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  1. tcybula

    MOC: Train Station

    Awesome model Just saw the lxf file above. I'll try to download it tonight and have a look.
  2. Brickdoctor and yellost Thank you for looking into this, truly appreciate what you both have done. I will continue on with the design but I think for my own benefit I will try both the methods as you listed above for anything in the future which might pop up. cheers Tom
  3. Hi I am trying to construct a beer brewery on LDD and I have gotten to a point where I need to use Hinge Align Tool. I can select the 2 items that need to be aligned, but the program gets them within literally a bees anatomy but cannot align them. Can someone please help me. I have attached the lxf file and the picture of what I am trying to achieve. Cheers Thomas Brewery.lxf