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    Favorite LEGO Set?

    I'm surprised noone has done it. 8980 Gresh
  2. ToaJaller78

    Ninjago 2014

    Spare........MASKS?! Bless you lego.
  3. ToaJaller78

    Your LEGO regrets

    Set #44003. Period.
  4. ToaJaller78

    What did you buy today?

  5. ToaJaller78

    2014 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I saw that the Wheeljack Race car was $10.
  6. ToaJaller78

    Hero Factory 2014 Discussion

    I really hope Stringer gets blue again.
  7. ToaJaller78

    2014 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I dont know if this is new, but I saw the Police Station commercial this morning.
  8. ToaJaller78

    Hero Factory 2014 Discussion

  9. ToaJaller78

    Winter Village: Kissing Booth (Contest Entry)

    Creative. It looks pretty cool IMO. (also, the mix between minifigs and minidolls is interesting)
  10. ToaJaller78

    Legends of Chima 2014

    Just when I settled on buying them.
  11. ToaJaller78

    Car Talk

    I assume we've seen the 2015 Mustang?
  12. ToaJaller78

    Things non-AFOLs say WAY too often

    "Stop taking apart your Lego men" 'Too many Legos"
  13. ToaJaller78

    Hero Factory 2014 Discussion

    This just now made me realize there are no special game codes this year.
  14. ToaJaller78

    MOC: Samus Aran

    Gawd the Detail. It's glourious. dat face though
  15. ToaJaller78

    Hero Factory 2014 Discussion

    Evo Looks pretty cool. I like his new design
  16. ToaJaller78

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    God the people on facebook found out and all I see are: "i hope it will be bionicle, but if it is like bionicle and has the characters, i would like it." "Im hoping for either something completely new,a continuation of Bionicle starting where they left off back in 2010(mabye even kick off the revival with uber upgraded versions of the Stars) or a reboot of the 2001-2003 story" And it will only continue..............I see this as Fanboy food. But i'm still gonna laugh when this is'nt BIONICLE.
  17. ToaJaller78

    Ninjago 2014

    Someone make a stopmotion
  18. ToaJaller78

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    I wasn't reffering to you. Don't feel insulted.
  19. ToaJaller78

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Mesonak, you and the others are feeding the fanboy.
  20. ToaJaller78

    Ninjago 2014

    Exo-Force+Ninjago= PURE AWESOME.
  21. ToaJaller78

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    What if it's a Gundam-ish theme. If LEGO does do this, my wallet will be an empty hole in the end of 2015....
  22. ToaJaller78

    Review: 44018 Furno Jet Machine

    You sir: have won an award.
  23. Can I see the Smaller kaiju compared to the Herofig? Please?