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  1. Hi everyone! it's been a while since I posted here. I came to present you 2 dioramas that my Lug did for a museum, steampunk dioramas. The "maison d'ailleurs" , a museum in switzerland wanted something for their "Jules Verne" room, but not something related with Verne's book. So captainsmog and I designed 2 showcases. I designed a submarine attacking a boat, and Captainsmog designed an airship station. The 2 dioramas have been built by Lelug's members, while we guided them. the two showcases: my submarine : Captainsmog's the airship station : Some details : Sadly because of the lighting, these are quite complicated to photography. So... sorry for the pictures. More picture in these 2 gallery, even if there are a lot of pictures of people: Oh, there's also some pictures of Swisslug's part of the exhibition, which are very cool dioramas about star wars and lord of the ring, and 2 captainsmog's things, somewhere in the middle.
  2. Guss

    Lelug's steampunk dioramas

    Did I show it to you ? Or did you went to see it ? ^^
  3. hey that was the first contest I entered in Lego , 5 or 6 years ago, right here. I remember that, you did it again, I should have entered it. Damn.
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    Lelug's steampunk dioramas

    thanks mate! Thanks! I hope the cabinet fits the museum, it's theirs, we just filled them :D And yeah the light is very bad there, and we're not really allowed to take our own lights and stuff, actually as they bought the mocs ( they just refunded the parts), they're not in our possession so we can't even take new better pictures. (they removed them from another exhibit, I don't know where they are now.)
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    The X-Files: I Want to Believe

    I think everyone remember that episode, thanks blacksad, now I'm not going to sleep tonight. :D PS : love the poster's recreation too ^^
  6. Guss

    Alien Hive

    I'm loving these walls. amazing job!
  7. Hi everyone, it's been a while. ^^ I'm here to show you my shiptember! it has a lot of functionalities and stuff, so here is a video to see some cool details: and here are some pictures: one of the container contain my 14x14x6 starfighter from the flickr challenge: more pictures and infos/backstory on my website! Bonus: click
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    SHIPTEMBER : the space truck

    Thanks, and I don't know, sorry, I don't get this reference XD Thanks Jared
  9. Guss

    SHIPTEMBER : the space truck

    Thanks Spirit and Mikuri ^^
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    The Aero - Science Fiction

    original and looks very cool, but I'd like to see it on a different background, to better appreciate it shapes. But I know it's not always easy to find a decent setup to photography models :/
  11. Guss

    SM2 Alpha Battlecruiser

    I missed this one on flickr! It looks nice, I love it ! the greeble is just ace!
  12. Guss

    EMD SD40-2 BNSF Locomotive 1:16

    why didn't you put any link to the "highly detailed inside" ?
  13. Ok so it install itself right where you do launch the software, so now my download folder is full of stuff XD Question : does it works if I move the files in another directory ? or will I have to update everything again ? Anyway, thanks for this software, it's pretty handy and very well thought, neat job ! :thumbup:
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    REVIEW: 21108 Ghostbusters

    agree with jantjeuh, the photo are a little overexposed, but thanks for the review! I will not buy this set, but it's a cool set.
  15. Guss

    Purist steampunk minifigs!

    has the guy with the sausage been inspired by "Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler" ? And why is the photographer holding a frog ? XD Could also be a reference to the discworld but then the frog needs to be in the flash. :D read the description on your website :D Anyway I like these figs, and I think I actually made almost the same combination for some of my steampunk mocs. I used the glass scope on a diorama as example, except I put it the other way.
  16. Hello hello! I needed some grey parts and my girlfriend was generous, so she offered it to me, so here is a great castle set, the biggest one, the King's Castle siege ! OH, I'm sorry I didn't put a white background behind it... but it's way to big for the background I usually use ! Details: Reference: 7094 Theme: Castle Name: King's Castle Siege Year : 2007 Pieces : 973 Minifig : 10+ 1 dragon+ 1 horse Price : 165 CHF, 92.99 EURO, 99 USD Links : Gallery, brickset Box: The box is big.. and with a nice drawing! sorry for the tape, I was unable to remove it! But this tape is here for a good reason.. It opens this way, to show all the functionalities of the set : The back of the box show it modularity, which is cool : On one side there is all the minifigs, but enough with the box, let's open it! content: A lot of bags, numbered from 1 to 7, a little sticker sheet, some "not numbered" bags with the big pieces inside, 2 manuals A little zoom on the little sticker sheet.. which is not really important, I didn't put it, but you'll surely notice it : Manuals: The two manuals : On the first page of the first manual, a little scheme show you what bags build what : At the end of the second manual, there is a part list, there is 3 pages of it : there is also a page that present the modularity of it : And some others page that show the other castle sets and the functionalities of the set ( watch the gallery to see more, I'll not put 5000 pics here! ) The back of the second manual is original, with a nice pics of the dragon, Roaaar : A little detail I always thought it was a little stupid, you build the horse, put a 2x1 plate + a 2x1 brick on it, then remove it to put something else... not very logical. Also notice the 2 accessories you'll never see again in the manuals.. The Build: The build is quite long and easy, there is no "special techniques", snots or strange things, you can see on the manual section how it's organized, first you build the minifigs, then you build the door with drawbridges, then the 2 towers, which are identical except for 2 details, then a wall, then another wall with a big gates, then a third wall with a tower, and finally the "dungeon" . Some advice for those building from Bag 3, when you start to build the bag 3, directly build 2 times the tower, because when you reach the end of the first tower, you'll see a little " X2" on the bottom right corner... so just build the two towers at the same time! see there : Here are the extra parts of the entire build : Complete Model: The minifigs Here are the crownies, 2 archers, 2 soldiers, the king and a knight ( with his horse ) ! Let's add to them the four "skellies" One of the archers have the reversible happy/scared face : Another pictures of the minfigs ( without the skellies) without helmets and accessories, you can also see that the Knight only has a plain grey torso : Here is a picture of the knight on his horse : The big skeleton in armor is supposed to be on the big dragon, so here they are again : The dragon is black with red details, wich is the opposite of the 7093's dragon. Like all these dragons, he can take a minifig in it claws : Functionalities The little bridge turn on itself to makes the skellies fall ! The Drawbridge works very well, here on the upper left of the gate you can see a "lever" that, according to DJ force, is here to hold the Bridge in upper position. Here is the back of the dungeon, you can see a technic pin that is used to remove it : The "grid" also works very well, when it's in upper position, you just have to pull the little shield and it falls : The "broken wall" also works well, you just have to push it from behind and it fall, but if you move the castle a little 2x1 modified plate make it stay in place : The catapults you see on the different pictures works very well, I even hurted my girlfriend using the big one ( I tried to fire at the longest range by hitting on it like a barbarian... it works well ! ) The only detail I don't really like is this one, on the bottom right of the picture, you can see a little hole close to the technic piece, there is a little 1x1 hole.. a 1x1 brick would be nice. The castle Here are all the parts of the castle, do you see the table under it? it's the biggest table of my apartment... yes it's small, and it's why I wasn't able to photography it on a white background : Here are how the different parts looks from behind : And here it is once build, with all the minifigs, that's the complete set : You can make a lot of cool scene, like the attack of the castle : You can also makes cool scenes thanks to the walls that break : Here you can see a pictures of all the accessories included, that's more than enough for your army : And Finally, here is the complete set! ( Well, he is already complete on an other pics but who cares ? ) Notes: Design: 8/10 Build: 8/10 Playability: 10/10 Minifigures: 10/10 Price: 10/10 Overall: 9/10 Conclusion: That set is awesome, so many minifigs, a dragon and a big castle for less than 100 euros! But there is something I don't really like, the dungeon is too... "empty", there is only one stair to go up and there is no walls around the throne ! But this is truly the only dark point of the set, everything else is awesome! If I was a child, I'll just keep playing with all the functionalities it have, they're really awesome, plus the castle include some enemies to fight, with a big dragon that I really like. For the parts, this is also the set you need if you want grey 2x1 bricks, there is 112 of these!! I think you understood, I really liked this set and thinks that every castle fan should buy it^^ PS : if you wonder who won the scenes I did, the crownies summoned an Exoforce friend :
  17. Guss

    Steampunk Hummingbird

    With a topper, and a monocle, because I can. the image is a link to the gallery and here's a video of it: (why can't I make the integration of the video works! damn my stupidity.)
  18. Guss

    Steampunk Hummingbird

    Jackal76 : thanks^^ Lono : Thanks, now that you considered it, build some :D
  19. Guss

    Home Sweet Home - Sci-Fi contest

    I wasn't asking for more time, I'm going to take this time limit as a challenge! Btw , it's not written in the rules, but I suppose microscale is ok ?
  20. Guss

    Home Sweet Home - Sci-Fi contest

    I think I might try to participate... but damn only 1 month to build... tough one! (yes for me 1 month to build a 48x48 moc is really short.) BTw, the entry can be 48x48 but can it also be smaller ? I guess yes but I prefer to ask :D
  21. Guss

    Steampunk Hummingbird

    Bacem: thanks !
  22. Guss

    Escape from Sabre Island - A Brickfilm

    Very good animation, nice moc, funny story, everything is there, I subscribed to your channel, bring us more!
  23. Guss

    New Mech: A.T.A.V.

    HEY I built a 4 legged mech named A.T.A.R ! you stole my name :D hum... Joking apart, this is a nice red firefighter mech, I like the feet, looks like they can grab things like chameleleon feet.
  24. Guss

    Steampunk Hummingbird

    Thanks guys ! Pig : I actually used these plates because they were 8x8 , but you're right, they do add nice details to the base^^ legozebra: hey, it could have been a kind of steam hummingbot! I didn't even think about that :D
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    [MOC] Compact Convertible

    Wow that's a reallly cool car. Love the windscreen wiper, even if there's no windscreen XD that's original. But I also love it looks! I actually can't believe you packed that much functionalities inside a small model.