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  1. Yanthedestroyer

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    Just left TRU in Poughkeepsie, NY. Very limited stock. Only 2 Falcons, a few X Wings, Rey's Speeders and First Order Snow Speeders. Also, all the Action Figures were sold out before the doors officially opened. I also received a Kyle Ren poster,Lego brick and a place mat with all different TFA toys on it.
  2. Just got a 10188 Death Star in the Danbury, CT Lego store this Saturday for the May the Fourth Promo. No mention of low stock, retirement, etc. In fact, they had even more in the stockroom plus the display model. Although there seem to be some "signs" pointing toward a sooner than later retirement, I'd still say we are still a ways off.
  3. I'm not so sure about that. I think that simply means whatever stock they have on hand will be sold at the discounted price during May the fourth and that they will not be selling back ordered copies at the discounted price.
  4. Yanthedestroyer

    75095 TIE Fighter

  5. Yanthedestroyer

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Recenty I have been selling off many of my used SW lego sets and reinvesting the money into NISB/MISB sets. Several days ago while checking out my local TRU for possible acquisitions, I happened to notice 2 SW Lego boxes stuffed behind a bunch of Chima sets on an end cap. Upon closer inspection, I realized they were the discontinued 10212 Imperial shuttle from 2010! I was going to purchase them no matter what but figured I’d scan them anyway. Both were on clearance and marked down $10 below MSRP, not only that, they were running a sale (spend $75 or more, get $20 off). After checking the value online via my smart phone, my jaw dropped and I immediately purchased both in 2 separate transactions saving $30 off the original MSRP for each. I couldn’t believe the deal I got, over $200 in profit between the two! My only question now is if I should hang on to both for some time still or sell off one now to make some money toward another set such as the Super Star Destroyer or Death Star for future investment!
  6. Yanthedestroyer

    LOTR Army-building

    I'm up to about 70ish, in 4 variations. I only have 1 Orc Forge set for white hand gear so there are only a few using that. The white hand gear is just too expensive to get ahold of en masse.
  7. Yanthedestroyer

    Lotr: Shelob

    The spider looks good, maybe some different splashes of color to break up the black? Also, a little more flexability for its legs, the seem a bit straight at parts. Otherwise, its awesome!
  8. Yanthedestroyer

    Mordor orcs army

    Looks good, nice variety.
  9. Yanthedestroyer

    [LotR] Shelob

    Now that is awesome! Vast improvement over the official version. I like the use of tires. The rock work and cave looks great too!
  10. Yanthedestroyer

    Execution in the Middle of Nowhere

    Cool MOC!
  11. Yanthedestroyer


    WOW, that is awesome, better than the official version!
  12. Yanthedestroyer

    [MOC] Helms Deep

    Definite improvement over the official, good job!
  13. Yanthedestroyer

    [MOC] Wizard Shack

    Everything about this MOC is perfect!
  14. Yanthedestroyer

    [CUUSOO] Medieval Travelling Theatre

    Sweet idea, I'd totally pick this set up!