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  1. TheAshTree

    [MOC] the Last Supper - Hobbit Edition

    Haha that was funny! Love all the little details you have included!
  2. Wow, very cool red led lighting!
  3. TheAshTree

    MOC: Escape the Black Rider

    Very nice moc! Nice representation of the scene in the movie!
  4. TheAshTree

    Legends of Chima TV Series

    I think brick blogger has the episode you are looking for.
  5. TheAshTree

    MOC: Batman vs. Hush

    Very nice camera angle! Nice gunshot angle as well.
  6. TheAshTree

    Tournament of Retribution III - Final Round Voting

    5. Grimmbeard - And that Kids, is how we Beat those Redcoats - 1 point 6. The Inventor - An unexpected (Turn)coat - 1 point 8. Purpearljellyblob - Happily Ever After - 3 points
  7. TheAshTree

    Robbers' Cave

    Very nice cave!
  8. TheAshTree

    Clone Base on Naboo: Dual Invasion

    Really nice greenery!
  9. TheAshTree

    MOC: Ancient Greece

    WOW. Massive! Congratulations for making it to the frontpage!