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    MOC pirate sloop. "Sabre des mers"

    thanks Mister Phes ^^ Next year i'm going to buy all the Pirates sets Lego will sell ^^ so I'll have some mast pieces, but actually i don't have any, I did my best to do a mast that do not look too Ugly, but that's not simple :/ I'm doing a little pirate Hideout and sails for my ship, so I'll post new pictures with the sails and the hideout, I think It will be finished by monday
  2. wow nice mocs ! it is possible to post a picture of the whole ship please, as Phred asked, I want to see the result and compare with the original^^
  3. Guss

    If Tomorrow Never Comes

    I love the tree! nice one.
  4. Guss

    Pirate hideout

    nice one^^ way better than the one I'm doing.
  5. Guss

    Police & Criminals Themed Chess Board

    very nice chessboard , a lot of details, and nice choice of figs for the pieces ^^ did you play chess with it ?
  6. Guss

    Hello everyone!

    White fang : thank you ^^ , yeah my mother sold it too... i didn't want to but i was not living at home anymore, she sold it without telling me... it was my favourite set ... Cardinal Brick : thanks ^^ yep I think I'm lucky too to get all these sets for free, of course there is a lot of little sets, but there is some nice one ( like the 6991 ) , I forgot to write it on my firt post but my girlfriend and me entered our collection on Brickset : and I recently bought 2 other sets :
  7. Guss

    Castaway t' Neverland

    amazing *_* I love it! it's wonderful, the crabs are superb !
  8. Guss

    The Police Get Tough

    yeahhh , nice car , I love it, it's really an aggressive 4wd !
  9. Guss

    my town

    je pense que tu n'as pas les pièces pour tout faire de la même couleur et c'est dommage, sinon c'est sympa comment tu dessine sur les murs pour faire des bouteilles ou des posters ^^ mais dis moi , j'suis un peu débile mais : qu'est ce que c'est ? @Lord Of Pies ^^you should have said : " j'adore l'atmosph
  10. Guss

    MOCs: Scooter Shops

    that's really some amazing shops, I Love these , each design is wonderful ! the "South Hovel" is so original!
  11. Guss

    Hello everyone!

    thanks for your welcome^^ I read some topic where peoples were discussing about " dark age" I was wondering what they meant, now I understand^^ yep I'm very impatient to buy some new nice ships , I really miss my Black Seas Barracuda ( 6285 ) I owned when I was still a kid.
  12. Guss

    MOC pirate sloop. "Sabre des mers"

    thanks a lot, bur I wasn't creative enough, I just saw some canons really better than mine on another post : I think it look really better with theses "wheels". I took a look at your castle, it's a very nice Moc, but isn't there some anachronism in the Minifigs you used ? ^^
  13. Guss

    The pirate ship Albatross

    nice ship, oDDerFisken is right when he says that the grey colour-scheme make it look like a castle, but I like it ^^ and sometimes we don't really have the choice of colours. I really love the way you built your canons, do you mind if I use the same for a MoC I'm doing ? ^^
  14. Guss

    La Mort Royale

    this is REALLY a nice ship, I love it.