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  1. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    If any UKers are interested I have a big lot of spare bricks that I'll never need and are just taking up space. Just pay postage (should be £2.90), or I'm looking for the Shades, Chrome Mark 42, and KF906 Iron Man suits if anyone has spares. Send me a PM and I'll reply ASAP
  2. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    Don't suppose anyone in the UK has a spare Iron Man Mark 15 Sneaky figure? Mine came with very wonkily printed eyes... I have a fair few spare Iron Men bits so I'm happy to trade for just the helmet. Got a big ol' wish list of other things I'm after:
  3. Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Nope! I got lucky last year and got several sets of Batman capes and undead soldier capes from LotR. Worth checking! Got about 30 LotR eagles for 5p each as well
  4. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Adore the Republic Fighter Tank. As it is probably my favourite EU/PT vehicle and I already have two of the last one, I'll have to get at least two of these as well. The Clone Gunner is fantastic, wish there was a second included! Aayla is gorgeous, hope she has a double sided face with a calm expression. Transformation set is good too though it's a shame Palps isn't a new figure based off his more red RotS costumes. All TFA sets are poor (I'd never like them anyway as I though the film was crap) apart from a figure or two e.g. Guavians, and a couple of new pieces like the riot shield and trans clear wings. The Quadjumper is a stupid set to make when they haven't covered half the material in AotC... I can see that sitting on shelves for the next five years in the discount section. The calendar has no PT things in there so I'll skip it unless it goes on sale. Freemakers sets offer a couple of great new figures! Intrigued by the hunter droid and McQuarrie. Bounty Hunters set is a good little pack, though I would have preferred a larger build with the same figures and a new battle pack instead with trooper types we haven't been able to get easily in large quantities yet e.g. 501st /327th legions and other Clone units, revamped Rebel Fleet Troopers etc... All in all I'll probably get the three smaller sets and Bricklink any other things that interest me. Gotta save up for the Superhero stuff! EDIT: Just noticed Aayla's other face. Fantastic!
  5. Some Rude Moderators?

    As you said yourself, the SW forum is not 'pretty'. I hardly post on EB anymore because of the sorts of things these mods have to deal with every day, despite numerous warnings to stop. The level of 'discussion' in the rumour thread is incredibly annoying, and people get away with far too much IMO. Simply using google, the front page of the topic containing information, taking a few minutes to read previous pages or use the search function, or realising life isn't about having a high post count or when you can buy a LEGO set would cut down the number of pages in the thread by half. IMO what Stash said was completely fair, and tbh I'm very surprised some obvious repeat offenders haven't been banned yet. Some members have even been lucky enough to be going in and out of the chamber a couple of times without being banned. I remember back in the day that when people were put in the chamber once, they changed for good or didn't come back. It's clearly not due to the mods, but the people posting. People nowadays don't seem to listen unless it's a hard warning or threat, I'm sure there were at least three warnings prior to Stash's post from other mods. It must be very frustrating to deal with this sort of behaviour on a forum meant for AFOLs. I know if I was a moderator the ban hammer would be coming down hard, but that's why I'll never be a moderator.
  6. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    Awesome! :) Dropping you a PM!
  7. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    Hmm, maybe I won't bother then. What stores do you guys recommend that always have good shipping times and good quality figures? You are experts compared to me! Basically trying to get all the Iron Man and Batman variants as well as anything else that looks good! Off the top of my head and a quick google I need SY605, Igor, Bleeding Edge, Mark 3, and the new Decool chrome ones. Pretty sure I have a spare set of SY262 if anyone wants to trade? Edit: Also just remembered that I have a massive amount of spare minifigure parts (arms, hands, legs, bases etc) from whatever sets I got last time
  8. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    Typical... spent ages adding items to the basket and I've been after most of them for ages Care to elaborate a bit? Did the order not arrive or something? Anyone else had similar issues?
  9. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    Anyone ordered from the store TreasureCase on AliExpress? Thinking about placing an order from them, but I can't see if any of the feedback is from people in the UK...
  10. Star Wars Prequels: Good or Bad?

    I don't see what this thread really adds to SW discussion. This has been debated endlessly elsewhere and in the Star Wars thread. As I said there last time this came up, on other forums you would be shunned for making this post. It just encourages silly negativity, emotions, and overused, frequently disproved, arguments. But against my better judgement I voted anyway... I laughed when I saw 'should Disney remake the Prequels'. I mean seriously? The majority of SW fans and general public don't give a damn about gripes some people have with those movies, and neither does Disney/Lucasfilm. They bought the property as a whole and it is one Saga, like it or not it always will be, and it will be treated as one unified story. All the references in Rebels, TFA, Comics, and RO wouldn't be there if they thought otherwise. We wouldn't have all this new Star Wars without them. So a silly question, no offence. Overused CGI? Have you seen RO and TFA? Have you seen other recent movies (that wouldn't look so amazing if the PT hadn't done so first)? Would you rather obviously fake puppets/matte paintings/bad blue screen? Bad acting? Have you really watched the OT and new films? Have you seen other movies? They aren't all stellar either. Please look on other sites like jedicouncilforums if you want to appreciate these films for what they are, talk with people who have watched the films hundreds of times, and enjoy Star Wars as a whole - these sorts of topics/discussion seem to be unnecessary afterwards. People need to just get over it and move on, and if they are wondering things similar to you they should just look up the discussion elsewhere instead of beginning another. What matters is we are very lucky to have such a massive universe of lore to be interested in (and more than half of that is thanks to the PT). If more thought that way, this fandom wouldn't be considered one of the worst (if not the worst).
  11. Star Wars

    This has to be one of the best pieces of comedy I've read, so many good jokes! Seriously though, great job to once again derail the thread into bashing, after multitudes of the previously valid points (for and against all SW) that others have made coherently and maturely, without ridiculously exaggerated (and clearly misguided) accusations - not arguments. It would help a bit adding an 'I think' or 'IMO' here and there. Honestly, it doesn't even matter to me that it's the PT you're bashing, it could be the OT/ST/EU for all I care. IMO the sort of reply you have posted is what drives this fan base to be one of the most disliked. It comes across all kinds of stupid and bait-ish, and would probably get you timed-out/banned on quite a few SW-only forums... if anyone paid any attention to such a post - plus it really ticks me off. Meh, your loss I suppose. Not going any further with this on here anyway, I feel like I've wasted my time responding already. Anyway, I saw a couple of hilarious Star Wars memes that came up the other day that I'd never seen before. Really made me chuckle: Also, anyone seen this old video game concept art for Kenobi if he fell to the dark side? Wish they had made an else-world sort of game which involved that. So I present a what-if scenario to discuss: if Obi Wan and Yoda (or just Yoda) had gone to Anakin first, could they have talked him down? And if Yoda had let Obi Wan fight Sidious, would Kenobi be turned instead? Probably not, but fun to think about or speculate on Honestly, while Anakin had fallen so deep into the dark side at that point, I could see Yoda+Kenobi+Padme combined as being able to at least reason with him (though he wouldn't be redeemed, he would not stay a Sith). I think the crucial moment is in Palpatine's office however, and if Anakin had instead sided with Mace. I would guess at that point Sidious would either retreat or kick their butts. As a side note, I had another thought about the emphasis on Anakin being the Chosen One in the films. I think that is really one of the main reasons he acts the way he does. He is told from the start he will change the ENTIRE galaxy for the better, which is obviously an enormous responsibility and has many effects of the psyche. I don't blame him for getting mad at his mentors holding him back, after being told he will fulfil such a prophecy, and therefore loosing control in the wrong manner as opposed to being taught how to channel it. In a way I think the Council didn't really know how to handle him!
  12. Star Wars

    In a way I wish I could have been there to see when it all started, because the many feats and the hype the original films achieved is astounding. Not sure how it was in the UK though, but I'm sure it was crazy in the US. I'm very happy to have grown up with the Prequels though; the opening scene to RotS will always make me tear-up! The PT was insanely popular and hyped with my generation too, I think it was easy for the older fans and criticisers to not see that, which is a shame. I'm glad so many people love TFA, even though I am not as fond of it as I would like to be. But hey, at least all the movies have greatly touched each generation, and while there are arguments, there is nothing that everyone whole heartedly agrees is awful!
  13. Star Wars

    Sure, the trading stuff wasn't for you, but I don't think that doesn't make it ridiculous for those aspects to be liked by many others? The reason to dislike the Federation is because they are using taxes and a very visible blockade to subjugate an entire populace, and they are very quickly established as being supported by the Sith (Sidious/Emperor). Yeah the accents should have been not so obviously stereotyped, but at the end of the day the Imperial Officers were very English sounding but us Brits don't complain about being the bad guys! Honestly I never really took them as sides we needed to be fully invested in until the Clone Wars series came out, initially to me The Clone Wars was the horrible (though visually stunning) situation the Jedi found themselves in, the instrument to their downfall and the rise of the Sith. It was always going to end badly, but why not explore it further and know how it went so wrong? The same goes for the ST - something else will always go tits-up, but why explore that? The reason is they both expand on the characters established in the OT, and it doesn't matter if it's not done the way some people expected - it's George Lucas' story and we are lucky we have gotten what we have and most people enjoy them for what they are. And the Clones are a representation of the galactic situation - shiny, modern, seemingly honourable, but deeply corrupt and governed by darker powers unbeknownst to the majority (and themselves). Clones also speak like individuals, albeit the same person. They are also respectable and understandable, loyal to their fellow troopers (you didn't see that with Stormies), and obey orders which they are taught (or as we learn later, modified) to believe for the good of the Republic. They are born to be soldiers, most Stormtroopers were not. RE them being the same masks/face... I'm pretty sure that sort of idea was established in ANH when Obi Wan talks about the Republic and says 'Clone Wars'. You yourself has raised the moral dilemma, and we are having the discussion intended right now - are they individuals with souls, or not at all? I would say not the latter. The fact they name themselves and change their armour makes them more individual in a way than the Stormtroopers. Though, that was the point, to show how Palpatine unified and at the same time took individuality away (from not just the 'servants', but the galaxy). Ouch I personally rather fabricated but realistic and visually new/alien sets over blatant puppets and Earthly 'practical' locations. There aren't many practical locations you could use for the environments in the PT that are not Earth like ones. I dunno, I've seen enough to know how much they used and that IMO it was good stuff, fair enough if they were not as good as you would have liked, though I strongly disagree from the many images and clips I have seen. I think if Lucas and the marketing team hadn't just focussed so much on pushing the CG and had also promoted all the practical effects they used as well, this go-to antiPT argument probably wouldn't come up so often. Unfortunately for a lot of your points, canon does matter. And yes I will 'claim' that. They are good films. They are not bad movies. That is my opinion. If you went by the ratings counted by people who care enough to vote (lets face it, that isn't that may considering how many have seen the movies), they are at the least average. I remember seeing a few articles on how the PT were rated about equal to how the OT was rated when that came out, how accurate that was I don't know but it didn't surprise me - the OT has many flaws too and they are all very different to the norm films. ?! I don't see how there is anything wrong with Palpatine's scheming. He did that in the OT the whole time as well, though we didn't see it. The disbanding of the Senate, managing to secretly build a second Death Star, then hiding the fact that it was operational etc etc. If anything it showed to me how much of a badass and formidable opponent he is. The fact he did it so efficiently showed how much the Jedi were losing their path in more ways than one. That leads into the prophecy of the Chosen One - to anyone outside, it obviously means the Jedi will be wiped out to match with the Sith's number of two, but the Jedi are so assured of themselves they can't see that. Erm, I don't think that was what most people took from the films, and I never took it that way. Luke shoots two missiles into a shaft that leads the reactor, which makes it blow up. That's like saying if I shot a gas tank with a gun, I'm not responsible even though I made two attempts to aim and destroy it. And sure, it was for the greater good, but at what costs? Sure, the principles of the DS was very very bad, and it was run and occupied by many bad guys, and it was going to destroy the planet the Rebels are based on, but that's still a truly massive loss of life no matter if they are guilty, ignorant, or innocent. I dunno, they really do skip over that and Leia's reaction to Alderaan's destruction. @Armstong Yong - Yeah I understand that, but just because the puppets and animatronics/models used in the OT are real doesn't exactly make them realistic, to me anyway. Sure, they're 'real', but not as realistic and as open to the expansion CGI provides. It's a silly and overused argument, as the same can be said for so many movies. The fact the actors were not directed as well as they should have been is not the fault of the greenscreen and CGI, it's the unfortunate coincidence and the fault of Lucas and mainly his 'yes-men'. In the situations in the PT where the actors are in 'real' places, is the acting really any better for those who are bothered by it and would use that argument? E.g. Tatooine, Naboo lakes etc. Things change, and the change in Star Wars helped all movies in general. @Forresto - Yeah it could have focussed more on Obi Wan, but then it wouldn't have shown Anakin's personal battles he fought and lost on his fall to the dark side. I could really see people complaining about that, if it had focused more on Kenobi. It is the Skywalker story, after all. And yeah, the Jedi really were going down the wrong path. Like Yoda says in Rebels, 'In our arrogance, joined the conflict swiftly, we did. Anger, and hate. Consumed by the Dark Side, the Jedi were.', and that even he did not see how they were wrong. Some good posts on Anakin's fall I've seen, and great reads: http://thepsychologyofdarthvader.tumblr.com/post/58584132014/the-psychology-of-darth-vader-entry-two-august http://daretotouchthebutt.blogspot.com/2014/08/anakin-skywalker-slavethe-victim-killer.html
  14. Star Wars

    Surely that's to be expected when it's a galactic wide conflict and the droids are also an endless mass? The same goes for Stormtroopers - they are an endless mass, do things without question, and are just faceless bad guys (who also suck at their job, unlike Clones). Even the Rebel soldiers, while not faceless, most we see lack any character and are basically extras. All the armies in Star Wars are that way, because if they spent time delving into individual characters we would have 20+ movies before the ST. And who cares that real people didn't play them in costume - they look real, and shouldn't make a difference. They also need to look the same, being Clones and all... Besides, most were motion captured by Tem Morrison or other actors. Does it matter that background Stormtroopers were played by extras but they didn't really do anything, or that scenes with large amounts of Stormies (e.g. Emperor's Arrival) was a painting with SFX on top? If CGI existed back in the days of the OT, it would have been used extensively there too. No one complains about the uses of CGI in other modern 'masterpieces' which look worse than the Prequels, or the abundance of models and paintings used in the OT. The CGI was groundbreaking, and we wouldn't have the films we have today without those advances made in the PT. Besides, the amount of practical effects used in the PT is quite large too. Check out the thread on Jedi Council Forums! Pretty cool stuff. R.E. Jedi. The Jedi don't have time to question it as much as they should, that's the whole point and why Palpatine schemed it that way. They get rushed into accepting it because they cannot win the war on their own - the battle in the Arena proved that. The Force isn't on their side from the start, and the fact they rush in and are forced to accept it means Palpatine has already won (which we knew he would do anyway). The following events leading up to RotS are him cementing his position as Chancellor, twisting Anakin to be his next apprentice, and choosing which army he will use. And regarding the morals of Jedi/Clones... do any of the Rebels question destroying Death Stars which probably had many innocent people on board, and a probably many soldiers who did not understand what they were truly doing? Nope, they just blew them up because 'bad-guys'. You should watch the Clone Wars, where all these things you raised are explored extensively and are cannon - like it or not. And about the droids... maybe the B1s are weak cannon fodder like Stormtroopers (who get beaten by tiny Ewoks with pebbles and sticks...), but you're forgetting the B2s and Droidekas. Mass produced cheap droid units are going to not be very good at withstanding blaster fire, but their sheer numbers overwhelm the enemy. The additional support of stronger units (as demonstrated in specific scenes in each PT film) make the droid army a very large threat. That's the one, thanks Forresto! I remember it included Outbound Flight and Thrawn but wasn't sure how it all linked together! Jake Lloyd as Anakin in Episode I was fantastic, but unfortunately bullying from fanboys and others seems to have greatly contributed to his current condition. Really pathetic stuff seeing as he did better than most other children ever would (he was definitely better than Portman). Regarding Jar Jar, yeah he really isn't as bad as people make out (the same goes for the movie). In a way as a character he is better morally that many others like C3-PO. I'd rather an innocent bumbling fool alien with solidly good intentions on my team opposed to a bumbling fool droid who is quite a coward, and annoyingly sassy (though he does mean well, he's a bit of a douche about it). In fact, my girlfriend watched the films with me for the first time just before TFA came out, and she couldn't stand C3-PO! She preferred the PT in the end as well.