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  1. Flieger

    Sardaukar Minifig (Dune 2021)?

    Thanks for the input, guys!
  2. Flieger

    Sardaukar Minifig (Dune 2021)?

    Hello there, I think most of us can agree the new Dune adaption is stunning. Has anybody a good idea how to do purist minifig of the Sardaukar? Thanks for your ideas!
  3. Flieger

    (MOC) Stormtrooper Memorial

    Impressive in its quiet beauty and style, not to mention the build technique. Just fabulous. I almost wish this was an official set.
  4. Well said, sir. Even if we were talking about a children's toy - a premise which I, as a teacher surrounded by kids, have hard time accepting! Certainly not in terms of UCS anyway - Lego is still the Rolex of children's toys. Their own aspirations say as much. Nobody buying a Rolex would say "oh, the indices are misaligned, nobody will notice". True, the vast majority of people will not notice, watch enthusiasts however do. Same here. I am not sure if the designers are the problem though. There might be strict guidelines in terms of part usage, manpower/manhour invested in the design process etc. determining the end result more than the skill or vigor of the designer. I mean, I cannot imagine any professional to be happy about his Lego contribution being marginally modified Snowspeeder No217 ...
  5. I am a PT fan myself and as such I hope for its success, too. I also I don' think there is anything trivial about a 350€ set. It needs to be perfect in everything and every way possible as far as brickbuilds and minifigs can be perfect. 'Good enough' does not cut it at 350€. This is also Lego's own standard. The people are clones. Their gear is notably different. This set is not aimed at kids or casual fans. I would argue there is a sizeable group among the target audience is capable of making a difference between a commander and a pilot. (And I would not underestimate kids or casuals in that regard either, that seems rather depreciative). Also, is ridiculing and name calling now a thing here? Must be the toxic fans people keep talking about...
  6. The Solo line is a bit of an outlier: 12 new moulds were made for it. That's more than TLJ and TRoS combined (5 and 6, respectively). And beautiful moulds, too. Think about the Patrol Trooper helmet. It is not easy to understand in hindsight since Patrol Troopers and Range Troopers have one scene each. But the designers said they hoped for more screentime (in fact, they said they were happy that the Patrol Troopers were not cut entirely). Apparently the production of this movie was a real mess not just for the filmmakers. I find it fascinating when glimpses of the frustration break through even in highly controlled marketing material... but let's stay on target: Solo got a lot new moulds, and we would not expect that again any time soon.
  7. Crosshair looks like a good proto-Death Trooper or Death Trooper leader. The figures in general are well done. I am just worried the canopy looks like it uses stickers, and I hate applying stickers to big rounded pieces...
  8. The toy companies themselves have agendas when "saying" something. And "saying" in that context usually means carefully crafted press releases intend on keeping good relations with Disney and painting a success story, even if there was no success. That's how those things work. The fact that one company openly addressed the lack of interst in the ST is stunning in and of itself. It is also one of the few hard facts ever provided regarding the popularity of ST toys relative to other eras, even if it cannot be applied 100% to Lego. It is ok to state a lack of evidence when it comes to ST era merch selling less than that of other eras, as long as one keeps in mind the evidence for the opposite is even thinner. Again, time will tell. Also, it is plain wrong to dismiss the possibility summarily, and not just for ontological reasons.
  9. I guess it is because some are not as sure as you are. Lego had 16 years to give us a P2 minifig Commander Cody and did not. After such a long time, people jump at any set that might include him and simply hope it does. Of course there is no definite proof because this is not the stuff any company would make public. This could damage business relations and appear rather unprofessional. Thus it was actually stunning to me when Diamond toys openly stated there was no demand for sequel characters. You can also read between the lines when Hasbro releases a number of 50th LFL anniversary figures, including OT, PT, TCW, R1 and even EU ...but the ST is not there. Maybe Lego faces a different situation but just as there is confirmation about the failure of ST sets, there is no confirmation about their success. The next years will be quite telling because the ST is still fresh and the PT fans are only beginning to come out of their dark age. When they start rediscovering Lego, I doubt they will turn to the ST.
  10. Love this ship, great job! This makes we want to buy another spice freighter.
  11. It is also good for those who start with Lego Star Wars, or come back to it after a long time. It is pretty much what you want from an Imperial Tie. Perhaps another crewman would be nice... I for one hope the Tie pilot is special, e.g. Squadron's based, but that seems unlikely. Also, a new Imperial Tie pilot helmet mould would be cool, but again unlikely, to say the least.
  12. Any chance the Tie is based on Squadrons? I guess not but the new Tie pilot helmet paintjobs and mods featured in this game would be great for a new minifig.