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  1. Guss

    Bayonets at Dawn Contest

    22 Perfectionist : 1 point 16 Newright : 1 point 2 Tanotrooper : 1 point
  2. Guss

    Capture of the Eagle of the 45th (Waterloo)

    what a great action vignette, the horses and the flag are fantastic!
  3. Guss

    MOC: Elladora's Sweetshop

    amazing shop! love all the details and colors on the interior, and the furnitures are just ace!
  4. Guss

    PoP Contest - Voting Thread - Category 2

    1 point for : 16. Fugazi's Persian Grocer 2 points for : 17. lisgr's Fight for the Golden Tower
  5. Guss

    PoP Contest - Voting Thread - Category 3

    2 point for : 17. Dunjohn's Krazy Achmar and Krazy Achmed's Minifigs Shack 1 point for : 30. pedro's Dhurban Indoor Bazaar
  6. Guss

    PoP Contest - Voting Thread - Category 1

    2 point for : 23. Oky Wan Kenobi's Nizam's Warship 1 point for : 4. I Scream Clone's Sands of Time
  7. Guss


    Saw it this week end, but forgot to comment, as my jaw was on my keyboard, I was unable to type :P that's an amazing Moc, impressive, superb, I'm so jealous, GREAT JOB on it !
  8. Guss

    MOC: Oldtimer

    Awesome ! I loooove it! so smooth , really well realized, love the colours scheme too Black for the bottem, black for the top, white in the middle, mhhh so great ^^ great build!
  9. Guss

    Dutch VOC ship the Prins Willim, minifig scale!

    Amazing! Love the amount of details of the inside, Love the way you did the floor, Keep bricking mate! I want to see it complete! and you HAVE TO finish it, it'll be a beauty !
  10. Guss

    MOC: Le "Manoir de la terreur"

    very nice manoir, love all the details packaged.. but to me, you put wayy to many photo on your topic XD
  11. Guss

    [MOC] Buggy

    Like it^^ looks nice, nice techniques used, nice job.
  12. Guss

    The Steam Runner

    Nice walker, Love the legs, but isn't it supposed to go to the scifi forum ?
  13. Guss

    WIP: Superbe, a French 80 gun Ship of the Line

    Looks promising, it shapes is really ace, and I love the colours scheme, too sad you'll destroy it, will it looks almost the same ?
  14. Guss

    Endor Ewok Celebration

    that is an outstanding creation, I love every details you managed to pack in it, great job!
  15. Guss

    The Swan

    Great ship sandy ^^ Looks like a ship from the Manga One piece ^^ The "mr 2" ship I really like it , the figurehead is very cool and the overall shape is perfect, great job on it!
  16. Guss

    Moc Steampunk : TIMO

    sorry for the late answer Sandy ^^ but thanks for your comment, and yes it doesn't look very comfortable
  17. Guss

    Cemetery Drive

    Excellent, love it! Love the mecha, the snowy scene, great job!
  18. Guss

    REVIEW: 7573 Battle of Alamut

    What an amazing set , full of amazing parts, excellent minifig, and your review is just ace
  19. Guss

    Moc Steampunk : TIMO

    Thanks a lot lightningtiger and Dannylonglegs Dannylonglegs, it's not a Mindstorm Battery, it's a PFS battery.. well maybe they're the same, I don't know ^^
  20. Guss

    Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

    Lovely, well done, very cool, well presented.. *Guss transforms into George Clooney* luxorV ... what else ?
  21. Guss

    MOC: Heavy Artillery

    Nice look ! I like it ^^ you should build a base and put it at the entrance, it'll look great^^
  22. Guss

    Moc Steampunk : TIMO

    Thanks everyone ^^ I'm thinking of doing a video of it walking with me helping it to pull the battery, it walk way better without the weight of the battery (or on a less slippery surface) XD
  23. Guss

    2010 Community Build-VOTING

    too many choices My vote goes to Christoph 11, dentist office, cause I like the angled window and the interior ^^
  24. Guss

    MOC - Royal Planetary Guard Anti-Flight Cannon

    Now just build a space pirate! ^^ nice canon
  25. Guss

    Halo: Eye of Chaos W.I.P.

    wow, that looks huge, and I think it'll look amazing, can't wait to see it finished