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  1. Skelotic

    How to measure Lego piece

    He also has this which I have no idea what it is:
  2. Skelotic

    Chrome Darth Vader

    Anyone know if this can come in the solar sailer?
  3. Skelotic

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours

    I think that is due to you living in Canada? It says available in the US.
  4. Skelotic

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours Did this return to shop at home? I though this set left.
  5. Skelotic

    What Series do you wish Lego never made

    Galidor... enough said.
  6. Never enough due to the fact that I have none of that type. Better Question: How long will it take for Blakbird to reach 100 posts.
  7. Skelotic

    Separatist Landing Craft

    THAT THING IS HUGE. Now all you need to do is tile it up or is the original rough?
  8. Skelotic

    Pirate Lair

    I like it. Also, since when did pirates have access to giant power outlets?
  9. And I was told I put no effort into mine .
  10. Skelotic

    lego catalog

    Were all 13 times in the last week ? It takes a while for them to process it. Does the catalog still ship to canada?
  11. Skelotic

    O.S.I. Headquarter : my Lego version

    I never would of guessed that the desk could do this: This is awesome.
  12. Skelotic

    lego catalog

    That is odd. You could always sign up again due to a glitch, it is free anyways.
  13. Skelotic

    lego catalog

    They still make them but Lego does not renew the subscription automatically and they do not tell you when yours ends.
  14. Skelotic

    Ironing Extreme Team Tent

    I would try what Chef Zuloo (you have been demoted) first but if you feel the need to iron it you should put a layer of wax paper over the cape so it won't burn it.
  15. Skelotic

    TIE Prosecutor and the cute Rebel Speeder

    I'm guessing you relied heavily on that uhh ship from The Force Unleashed (forgot name). They look good .