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  1. Sebeus I

    Forbidden Oasis

    Which is precisely what I was going for That sunken statue is indeed a tribute to the original Adventurers theme.
  2. Sebeus I

    Forbidden Oasis

    Thank you for the nice comments! The première was actually two weeks ago, on an exhibition event (BrickMania Antwerp). @Maxim I supplied a modest extension to the diorama which can be found here. A great contribution. The airships in this picture are by @Captain Braunsfeld by the way. They are gears actually, this part to be exact. Or perhaps you meant the upper/lowermost part? Those would be these parts.
  3. Once upon a time in Egypt... I proudly present my latest creation :) I've been wanting to build something in the adventurers theme like forever and now that it's finished I don't really know what to say so I'll let the pictures do the talking. As to not overflow this topic with too many pictures I hid some in a spoiler. And I still didn't manage to get everything in there that I wanted, should have built it three times this size for that.
  4. Oh, these are oldies! I like them! The grille is particularly effective I'm quite involved with Volvo Trucks and I really appreciate seeing these legends in the brick. Not so long ago I made a new FH in the same scale, if your interested (link)
  5. Nice, I like the greenery, really adds some color to the scene. This will fit nicely in the Egypt layout .
  6. Sebeus I

    [MOC] Trading Ship

    Thank you, Alas, I no longer seem to have the LDD file. It was originally uploaded on mocpages but since that website went down the files were lost. I do still have the MOC although I can't remember where I've put it.
  7. Sebeus I

    [VIDEO] HMS Victory at BrickFair Virginia 2021

    That is remarkable indeed, what a feat! Great job!
  8. Sebeus I

    75060 - UCS Slave I MOD/MOC

    Thank you, I'm afraid I didn't keep track of the changes, it wasn't very practical because most of the adaptations didn't work the first time. I might at some point create some kind of instructions, when it's completely finished perhaps. While I certainly agree that the stabiliser wing anchorages could use some work, I'm not very keen on losing the 1/4 circle slopes in order to create that cavity. But it is an interesting modification nonetheless. Thanks for sharing, I'll see what I can come up with for this area... That is strange indeed, I thought I had it on "private" on youtube so it could only be viewed via this page . What you're trying to do seems a bit cumbersome, a little dust is easily taken care of with a big soft paintbrush. I don't have a part list unfortunately. I would encourage building the original set first, that way you'll have a better understanding about what the possibilities are and who knows, you might come up with some other solutions.
  9. Sebeus I

    [WIP] Full Hull Battleship

    Perhaps . I've built one a very long time ago. Thanks! Actually she's less smooth than the previous version, which had half plate offsets as well. But the curve is a lot better. I want cannons, as much as possible!
  10. Thanks guys! That is correct, those and the top part of the cup are fixed in place with friction alone. I try to avoid this as much as possible but for some designs there's really no alternative. I'm working on a large Egyptian scene but decided to post this fragment separately because it doesn't match with the style and scale of the rest of the scene.
  11. Sebeus I

    [WIP] Full Hull Battleship

    If you consider the bowsprit, yes. A hull length to beam ratio of around 1/4 is good for a heavy battleship. I plan to have 4 studs spacing between gun ports, that would allow for a single deck broadside of 15 cannon. I did consider a 3-stud spacing, which would allow an gunline counting 18 cannon but it's not my intention to cram in as much cannon as I can . 4 stud spacing is fine. As the ship will have at least 2 dedicated gun decks, that amounts to 60 cannon already. There's some serious firepower coming this way .
  12. Sebeus I

    [WIP] Full Hull Battleship

    This project actually started around 9 years ago... So a few weeks ago I began anew. Since I no longer have the ambition to build a Black Pearl I went a little bigger with this one. I did not use half plate offsets like I did on the previous ship, to keep it simple. This results in the curvature looking a bit rough, especially at bow and aft. Since it's completely black I don't think that will be of much concern. A brown/reddish brown/dark brown hull is the dream but given the amount of slopes required, it just wouldn't be affordable. For the superstructure I will recycle my unfinished Lucretia II (second version of Lucretia), the big red one in the back of the picture; That one wasn't going to work out anyway, feel free to disagree but it is my feeling that a prefab hull just isn't suited to support complete double gun deck ships. I won't attempt that again at least. With a beam of 26 studs and a keel length of 100 studs, this ship will be the biggest one I've ever built. In terms of prefab hull reference she'll be the equivalent of a 9-midsection ship. Unlike the previous version, there will be no hold interior, the main reason for that is that, because of accessibility issues on a complex ship like this, it would simply be a waste of parts as no one would ever get to see that interior anyway. I decided to use the lower hold area for more structural reinforcements. The whole hull is a shell resting on the keel and supported by a series of bulkheads throughout the length of the ship. I'm currently looking into some weak parts on the aft but for the rest it is pretty sturdy already. I'm out of SNOT bricks for the moment, to complete the lower bulkheads but the plan is to completely close off the lower hold with the orlop deck (except for a few openings for the masts). While it would be perfectly possible to build interior on the orlop deck, I won't waste parts on that, given previously mentioned reason. A few planks in the center with a ladder to the gun deck at most. I haven't decided yet whether there will be 2 or 3 dedicated gun decks, I think she's a bit on the small side to become a 1st rate but we'll see how it evolves.
  13. Sebeus I

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    Oh yes! The moment I saw that set I knew what to do with it.
  14. Not as interesting as the front, although perhaps it is for anyone who'd want to replicate it I guess .
  15. Sebeus I

    75060 - UCS Slave I MOD/MOC

    Thank you, the angled wedge bricks for the skirt I'm definitely going to look into.