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  1. Phoib

    [MOD] Imperial Landing Craft 75221

    You mean these?
  2. Thanks, that video helped enough. For the Constrictor, you need to build a small platform to have it rest on, I found 1 brick 2 plates construction high on the back of the bridge works. Note that for the Constrictor, the open ends should not point up, but 90 degrees to the side, otherwise the hinges of the upper panel are in the way. The main difficulty really is that you don't have space to see, there is too much detail of the superstructure in the way. I am already looking forward to the other half Other than that, fun build Correct, the 1x6 plate under the 1x6 tile just popped out for me. It also looks good without it.
  3. Yeah, I did that. One other small problem (I will search the exact page tomorrow) concerning to two vertical 1x6 tile under a 1x6 plate that doesn't fit (it's in the wall of the back chamber), but the major one... for the life of me I cannot attach the bottom panel, page 379. The technic pins are too strict, I can't move them at all within the short space.
  4. Page 253, the brick construct doesn't connect to anything? The gray stone in front is placed 1 brick ahead, and doesn't seem to connect either.
  5. Also saving for the bricks, by going through my collection, I went down to 146 missing lots. Just did a Pick a Brick order, hope to do the rest next week.
  6. Did you also get my PM?
  7. Awesome, I was waiting for this! Only one problem, sellfy seems to redirect me to my own page whenever I click the link. I cannot get to a purchase page. Going to this link works: Great instructions!
  8. Bricket has posted the official Press Release to 75181 UCS Y-wing Starfighter
  9. Phoib

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Aha, so all shown boots-legs need modification, they are not 'standard'.
  10. Phoib

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Where do you get those boot-patterned legs anyways? I cannot find them on Bricklink...
  11. Legolijntje, version 1.31 is the latest, correct? And is there any news on the Interdictor Cruiser instructions?
  12. Anybody else refreshing the front page in the hope of a UCS reveal?
  13. Phoib

    [MOC] Mon Calamari MC40 Light Cruiser 'Log Horizon'

    A really amazing build! I love the interior details, although I would place the bridge more on the front. It is a shame there are not that many of the inverted slope, you probably would need a few 100 to build it.
  14. Phoib

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    The previous Phantom, ermmm... (Rebels spoiler)