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    REVIEW : 7701 Grand Titan

    Hello Hello ! back in December, I went to Paris in train , There I bought some sets and when I came back , in the train, I was so bored I made some reviews ^^ I already posted one there ( 8770 set ) Here is the second one, of a much cooler set, but I had to retake the majority of the pictures because they were too blurry, anyway if you want to see the "train pics" , they're in the gallery : Details: Reference: 7701 Theme: Exo-Force Name: Grand Titan Year : 2006 Pieces : 196 Minifig : 1 Price : I got it for 10 Euro, but it seems that it original price was 15 USD Links : Gallery, Brickset, Peeron Box: That's a cool box, here is the front of it (source : Peeron ) It can open to show the set functionalities and an alternate model : On the back of the box, you got an example of what you get if you build something with the 7701 and the 7700 : Content: 4 bags, a sticker sheet and a manual : A little zoom on the sticker sheet, that's a lot for a so little set, but every Exoforce set have a lot of stickers : Manual: Random Page of it, it's well explained, you can't miss something while building, I just miss the little pictures of the pieces used in each steps : At the end of the build, it shows you how to put the stickers, and there you see that there is a LOT of stickers: And of course, there is a part list at the end of the manual : After the part list there is also a presentation of the other Exoforce sets, and the same pictures than in the box, with the alternate model you got when you use the parts from the 7701 and the 7700 The Build: First , you build the minifig, as you can see, it have a reversible angry/more angry head , and it back isn't printed. Then, you build the Body , with the light-up system : Then, you build a leg, 2 times, so you obtains 2 legs, they're identical. After this step, the end is quite easy, you just assemble the legs with the body, quickly build the arms.. Then the shoulders, and you connect the "light thing" to the left weapon. Finally, you build the cockpit, and you're done : Here are the extra parts you get, that's not a lot, but not bad either : Complete Model: It can takes some cool poses. You can notice that I didn't put the stickers on it, why ? Because I hate stickers! From the back, it just don't looks cool, but who cares : The cockpit opens to let the minifig jumps out : Here it is without the minifig, you can see the part that makes it light, the cockpit is very simple, there is.. nothing! not even some stuff to pilot the mecha : When you push the grey technic piece at the back, a red light appears, as you can see on the next picture : A night-view of the light, here you can see that it works very well, and if you make the "gun" rotate at high speed, it gives a cool light effect to it : Notes: Design: 8/10 Build: 8/10 Playability: 9/10 Minifigures: 9/10 Price: 10/10 Overall: 8.5/10 Conclusion: This is a really nice set, the light thing is cool and the mecha really can takes cool poses, it moves well and it's quite solid, plus the light thing that don't really works in pictures is really better in reality ( the light is nice ) , the only thing I don't really like is the massive use of stickers, that's why I didn't put them, it looks cool without stickers anyway. The only dark point to the playability is that the shoulders protections don't allow the arms to point at the sky ! So my final thought is that s a nice set to own, full of cool parts and it have a cool minifig, plus the price was quite low so why hesitate ?
  2. Guss

    MOC: The Bullfrog

    Outstanding, I love it.. the lighting really add a lot to it!
  3. Guss

    Serenity - A LEGO Firefly Creation

    I loved this show, too sad they canceled it after the first season :/ But, anyway, I love your moc, and the first picture with the crew is excellent! great job on it!
  4. Guss

    French Comicon.

    Of course ^^ Now that I learnt how to use my Canon EOS 500D, I can make some video.
  5. Hi everyone, the French Comicon ( also called Japan Expo , because there is two events at the same time at the same place you can access with the same ticket.. yes, we, french, are weird. ) will take place really Soon at Paris. Last year we made a Pirate/Space Pirate diorama (along with other things) in 2009 we made a little Post Apoc Diorama (well.. with other things too ) .. but this year, it's steampunk time ! Along with that we'll have : - A poudlard reproduction - A lot of starwars, including a gungan/droid battle, a Hoth Base, and some UCS - A nice Dojo - My going merry, as every years XD - A stop motion workshop - The Lego Board game - Some technic trial machine - and some other things I forgot because I'm stupid and too lazy to check. Info about the Comicon : Info about Us : Freelug Hope to see you there!
  6. Guss

    Marauder II

    Love it, well detailed and it looks, as it was already said, very stable. I would like to see a pictures of the model, for comparison !
  7. Guss

    G1 Autobot Jazz

    That's really cool ! I agree with Piratedave84, it really does feel like an 80's transformer !
  8. Guss

    Steampunk Vehicles

    Thanks everyone =^w^= Looks like the skyhorse is the favorite ^^ I like it too, but there's many details I would like to modify, I'll see if I do so later.
  9. Guss

    Alien ship number 1/3

    interesting build, I like it strange shape, looks like it's half organic, half mechanics.
  10. Guss

    Working on a new Nautilus

    Now I want to see it made with real bricks! a very big and beautiful moc ! love it
  11. Guss

    Brickworld 2010 Pirate Collaboration

    Excellent! all the little island are so great. Love the volcano (as everyone I guess XD )
  12. Hi everyone, it's been a long long time ^^ but I found a job and my old camera broke, so I had some time and material issues to both come to the forum and present my new mocs... But now I got a new camera ( and a good one) , and I'm back! SO here I am to show you what we did for Japan Expo 2010, at Paris. We wanted to build a pirate diorama, but as the themes were totally free, we finally built a space pirate/pirate crossover.. quite original and funny, our stand had a lot of success. I made the island with the "castle" , Freelug's member JAC made the other island, my girlfriend helped to build some details ( like the little islands). The 2 yellow forts belongs to the Freelug's president, Brickerik Some links : Pics of the stand : Here Pics of the Japan Expo :Here Jac's Gallery: (he didn't uploaded his pictures of this exhibition yet.) Brickerik's Gallery : Anyway, here are some pics of the diorama : General views : Some details : I also did a quick video of it , you can see it here : Don't hesitate to watch the pictures on our website, there is a lot of little details ( also included a Waldo! ^^) Thanks for watching.
  13. Guss

    Freelug's Pirate little diorama.

    thanks Dan, for the rounded tower.. I used a strange technique. see there I just didn't have enough hinge bricks to make it normally XD
  14. Guss

    Freelug's Pirate little diorama.

    Thanks everyone, I'm glad you like it! ^^ my part of the diorama took me all my grey/dark grey/white bricks, and for the structure under I used almost all my technic bricks ^^ Actually It took me 1 month to build my island, minus the details, that have been added during the exhibition, Jac took 2 months to build the big island with the hidden space pirate base. So yes, that took months! ^^ We love it too, that's why we did it^^ was really a "just for fun" diorama.. but anyway, what isn't for fun in LEGO ? ^^
  15. Guss

    Freelug's Pirate little diorama.

    Thanks Commodore ^^ I wanted to build a bigger island , with a bigger fort.. but I already used all my grey and white bricks XD
  16. Guss

    Your LEGO pirate's life

    Same here, I just kept the 10210 built during 5 months, but it now joined my bags of parts^^
  17. Guss

    WIP: Achille and Guerrière, French Frigates of 28 guns

    what a beautiful ship.. really really how it looks, it's awesome, great job !
  18. Guss

    Freelug's Pirate little diorama.

    Thanks a lot everyone^^ Our goal was to make something funny, I'm glad it seems that it seems that we did it!^^ Thanks, I'm not used to my camera yet, but I'm trying to improve^^ Lol erdi, THE Japan Expo, is an exposition about Japan culture , just watch this : They both are at the same place at the same times, so they're two different expo, but actually they're the same... don't know why they separated it in two.
  19. Guss

    Cape of No Hope

    Amazingly well built and photographied! great job on it, you used a lot of interesting techniques for the boat!
  20. Guss

    Freelug's Pirate little diorama.

    Thanks Blackicep8ntball ! We love to put little funny scene , so the people watching the diorama just have something else to watch than just bricks, they're looking for the details, and that's cool. Hey Mister Phes, thanks a lot^^ well.. when I say that I'm back, I now have a job, that means that I really don't have a lot of time anymore ( but way more money) + it's quite a "you works when we want to just answer the phone when we need you " job.. with this kind of thing,it's quite hard to be involved in my hobbies :/
  21. Guss

    WIP HMS Borea

    I like it, like the shape of the ship, like where the masts are placed, a very nice ship ! great job!
  22. Guss

    Freelug's Pirate little diorama.

    thanks A lot Admiral Croissant for the nice comment, and for blogging it( btw, I'm eating one atm, a Croissant ) Thanks for the church, it was the last building I built for the diorama, I had to deal with the parts I had left^^ The spaceships have been built by JAC, I'll tell him you like them ^^ The ships are just the official one, I really didn't have the time to build, so that's two 10210 (mine and brickerik's one), one of the 10210 is just a little customized, with black stripes instead of blue stripes, and a dragon's head as figurehead.
  23. 1 point to : 2) Caveman Entry (Build by lisgr) 2 point to 41) Wrestler Entry (Build by 74louloute)
  24. Guss

    Moc Steampunk : TIMO

    Hi everyone ^^ Here I am to introduce you my new moc, called "TIMO " , stands for : " The Incredible Moving Observatory" . "This Moving steam powered observatory is the poperty of Sir Mornindam, a lonely astronome.. It's a fully self-sufficient machine designed to bring our scientist anywhere in the world to observe stars with the telescope that lies on it top, originally it wasn't really design to live on it, so Sir Mornindam added a caravan behind it, to add some comfort." As it walks, I did some videos of it : Walking, sorry for the quality, I only have a webcam to film. It walks way better on my carpet ( more grip^^) , but my camera's cable isn't long enough to show it. Details. The mechanism for it legs is based on both the Theo Jansen's Mechanism and this video : for more pictures and stuff, goes there : Article on my website , the link to the gallery is in the article ^^ Comments and critics are welcome, thanks for watching ^^ (ps: my first post and moc for a long time^^ )
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    Tournament of Retribution II

    so many contest on EB, so many great Ideas of contests, but now that I found a job, I just.. don't have the time to build :'( Good luck contester, I'll not be able to enter but I'll be watching the contest with interest !