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  1. Walks into thread and faint. *oh2* Awesome review.
  2. Once I finish paying all my bills I will be all over the new technic sets like a green goo.
  3. Nice review mate. It was good to see all the functions shown in detail.
  4. The price for 8258 is outrageous. Double the US price. Lego Australia must be joking.
  5. The cost of doing business. i.e. wages, taxes, import tariffs, retail space, storage, transport, marketing etc. That is why in Australia we pay such high prices for goods compared to other countries like the USA. In Australia we have a 30% company tax plus 10% gst on goods. We also have import tariffs and spread out population so that transporting goods around the country is expensive. And also remember that it is not only the cost of getting the lego to the you that you pay for. It is also a factor in the final retail price that each company that handles the goods takes a cut for their profit. This is why manufacturing outside Australia is only about 10% cheaper than manufacturing in Australia. That same is correct for all countries.
  6. The last set I got from the technic line was the Excavator #8294. The first round of 09 releases were a real let down to me. These three sets really make up for that.
  7. a parallel system would deliver the air more smoothly. In a serial system the air pressure behind the outlet will be greater than a parallel system. There is more resistance in a parallel system that in theory should deliver a smother air supply. It would not have the same power or pressure.
  8. furious

    The next LEGO Architecture sets

    when are they going to do the Sydney Opera House?
  9. furious

    Interesting Slideshow

    I like how it had to specifically point out that set do not have to be pink to attract female fans. What is Legos management from the 19th century.
  10. furious

    Ideas for TLG going more "green"

    Smaller boxers. I hate that the boxers are only at most half full. It would save on transport costs.
  11. furious

    Lego Star Wars 10th anniversary exclusive on May 3 and 4

    Australia misses out again i take it?
  12. think upon it as an opportunity to build a new project.
  13. furious

    The House of Dream

    no worries