego ideas link, i need to make a change to the game because the rules.
  6. NPimenta

    LEGO Collectible Minifigures Guess Who?

    i already post it
  7. This is a Little thing i remember when saw some chess games in Ideas, i decide to reproduce this game that i love when was kid, but at this time based ion the LEGO collectible minifigures.
  8. NPimenta

    [MOC] White Lake House

    tks for the comments, hi add some renders with POV to the album
  9. NPimenta

    [MOC] White Lake House

    Hi! I am pleased to present my first MOC in the true sense of the word :grin: To start, has a major flaw ... not real bricks :cry_sad: because I do not have the necessary parts, now as I am preparing the shopping list, and soon will be palpable. I know the pictures are not great, and there are certain details that may seem less well, but when their real assembly will be easier to touch up if necessary. It's all modular and has 2479 pieces All Images HERE
  10. NPimenta

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Hi All, i was thinking to buy one 10221 Super Star Destroyer, I was impressed by his size, and for me is one of the ships that I like more in the Star Wars Saga. my question is, for those who know the set is worth buying it? is a "must have" set? kind regards
  11. NPimenta

    LEGO Scooter - Hairdryer

    for me the bottom left is the best
  12. NPimenta

    [MOC] National Bank

    yes, i plan to buil it in bricks, i start to buy some pieces now yes, i use those instructions, my objective is create a connection between floors, and i renew the interior and redesign it for the "new" size
  13. NPimenta

    [MOC] National Bank

    Hi All, Today i present to you my first MOC. This MOC is based on a couple of instructions i saw online, but i made a lot of changes which altered the final design, and raised this MOC to 4015 pieces. with special attention to the details in the interior, and the connection between floors. either by stairs or an elevator. All Images: HERE i hope you enjoy. tks
  14. NPimenta

    MOC: Toronto CN Tower

    WOW Awesome, its a great builg you have out there congrats
  15. Its a nice theme, i like a lot this movie, but with this image, i feeling that miss something in the deLoren, the original version looks better then this one. Btw, i try to buy one for me