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  1. Is coming back, and is coming back Big

  2. lego fox

    3D Printing

    it would be nice to make parts that you do not have, do not exist, or are modified from normal pices. I know that I would print out if I had the space and set up full ship halls and aircraft wings, but not really bulk parts.
  3. lego fox

    Which LEGO Pirate captain is your favorite?

    Captain Roger/Redbeard all the way
  4. lego fox

    info needed

    Lego Fox hear, I started werking on my big balsawood lego boat agen,and I was wondering if any one would know if the yard arms on sailing ships were wrapped with rope to prevent splitting?
  5. I'm posistive were all thinking it, but I'm just going to say it. I want every thang, all the bricks, prints, and colors that the Lego company has ever used and produced.
  6. lego fox

    The Thomas Ledoux

    [pid][/pid] LDD 9B I dont have much to say about this one I'm just interrested in some feed back on the deasing, and I appolijize about the spelling. My link
  7. lego fox

    The Phoenix

    Dood every one at sea will see you cumming and know to get the heck out of the way. I cant whate to see it when your done.
  8. lego fox

    The Sea Duck

    Ahoy there every one, I wonted to share my newest project The Sea Duck. I’ve bean wonting to build a Junk for a wile now and this is what I wound up with, and believe it or not when I finished hear she would have bean available for perches, if I had a grand lying around any way. Well I’ll be shoveling off now Hope you injoy. See more hear
  9. lego fox

    Who's at war with who?

    My allies are those who I chows and my enemy’s are the same. Pirates ,Merchants ,Spaniards ,Mermaids ,Privateers, ,British ,French ,Blue Coats ,Red Coats, and all others I will befriend only if it soit's my needs. Me and my crew sail under are own flag. A pirate we will be called, but as you squander your plunder on pleasurable company, we will continuousley grow stronger. As the grate sea powers of the world send ships to destroy us those same ships will be turned upon there previous owners. A pirate’s life it will be for us but we have plans for sum thing more then a short and merry one.
  10. lego fox

    F4U Corsair

    I give you the Chance Vought F4U Corsair. On day I just desided to bild my faveret aircraft of WW2 and this is what I got. I hope you injoy it. to see more click hear
  11. lego fox

    The A-Z of things to build

    A randoum thought can leed to a thousand ideays. A simmpel image, commercial, TV show, or movie can be the spark that starts a projeckt. All I need is that one thang that gets my over active immagination going and thers no stopping it.
  12. lego fox

    Photos of your Pirate LEGO Collection

    do you meen the one with the green deck? if so click hear
  13. lego fox

    Photos of your Pirate LEGO Collection

    I prosent the grand fleet of The Lego Fox click to get a closer look
  14. lego fox

    HMS Beagle

    I thought that 1/30 th scale was minefig scale and not 1/40 th scale? I baced that on my minyfigs fite grate in models that scale.