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    Astraeus-Class Battlecruiser

    Original shape, I like it ^^ Especially the round discs on it, I think it looks nice!
  2. Guss

    British Frigate (unnamed)

    I love it! really nice frigate, the addition of the sea around it is just very very cool , great job!
  3. Guss

    HMS Brunswick

    oh ok so that makes sense ! XD ( I just have a friend whose last name is "Brunswick" and he just keep telling me that he's from an old noble family. XD )
  4. Guss

    REVIEW: 6542 Launch and Load Seaport

    I had this set when I was a child and I loooved it, and your review of it is just awesome, great job on it ! you made me nostalgic ^^
  5. Guss

    MOCs For Sale?

    Some people wanted to buy my going merry ( I received about ten mails of people who wanted to buy it, and 2 people wanted to buy it at Japan expo 2009 where I showed it. ) , but I never sold it, or a replica because I'm a lazy man ! ^^ Maybe I should.
  6. Guss

    The Tornado Of Souls

    so it's a 100% lego ship ? that's very cool ^^ I love it, I love it design , even if the sails doesn't look as good as clothed sails, I think it add a "lego" touch to it that I love ^^
  7. Guss

    HMS Brunswick

    very nice ship ! Ijust wonder, why did you chose this name for it ?
  8. Guss

    The Maeve Aulsebrook

    a beautiful ship, with a very nice cannon design ! love it! ^^
  9. Guss

    French speaking lego forum

    Hello, I was browsing this forum and I saw that there is somefrench speaking peoples and I started to look for a french Lego forum, but I didn't find one, so I though of creating a french lego forum for people that doesn't speak english but french, I wanted to know who is interested here ? does someone think that is a good Idea ? pour les francophones : j'ai cherché sur le net un forum lego francophone et j'en ai pas trouvé, du coup je cherche à faire un forum Lego francophone, y'a t il des intéressés ? est ce que vous pensez que c'est une bonne idée ?
  10. Guss

    Community Build: Bakery

    really cool little bakery , I love the "pastry roller" ( is that the word ? ^^ ) and all the little details you put in it, great job !
  11. Guss

    [MOC] Transport Hovercraft

    Huge , detailed, nice squary shape, interior detailed, awesome ^^
  12. Guss

    The Poor House

    I like it ! the big window on the .. last ( upper ) floor is really nice, I like it! ^^ the interior is nicely detailed to and it looks really cool, gread job!
  13. Guss

    Starship Troopers landing ship

    Looks like a very nice start ^^ the interior is really cool and the little "clip" to hold the minifig is a nice idea! ^^
  14. Guss

    PTVII - Staff Winners

    Congratz Erdy ! ^^ Slyowl.. second.. I think it'll snow today... ow, it's already snowing!
  15. Guss

    When Fishing Goes Wrong

    A view of the full moc, well, I tried to take a picture of it, but it didn't really worked XD Meanwhile, on the upper deck, a pirate is teaching swordfight to a young one, but as the picture is bad, I m not going to make it one of the 6 pictures so you can see it there Under them, two pirates are playing cards while another one is putting some wood on the stove. On the canon deck, one of the pirates is having a nap . while another one is cleaning the floor On the front deck, an old pirate is smoking while another is going inside. Full gallery here : I'm really sorry for the quality of the pictures and that I'm a little late, if it's too late and I can't enter, it's ok, then it's just a moc ^^ comments and critics of course welcome, even if it's already destroyed so I can't modify it ( my Lego are not packed for the moving) . thanks everyone! PS : I'm really really sorry for the quality of both the moc and the pictures, I could have done really better if I had times... but in February I'll have a little Lego workshop in my new apartment, YAY !
  16. Guss

    PTVII - Voting STAFF

    As slyowl is going to win, I'm not going to vote for him :P And as the Erdbeereis entry is really nice, I'm not going to vote for him either, because it's too " city " for me ^^ so here goes my votes : Svelte : 2 Siegfried : 1 why did I vote for them : Svelte : , because I like it. Siegfried : Because I like it too ! ( even if it's more space than pirate, well, actually it's both, but then if I voted for something that isn't exactly pirates, why didn't I vote for erdbeereis? well I don't know, but here goes my votes.)
  17. Guss


    very nice , I love the cannons design, and I think the colour scheme is really cool ! On one of the last pics we can barely see the figurehead, can you post a better picture of it please, I want to see it ! ^^
  18. Guss

    2010 Community Build

    Arg, I would love to join, but right now my lego are pacjed, ready to move :/ maybe in february I'll join if there's still something to build ! ( My lego storage actually looks like this : )
  19. Guss


    Great job everyone! you really deserved your prize^^ Too sad my 9999999 etc vote for me didn't count Thanks everyone who voted for me, I'm glad you liked my moc! Well as I'm not going to log in until january 5, I wish everyone an Happy new year! and may the Lego be with you in 2010 ^^^
  20. Guss

    "Kings And Queens Of The Sea" - Episodes

    2 chapters to read, yaha ! Really dreamweb, I love your comic, if there were a nice printed version of it, I'll surely buy it ( well, if it's not 500€ each chapter XD )!
  21. Guss

    MOC: Pushback tractor

    Nice job, I like it, and the functions are nice !
  22. Congratulation winners ! I hesited to vote for the 2nd and the third, but finally they didn't need my vote XD great job !
  23. Guss

    MOC "StarCraft"terrain battlecruiser

    OMG ! I m a great fan of Starcraft, and it's an AMAZING creation, Great job ! Oo
  24. Guss

    Pillage the Village II - VOTING - Large Category

    Very hard to choose... but Here goes my point : Guss : 99999999999999999 Oups, not allowed Seriously : I Scream Clone: 1 Cap'n Blackmoor: 1 kris kelvin : 3 Infomanic : 1 Fonz :1 Why ? well : ISC : because I love your carrot sacrifice, even if it's really cruel... XD Cap'n Blakmoor : because I like it, and you put my sigfig in it XD Kris Kelvin : Because it's a beautiful remake of a classic set, and because the interior is awesome. Infomaniac : Because it looks very nice ! Fonz : Because I saw it on flickr before you posted it and thought " wow , it'll be a perfect PTV 2 entry!" so it is XD Lego Warlord, Newright and Marshal Banana's entries were really great too, but I had to choose, sorry guys ! Well, I also would like to thanks everyone who voted for me, I really appreciate and read all your comments ^^ thanks mates! koffiemoc: Well... it's just the front of the ship, the "full ship" is supposed to have 3 masts XD thanks anyway !
  25. 74Louloute: 3 Tom Bricks: 2 TinyPiesRUs : 1 Darth Nick : 1 Great job everyone, there were a lot of nice entry, and the addition of the nice JDHinten entry nearly changed my vote , but finally not ! that was hard to choose ... I already said why I chose these one and I'm too lazy to write it again, so I'll just say : great job everyone! XD