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    Preta the Demon

    My entry for Bio-cup preliminaries.
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    Ch-Ch-Ch-Chip from "Chip 'n' Dale" series. My entry for detective contest on Additional pics. Also check Dale for full experience.
  4. The Chosen One

    Teridax: Master of Shadows

    "Toa of Light. Now so bold. But at heart you are still just Takua. You failed to save your friend. You didn't even warn him. Perhaps, for your next great failure, a simple game of kohlii? Win and you may try to open the gate. When you lose, l'll have that mask." — Teridax, Mask of Light. This is an occasional MOC made for BBC Contest №75. Once my mate kinda dropped out, I decided to make something for Patricks Biggs Takanuva (his mate kinda dropped out too, so DViddy suggested anyone to join him, in case they want). This MOC was specially made in Pats fancy coat style to fit his Takanuva. It was a pretty fun reverse engineering experience. I paid as much attention to details as I could, though not everything I wanted was released... The key chain is supposed to be a reference to Hau-gate from Mask of Light movie.
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    The Beast

    The Beast from "Over the Garden Wall". (source pics)
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    [Galidor Category B] Jens

    Here is Jens, the one and the only.
  7. The Chosen One

    [Galidor Category A] G-drone

    G-drones were used by evil Gorm for searching, recording and collecting information. They fly really fast. When they are done G-drones come back to base, translate the info and also get some charge at docking station.
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  9. The Chosen One

    Spider — Plague Mech: Xi

    My entry for Plague Mech contest.
  10. The Chosen One

    Ammonoidea rosea

    I am still noidea. (╯_╰) (shell design by retinence)
  11. The Chosen One

    Vimur habilis

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  13. The Chosen One


    My entry for the contest. Additional pics
  14. The Chosen One

    Es rappelt im Karton

    Es rappelt im Karton.
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  16. The Chosen One

    Egg Crawler vs Speedy Scout

    A small collaboration between me and RhymesShelter. Egg Crawler by me. Additional pics: Egg Crawler, Speedy Scout.
  17. The Chosen One

    Punk girl \m/

    She has changed her style.
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    This feeling...
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    Detected, recorded and transmitted.
  20. The Chosen One

    ST. 4c656f6e617264

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    Snow golf accident

    While playing snow golf don't wake up the walrus...
  23. The Chosen One

    ST. 4c656f6e69646173

    //->[begin transmission]: .................. 535041524B5954524F4E 43455A49554D 5448452043484F53454E204F4E45 4649525354205245445645525345 5345434F4E44205245445645525345 5052494D5553 .................. //->[end transmission 1]
  24. The Chosen One

    The controller

    It's the Devil's way now, There is no way out, You can scream and you can shout, It is too late now...
  25. The Chosen One


    These goatlike Rahi live on top of the mountains, so few Rahi can reach them. BKKKN eats mostly plants. They are not agressive at all, though in dangerous situations their horns can be serious treat. Matorans tried to tame these creations, but being captive these Rahi don't eat and die. Their strange name was given because of the sound they rarely made (it similiar to "B-k-k-k-k-k-n").