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  1. lego2lego

    Full Size Bugatti Chiron out of LEGO

    You do realise that this is a collaboration between Bugatti and Lego. Those wheel only cost $250,000 because Bugatti wants to sell them at that price, manufacturing cost will not be excessively more than any other rim. I can assure you that Lego did not pay that price for those wheels, if they paid them at all! That being said, it's gorgeous. I hope they bring it to Legoworld in the Netherlands this October.
  2. lego2lego

    LEPIN ripping off STAR WARS MOCs

    The fact that you don't hold IP-laws in very high regard doesn't make it any less illegal what LEPIN does! And your opinion of the quality of disney/lego products is pretty subjective wouldn't you say?? I never stated that Lego are angels, they are a company and want to make a profit, that's a given. But there is no basis for the assumption that ripping off an individual is deplorable and ripping of Lego is fine, because reasons... As far as I can see Disney/Lego are pretty lenient with the AFOL community, and condone people selling instructions for Star Wars MOC's. Anyway just my 2cents.
  3. lego2lego

    LEPIN ripping off STAR WARS MOCs

    The problem with LEPIN is that they steal! That's simple, they do not own or license the Star Wars IP. In fact they don't own any IP. They just copy and sell products that another company has invested time and money in. Don't for a minute think the usage of the Star Wars IP comes cheap for LEGO (and yes, they earn a lot to, but investments must be made). What you are saying is that's it's ok for them to blatantly steal from LEGO/DISNEY/PORSCHE etc, but should compensate AFOL for "using" their ideas? LEGO hasn't got a monopoly, it's like saying Ford has a monopoly on F150's and that's it's ok for another company to rip the design off and sell it for cheap. LEPIN is a criminal company, the way I see it, and I hope that LEGO and the Chinese government will end their practises ASAP! At least Facebook has removed their official page, so it seems LEGO is making some headway.
  4. 40TH Anniversary Commemorative Model - Technic Download Errors: None, except for a small error in the render.
  5. 30449 The Milano - Marvel Superheroes Download Errors: None
  6. 8448 Super Street Sensation - Technic Download Errors: No stickers
  7. 42058/42059 combined "Truck" - Technic Download Errors: no stickers and ramps. I haven't been able to find the official name for this model.
  8. 42057 B-model Experimental Aircraft - Technic Download Errors: no stickers, parts: 92409, 61254, 13971 and 42610 are not yet official.
  9. lego2lego

    Wing Body Truck Building Instructions

    That's what I said, Lepin themselves are pretty safe from prosecution, with the current political climate in china. But Facebook and eBay and Amazon, being US companies should crack down on this! What do you think Amazon would do when a chinese company replicates their Kindles? They wouldn't be sold on Amazon I can tell you that..... So maybe TLG should focus on taking away their avenue's of sale and marketing in the west. Just my 2 cents tho.
  10. lego2lego

    Wing Body Truck Building Instructions

    Although I understand why it's hard to go after Lepin themselves, it shouldn't be hard hard for TLG to get into contact with the various platforms where they advertise or sell these products. I gather that what Lepin does is against various international laws, so Facebook, eBay, amazon and other companies should be made to block sellers from selling this stuff, or in case of Facebook, get them to remove their official page. I tried to lodge a complaint about their official Facebook page, but the options available to report something are too restricted. Has anybody whose MOC are being sold have had contact with LEGO about this?
  11. 21029 Buckingham Palace - Architecture Download ​Errors: Tile 1x8 with text "Buckingham Palace" not available
  12. 21030 United States Capitol Building - Architecture Download Errors: Tile 1x8 with text "United States Capitol Building" not available.
  13. 40140 Flower-cart - City DOWNLOAD Errors: None. I was inspired by a thread in the technic forum to see if I could create a spinning render. If it's not allowed I will replace it.
  14. I built your stand, but it escalated..... and you beat me to it. 10134 Y-wing attack starfighter - Star Wars UCS Download Errors: No stickers, Nacelles don't really line up due to flexibility in real model. Slope brick 2x2 45 degrees with yellow stripes not official.