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  1. hankdelsi

    Reproducing LEGO Sails

    anyone tackle this recently with something similar to lego cloth and that would be interested in making me a set from 6289 red beard runner? if so feel free to dm me, thanks!
  2. hankdelsi

    [LIBRARY] Sails

    I'll ask this question as well as I got my hands on a Red Beard Runner 6289 but without the sails, does anyone make those on similar fabric that would be willing to make these for me? Feel free the dm me if interested, thanks.
  3. whoohoo just preordered r56's I assume these would help with derailing of shorter wheel spans??
  4. where are those gauntlets from, not sure i've seen those before, guess u have some type of longer "wrists" on him as well to keep them on?
  5. I'm not really interested in these figs but would usually get them from ali express which seems to have been shut down for figures anymore. Anyone mind sharing a new place/website for figs? Thanks in advance!
  6. I've found these figures/accessories to be worth checking out. Some are not available from Lego or other 3rd party shops.The cost is minimal when compared to other custom figs/accessories. Great for army building due to the cost. The quality is not up to par with Lego. I can sell off my lego brand figs for top $$ while replacing them with off brand figs on the cheap. Some you can see the difference, Some are pretty hard to notice the difference. These LOTR figs are great as you can't get most of them in Lego. If you wind up not liking them, just resell on ebay or other platforms, throw in the trash or give away as freebies. In the few times I encountered a problem ordering from aliexpress, the seller rectified the problem. I'm in the U.S., so ordering from China can take some time for delivery. Currently awaiting delivery of a bunch of uruk's and elves. Here's a pic of some guys that i painted. Forgive me as I'm old and eyesight is going and hands are shaky. :)
  7. hankdelsi

    Best place to buy MOC trains?

    I might be interested in buying some stuff as well, if anyone wants to ping me with additional info. I'm in the U.S.
  8. My guess is no Sauron/Witch King yet since they are not necessarily army builders, although I would buy a bunch just like i did on these guys. Since these are at least the 2nd release on these LOTR types, I do have hope for more. You can find more info in the link on the original post.
  9. picked up an army of these figs as well, well worth the cost for the accessories alone, one hole capes are very fragile.
  10. That would be a shame if ME was done. I did bug them periodically and did get my KS plus additional metal track orders. I'm at maximum density so don't think I would ever expand further and need more track. I would have though all other backers were complete at this time.
  11. I was a metal track backer, after seeing folks say they recd their orders, I contacted ME directly and got my pledge order. I have since ordered additional track from their inventory and have received that as well. I'm in U.S. if that matters.
  12. hankdelsi

    Home Layout WIP

    can you reach a derailment in the back or is there a way to access it?
  13. can you help me understand what you did here exactly? interested, thanks
  14. Got my tracking number, all systems go now, been a long wait and my son is on the brink of the dark ages, but the redo of the layout is long overdue