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  1. Good day all. I used to have ships made by a lego clone brand. However, i can't find them anywhere. (moved house more than a year ago) They were mostly military ships. With one or two civilian ships. One of them had little trucks on it. And oil barrels. It did not mix well with Lego. Wouldn't stick to eachother. This was in the late 80's I think. Around the same time as Majokit. If that rings a bell to anyone. :D 

    Majokit example.

    Would anyone know what i am rambling about? :pir-laugh: Kinda interested in the name and if i can find any info online. 

  2. Sad, weary woman, their children stumbling and streaked with tears, their men bitter and angry, the rich rubbing shoulder with beggars and outcasts.


    DSC00548 by Lethke, on Flickr

    Lord Lethke Zum Bartrado leads a group of refugees from the last elemental attacks to safety.


    DSC00549 by Lethke, on Flickr

    A cart hastily loaded with provisions is all that they managed to save before being forced to flee. They have no destination other then to get out of reach of the elemental and Orc armies of Victor.Where will they settle down again? Can they settle down again?

  3. One 6030 Catapult

    One 6040 Blacksmith Shop

    One 6055 Prisoner Convoy

    One 6012 Siege Cart

    One 6023 Maiden's Cart

    One 6041 Armor Shop (with Black Falcon flag instead of the Crusader one but the rest is as it should be)

    One 6017 King's Oarsmen

    One 6035 Castle Guard

    One 6039 Twin Arm Launcher