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    Port Ettinsmoor-Final Display Edition

    superb display , really really cool ! I wish I was able to see it for real ! great job on it !
  2. Guss

    MOC: Japanese Seafood Wholesale Market

    nice! I love the design and the inside is nicely detailed, the toilet are ace!
  3. Guss

    Medieval Port

    Love the boat, love the water, love the buildings, well, that's another slyowl moc, where everything is amazing XD once again, great job The pirate version is just.. the same , but with imperial guards instead of crownies XD
  4. Guss

    When Fishing Goes Wrong

    thanks a lot Derfel Cardarn, I'm glad you like it I thought about doing it but I'm far from having the pieces I need ^^ But I plan to make, one day, a big ship , with detailed interior... but not before 6 months , minimum . RampantDingo, hehe, how cruel you are! Poor captain ! Thanks a lot mate^^
  5. JKool: 1 Admiral Ron: 1 Jansued: 2 JDHinten : 2 Mariann Asanuma : 1 Here goes my votes ! it was hard to choose so my girlfriend helped me XD all the entries were nice, everyone did a great job ! here are the reason why I voted for these one : Jkool : love the chair design and the general building, it looks very nice. Admiral Ron: my girlfriend loved the guy "spying" , and I loved the lamp Jansued : Just a very funny and well realized entry, well I don't really like the "brickarm bat" because I'm a kind of purist, but that's ok ^^ JDHinten: My favorite entry, well realized, funny, nice picture, nice technique, just perfect Mariann Asanuma: I just love microscale and I like this little scene a lot !
  6. Guss

    The Slippery Eel

    Epic entry infomaniac! seriously epic! I love the round tower and it general looks, and the amount of details is impressive! the only thing you could have done to improve it was a detailed interior for the building, but with the amount of things you put outside the buildings, you didn't really need to do it ! XD
  7. Guss

    Presenting my current WIP: HMS Victory

    I have a question Teddy, I don't know if someone already asked you but, I see on the pictures that you're doing a detailed interior.. but will it be possible to see it once the ship finished ? Will the upper part of the ship put on tiles so you can open it ? If that's it, it'll surely affect the sturdiness of it , doesn't it ?
  8. Guss

    When Fishing Goes Wrong

    Thanks badboytje88 ^^ thanks Tereglith, I wanted to add a rat at the right of the barrels, where there's a little hole, but I totally forgot ! thanks again TheOtters, I'm glad you like it ^^
  9. Guss

    Pain in Paradise

    ahah very funny^^ I love the shark-sign XD
  10. Guss

    Is the Honeymoon Over (part 3 of 3)

    I saw you three entries and they're really cool , I love the way you managed to make a little story including the three mocs, that's very cool ^^ great job!
  11. Guss

    Nancy's Tavern

    Wonderful moc ! I just, as usual, don't really like the tiled sea... but It's just me , the entire scene is wonderfully amazing ! ( yep yep ^^ ) I just want to know ... WHY didn't you make it a ptv2 entry ? that perfectly fit the theme !
  12. Guss

    Oi! Ye Spilled Ye Pint!

    Excellent little entry, great job on it !
  13. Guss

    The Church of Scherpenheuvel

    WAOW awesome moc ALiencat , very impressive, and the interior is wow ! the rebuilt part on the walls are also.. awesome, don't find another word XD
  14. Guss


    ahah, what an original and cool entry , great job , and nice part usage!
  15. Guss

    The Reconstruction of Fort Oswald

    as usual , you did a really nice job , this entry is excellent and your videos to show every details in it are nice ! I love this ship, except for the blue part at the front of it, I don't really know what it's supposed to be but I don't really like it, just a matter of taste! ^^
  16. Guss

    Anno 1701, her majesty whole proud almost done

    I LOVE the grey part of the building, I don't know why, but I think it's ACE ! I also like the rest of the scene, as it's really well built and it looks great , but I especially love this building XD
  17. Guss

    Port Knox

    Like it! I like the look of the building, it's really nice!
  18. Guss

    When Fishing Goes Wrong

    thanks everyone for you kind comments! Big Cam: thanks a lot ^^ snot floor on the canon deck, tiled floor on the middle deck, and normal floor on the upper deck XD I wanted to make it better, but didn't have enough times... and bricks! The Otters : I wish I was able to put it earlier ^^ for the plate built sails, I already saw that on other mocs, but I don't remember where. Well, it was supposed to be a whale, as my original Idea was to make a whale hunting moc, then it turned to be .. something, it's a kind of big strange shark , as Captain Blackmoor said, it's a : " whale/incredible-large-fish-monster-thingy" , I didn't make a full background for this entry as I usually do ( see my last year ptv entry ) as I didn't have time, so let's call it a Giant Sharkiguss. 74louloute: Of course I'm still building... well, I have to make a little break for my moving, but I'm still there ^^ Well for the minifig pose on the hamac, I have to say that the "minifig posing experiment" you made inspired me, so I'm glad you like it ! Thanks for the moving, I know that you don't live really far from me .. do you own a truck , I still need one ! XD ( joking of course ^^ ) Commodore Hornbricker: Thanks a lot ^^ Captain Blackmoor: hehe thanks a lot ^^ but It's only one third of the ship, so there's not really 2 unicorns at sea XD Admiral Croissant: thanks ^^ sorry for the chains, I didn't have enough lego strings to do it, the pirate is napping in a "net" because I didn't really know how to make a hammock with lego parts ^^ Lego_Warlord_8 : thanks , I wanted to put some more " scared " face on the ship, but they're already packed for the moving, let's say that they didn't notice it yet ! ^^ Rick , thanks ^^ you found the right smiley to say it !
  19. Guss

    Carats 4 Carrots

    Great entry !! I love the tree house and the temple is excellent! but I think that killing carrot is too cruel for this contest... (joking of course)
  20. Guss

    Dangerous low tide!

    ahah found me, great entry mate, I love this ship !
  21. Guss

    When Fishing Goes Wrong

    game ? this is the gallery of my own website, and it seems to works perfectly for some friends, so I think that yep, it's your job's filter^^
  22. A real masterpiece, I LOVE how it looks, that's very accurate , and all the details on the deck just make it perfect
  23. Guss


    an AMAZING entry, I saw it on Flickr allready, but that's really really cool ! Great job !
  24. Guss

    Pirate Training School

    What a cool and original entry ^^ I love the way you did it, the "teacher and students" everywhere, that's really cool ^^
  25. Guss

    Welcome to "The Crimson Curtains"

    Already commented it on flickr, but that's really an ace entry Louloute ! bien joué!