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  1. I've realized that the vast majority of my collection is comprised of white bricks. Am I setting myself up for disaster a few years down the road? I know most of my pre-2000's Lego is borderline unusable because of the significant change in colour. Is there still a yellowing effect on white bricks made recently?
  2. Black Rabbit

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    The truck is pretty uninspiring as far as selection goes. Lots of those same pieces have been on the wall at my store for months now as left overs from other models. Is the second model going to be released at the same time or is it just the truck that we can expect for most stores?
  3. Black Rabbit

    Vulture - MechWarrior 4

    Mechwarrior 4 Vulture. 22.5 cm tall. Upper leg and front sloped armour designs based on Brick Commanders model: http://www.brickcomm.../vultureMW4.htm
  4. Black Rabbit

    Question: What term do we all call ourselves?

    I'm a FLLM. Free Loading LUG Member.
  5. Black Rabbit

    Yahoo may be selling Flickr

    It would be a real shame if the Flickr Lego community fell apart. It caused a renaissance in my skills as a builder. I don't think i'd ever go back to Brickshelf or Mocpages. Maybe Deviantart or google+ ?
  6. The last two times I have ordered Power Functions parts from S@H I have received the wrong item. First time I ordered a battery box and instead was sent a Lego City playmat. Second time I ordered a IR reciever and instead was sent a battery box. Both times customer service has been lovely and sent the correct item in priority mail. I'm curious if this is just an issue with Power Functions and the way they are handled in the warehouse or if it happens this often with other items as well?
  7. Black Rabbit

    2016 Lego trains

    It most likely won't become a set. At least thats what happens with every project I like on Lego Ideas.
  8. Black Rabbit

    Do modern white bricks still turn yellow?

    I've heard from a couple people that it can give the bricks a slightly rough texture. Is that true?
  9. Black Rabbit

    2016 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Thought the same as soon as I saw them too. Mobile base and the drill vehicle are quite similar to what we already got. They're nice though. I'm digging the new excavator. The volcano "mole hill" is just a display piece for the show.
  10. Black Rabbit

    2016 Lego trains

    Photo of the new friends roller coaster on the bottom of the page. We'll take what we can get I guess!
  11. Black Rabbit

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Calgary Lego store has the new selection in stock. Picked up a cup packed with 1x2 light grey. Probably going to pick up a few more. Everything on the wall is actually useful for once.
  12. Black Rabbit

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Using a set of measuring spoons I found the following: Volume of Small PaB cup = 2.25 cups = 532.3235 Ml Cheese slopes able to fit in a teaspoon = 13 48 teaspoons in a cup. 48 x 13 x 2.25 = 1404 cheese slopes in a small cup. Volume of a large cup is almost exactly twice that of a small cup. 1404 x 2 = 2808 Cheese slopes in a large cup. Cheese slopes able to fit inside lid stud = approx 70 Approximate amount of cheese slopes able to fit inside large PaB cup = 2878 With proper packing I'm sure you could round that number up to 2900.
  13. Black Rabbit

    Part of my upcoming train layout.

    The muted colours and lighting give it a very eerie feeling. I love the view from the wooden bridges. Looking forward to seeing more.
  14. Black Rabbit

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Found them on the Lego Stores page. Some sweet parts in there. Lots of grey for castles and white curved slopes which I regret paying a small fortune for on bricklink.
  15. Black Rabbit

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    One of the new models is on next months calendar. A small blue and white plane. Some okay pieces on it but nothing to run home about. Calendar- No idea what the second model is.
  16. Black Rabbit

    Inconsistency with Power Functions order accuracy

    Both orders were made in the months before Christmas during double VIP points.
  17. Black Rabbit

    LEGO sets: Has it become like booking tickets for a concert?

    Much like tickets, once the sets are sold out "scalpers" will post on Kijiji or craigslist asking ridiculous marked up prices.
  18. Black Rabbit

    Double VIP points and free shipping Nov 21st

    Took advantage of the free shipping to buy a single $3.99 power functions extension wire. Big purchase.
  19. Black Rabbit

    Pure display train cases.

    Nice display cases. I wouldn't really see myself using them though. The case prevents me from fiddling around with the trains on my desk which kinda defeats the purpose.
  20. Black Rabbit

    Electrifying plastic track

    That's the only real solution a lot of the time. It just kinda sucks that the train will have to constantly be attached to that specific car. Visible wires going between the two cars is a eyesore as well. Whats the life expectancy on 9volt motors and other components? Is it worth switching over for the long term?
  21. Black Rabbit

    Electrifying plastic track

    What was the life expectancy of the track? I've been considering getting into 9-volt with this technique. I find it hard to embrace power functions when the battery box severely limits possible designs for small trains.
  22. Black Rabbit

    2015 LEGO Trains?

    I'm starting to warm up to this train now knowing that its cheaper. It can be pretty tough to get into trains without buying a set first because of all the electronics and track. How viable is selling individual train engines and cars if the theme becomes popular again?
  23. Black Rabbit

    A little article on Yahoo

    The old "hotter than the sun" light bulbs aren't really in use anymore. Why would the Lego lampshade be a fire hazard? Only thing I would be worried about is how fragile and heavy it would be.
  24. Black Rabbit

    2015 LEGO Trains?

    If a claim doesn't come with proof or from a well known source I'm going to doubt it. But now after some delay he has given us pictures and life is wonderful.
  25. Black Rabbit

    2015 LEGO Trains?

    I'm not confident in believing they actually have the Heavy Haul Train in stock. We haven't gotten any box pictures of the set or new information for a long time. Did you take pictures?