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    [MOC] Castle Neuschwanstein

    really well done, it really looks like the real one and it's very well realized, great job on it.
  2. Guss

    Medieval Caravelle.

    thanks Damaximus ^^ I thought it needed some more colors so I put some dark red :D proraptor ; thanks ^^ Skaforhire : thank you ^^ and thanks for all of us :D
  3. I everyone, it's been a while ^^ I did a little caravelle for an exhibition, and I wanted to show it to you. So first, let me present you the exhibition, click here to see it : I did the coastal village, the brillant castle you'll see on some photo has been built by Laurent T, another member of freelug Srsly though, this fortified village is epic ok the forum don't want me to post pictures with that extension, when it works well on other forums. this gallery is srsly lame, screw freelug :D Anyway, for this exhibition I quickly built a caravelle that I really liked, so here are some pictures of it : If you don't like it I officially hate you. Also, I thought I really should show you Laurent's part of the layout , as it was really outstanding, so there ya go : Image is a link to his freelug's gallery.
  4. Guss

    Medieval Caravelle.

    Legonardo : thanks a lot mate, but I don't think I should join one of the guilds, I don't have enough time to get involved in something like that, the port and the caravelle are my only MOCS of this year and I had to take some days off my job to complete them. Kabel : TILT THAT MAST NOW ! :D I like your little caravelle, looks simple but cool , and I wish I had these old hulls :/
  5. Guss

    Medieval Caravelle.

    Soccerkid6 : thanks ^^ the sails are from the imperial flagship, everything on this ship, string included, are official lego parts, no cut, nothing. I used to use custom strings and sails but now I tend to build with unmodified Lego parts only, it makes building a ship really challenging. Zcerberus : I like my black background :P in the diorama folder you have some picture of it on the diorama, without black background^^ tedbeard : thanks ^^ my first plan was to make it entirely reddish brown, but I realised it would look boring. so I added a color. Kabel : mine wasn't supposed to be historically accurate, it's kind of ok, but if you look at it stern, there is a HUGE WINDOW that couldn't exist in medieval time on a ship. But it was for a medieval-fantastic diorama so that's ok. Yours looks really nice, you worked hard to make a nice shape with shifted bricks, and the result is really cool. There is just one thing that bother me on most model I see, the masts are straight, I saw some medieval ships in real life as I said, and only a few had straight masts (maybe it's something about the Mediterranean ships I don't know ) , most had the front and read masts slightly tilted, I exaggerated it on mine, but they still are. (talking about ships that were around before the pirate era. ) I mean like this one : Ok I REALLY REALLY exaggerated it, but I like tilted mast, surely because I have a tilted mind :D Infernum : thanks for the ship, and thanks for the layout, I'll tell the others you like it ^^ I thought I really should show you Laurent's part of the layout , as it was really outstanding, so there ya go : Image is a link to his freelug's gallery.
  6. Guss

    Medieval Caravelle.

    thanks pif500 ^^ I actually used the hull part upside down in 2 previous mocs , an airship and a submarine. I like this combo. Kabel : could you please provide me a link to your take on a caravelle ? I can see the miniature on your signature but it's not a link to the whole model^^ actually I based mine on the memory I have of my childhood when I live near a port where some medieval ships used to stay for a while before going elsewhere. So I think yours must be more accurate, as I did mine without any research in a rush.
  7. I'm sorry the server where the image were had a huge problem and has been redone entirely, you can find the different images of this review here: I'm sorry I can't do better for you, as I don't have a lot of time.
  8. Guss

    Pirates 2

    guys... "pirates 2" isn't the name of it, if you browse through his Flickr, the third photo of the same fort is called "pirates 3" , it's just the numbers of the pictures..... It's just an unnamed pirate fort ^^
  9. Guss

    Brig "Admiral Forster"

    that's a really nice ship, and it cabin is wonderful ^^ detailed interior are the best !
  10. kinda hard to type with one arm!

  11. Guss

    Eurobricks Spaghetti Western Competition

    1 day is enough for me :P well more seriously, I hum... "dislocated" my wrist yesterday...( no bone broken but they kinda disassembled, like Lego bricks XD ), that means 2 months of having my arm in a cast + re-education... so I'm out :/ it's even quite hard to write with only one hand ^^
  12. damn another swiss afol ? I am looking for AFOL around Lausanne for 2 years now and I just found 2 ! XD
  13. Guss

    Eurobricks Spaghetti Western Competition

    It's been a long time since I participated in a EB contest, and I like the theme of this one, Do you already know what will be the deadline ? I might build something but It'll take me more than one month I think.
  14. Guss

    Steampunk Vehicles

    Hi everyone ! It's been a long time since I posted something on EB or even answered to a post, but I watch a lot of things on the forum, I just don't take the time to answer.. cause I'm quite busy since I got a job. But lately I'm on a steampunk mood, so I built some steampunk things and I thought it will be nice to share these creations with you. There we go, all image are link to the model gallery: L'aƩrocycle A little flying machine, you can call it the steampunk flying solex. The Skyhorse Originally it was supposed to be a kind of zeppelin, but ended as a .. whale ? This photoshop work was made by, as I was too lazy to do it. It's motorized, so here is the crappy video : Youtube The A.T.A.R It was a little challenge; build something whith 4 legs + steering, radio-controlled. I think it went well. A.T.A.R stands for : "All Terrain Artillery Railgun" , yes, a steampunk railgun is kinda weird, that's why it's awesome. Video, with super effect (ok that's bad XD ): Youtube Hope you liked it ! ^^
  15. Guss

    Steampunk Diorama

    Hello everyone! How are you ? hope you're fine. Well, I just came back from the French Comic con where Freelug, which I'm a member of, got a nice stand. On this stand, we had a nice Steampunk Diorama, made by Gyclore, Brickerik, Lthevenard, JYbrot and me. Gyclore had the idea to build a metallic structure to suspend our MOCS, so he built, and we suspended. Of course we didn't want it to be static so we kinda motorized what we could. Here is the Result : Full galery here : Click We, of course, took some video of it : My video, badly taken...sorry and here are the full galery : Mine on my website-On Freelug Brickerik's one on Freelug If you check the two galleries, you'll notice that that wasn't the only thing we had on the Stand. Tell me if you show interest to something I didn't do, I'll make another post, or tell the owner of the moc to do so ! Hope you enjoyed !
  16. Guss

    MOC: Steampunk Monorail

    I think it looks more Futuristic/cyberpunk that steampunk but that's a great moc anyway , and you stole my idea ! ( I don't know how did you do to read my mind but I was planning to build a steampunk monorail! one day or another) Oh, and the pillars are excellent too!
  17. Guss

    MOC: Steampunk War Tower

    that's huge ! and very nice^^ like it !
  18. Guss

    Steampunk Vehicles

    thanks, just do then ! ^^ Someone on the french forum Brickpirate asked me to make a video of the mechanism, so here it is : Just click if you want to see^^
  19. Guss

    Achermar starfighter

    Fantastic design, superbly built ( superbly ? does it exist XD ) , I love it!
  20. Guss

    MOC: AP17X Super Aries (C&C welcome)

    Interesting, I like it overall shape, and anyway Lego are supposed to be full of studs! ^^ one critic : you need bigger engines ! I think they look a little small for the size of the plane, but anyway, we always need bigger engines!
  21. Guss

    Steampunk Vehicles

    Daniel's Dad: thanks ^^ yep that was my little "challenge", use hulls for something else.. well, that's not exactly something else, but who cares! brickmack: Thanks, I was planning to "maybe" make an interior to it but as it was just built for an exhibition, and I didn't have the time for details, I abandoned the idea of having one. and now it's totally destroyed, so it will never have.. but I'm planning to re-use this technique for another "airship", with interior. So maybe there will be one in the Skyhorse Mark II ! ^^
  22. Guss

    Steampunk Diorama

    Thanks everyone ! Speedboat: the dummy's catapult was totally improvised
  23. Guss

    Steampunk Diorama

    Algernon: Thanks mate, the detail in question was made by Freelug's Member JYbrot. ^^ ZO6: thanks, I wanted to make better pictures, but that was kinda hard to photograph. Alexscammer: Thanks, how many time ? well we all built our islands/ships separately, so I don't really know, but to put all our moc on the display and attach them with wires it took us one afternoon and the following morning. ^^ Miss Kyle : thanks^^ that's the spirit! Sky of arcadia totally fits the theme ! -Zenn : thanks , just do something steamy then ! TooMuchCaffeine: thanks mate, I'll stay tuned on flickr to see that ! Captain Green Hair: thanks, I don't know what the guy was shooting at, this detail was made by Freelug's member Gyclore, he always build stuff like that ! Brickdoctor,Daniel's Dad ,Si-mocs: Thanks a lot guyz ^^
  24. Guss

    Steampunk Vehicles

    ahah thanks mate^^ just wait and see what I will post tonight now.. I think you'll love it^^