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  1. Vicmackey80

    Nice Day For A Swim

    Great Work!
  2. Vicmackey80

    [Flickr find] HMS Virtue

    Great work, nice colour!
  3. Vicmackey80

    MOC: Pirate ship Irukandji

    Sorry, i wrong a post in the pirate forum. This is my ship and relative gallery: :-)
  4. Vicmackey80

    MOC: Pirate Ship "Irukandji"

    Front: The "polena": The first deck: The door of the captain cabin: The tree: The anchor: The officers: Captain Blackjack: Commander deck: The back: Engraving name: The jolly Roger: Open the ship: The kitchen: The kitchen2: The second deck: The prison: The 2nd hold: The rum room: The captain cabin: I hope appreciate all pics!
  5. Vicmackey80

    MOC: Pirate Ship "Irukandji"

    170C Hi friends! Yesterday i finish my pirate ship, the Irukandji (name of the dangerous jelly fish). It's posible open the ship (with a LEGO modular buildings system) and visit into the Irukandji Name: Irukandji Cannons:18 Crew: 16 (four officers, 12 sailors, 1 prisoner) Visitable area: captain cabin, the rum room (a crew relax space), the hold, the deck, the prison and the Kitchen! Commander: Capitan Blackjack Hawkins (yes, the pirate of the Redbeard's crew) Start works: september 2014 Finish works: December 2014
  6. Vicmackey80

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    ..but the new pirates theme don't exit in January..when is the official month of the exit???
  7. Vicmackey80

    Which LEGO Pirate captain is your favorite?

    Redbeard is the king of LEGO pirates.. The most cool captain is Davy Jones!
  8. Vicmackey80

    LEGO Ideas Project - Skull Cove: Redbeard's Return The governor is not most similar.. Redbeard and Bo sun are very similar.. Love the cook!
  9. Vicmackey80

    LEGO Ideas Project - Skull Cove: Redbeard's Return

    Great idea..the real and unique captain is Redbeard... I hope in a new series.. But i wrong or the new captain of Brick Bounty of january 2015 is very similar at old Redbeard?
  10. Vicmackey80

    Santa Catalina's Fortress

    Excellet diorama..i whatch the pics from 2 hours and i find new particoular every minute! GREAT!
  11. Vicmackey80

    [MOC] My Black Pearl

    Great solutions for realized the "REAL" Black pearl..very nice! Vista dal vivo a Lecco..complimenti!
  12. Vicmackey80

    Little spanish Fort on a small island

    Very nice MOC, some pieces but great result! Congratulations!!!
  13. Vicmackey80

    Model Expo Italy 2014 - Verona

    New site: New mail: See you soon on MODEL EXPO ITALY 2014
  14. Vicmackey80

    10243 Parisian Restaurant

    I don't watch the SEAGULL in the pics..where is it?
  15. Vicmackey80

    Piazza Erbe of Verona

    coming soon to Denmark!