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  1. I really like the build. It offer a lot better play features than the 2014 AT AT. But I miss the Snowtrooper commander; I would have liked one more trooper anyway, and I could have lived without Luke though I understand why he is here.
  2. Great, a Clone Battlepack! And one featuring an important clone unit! Strange attitudes here, though. I thought AFOLs and influencers did not matter to Lego (or us) in the least... Tbh, I too was unaware of any campaign as I rarely watch MandR; there are much better Lego channels to watch imo. It is just weird seeing people switching from one extreme to another, from 'he's irrelevant' to 'they listened to him, now he will...' - and somehow be mad about both. I don't care either way, I just will enjoy the set and army build a clone legion, the most prominent one. That is about the only thing I dislike about the new figures. I am prepared that, if we ever got new 501st troopers, that they would look different. I don't mind the white arms. But the hips...
  3. Flieger

    [Review] #75272 Sith Tie Fighter

    Thanks for the review. The greatest flaw imo are the minifigs. Finn should not be there, and the pilot is uninspired and likely wrong considering the Sith military uniforms and armours feature the colour red to varying degrees. Also, of course, there should be four minifigs. I do not know why Lego thinks three is ok when previous, similar sets like Solo's Tie Fighter 75211. The ship design itself is ok, but I think the concept was much better done by EC Henry (here and comparison here). However it should be easy enough to change. If the set is discounted massively I might do that.
  4. Flieger

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Perhaps a mild spoiler from IX so: ...whatever their canon name is. I think they had a new helmet based on McQuarrie concepts, and I love this kind of figures. Also, of course, Werner Herzog.
  5. I was undecided about the Tie Dagger. It is reasonably fresh (and yes, I know about EC Henry, who imo did a better version...), and even though the minifigs are underwhelming I seriously considered it. But once again, I did not like the film enough to justify buying it. The fact that it was a background vehicle did not help. And the KoR... no spoilers, just saying it was not enough for me. But I do understand the appeal, and I hope Lego completes the line-up for the KoR-fans out there.
  6. Sorry to return to this thread... but: The Mandalorian happened. Well, I am not a fan of Mandalorians and I had no interest in the character before I saw the show. Then I saw the show, and now I want sets from the show. Many sets. I won't spoil anything but even in the first two chapters I saw many possibilities for sets I would buy.
  7. I would buy a battle pack of Arvala-Jawas immediately. Anyway, I hope Lego releases some more Mandalorian sets sooner than later.
  8. ...as long as it is a civil discussion, i.e. without terms like 'SJW' or 'toxic'. One has to respect other people's personal preferences. The commercial success and future of toy sales, which is the topic of this discussion, has very little to do with those preferences. I for one liked Solo a lot; I would love to see more Lego sets from that movie. That does not mean I have the right to accuse anyone of 'negativity' (aka being 'toxic') simply for pointing out that the movie was an outright flop and that more toys, especially Lego sets, are rather unlikely at that point, given the climate of decling SW toy sales. It is generally better to focus on the issue itself rather than the attitude of the person bringing it up - whatever you think about that attitude. Like movie preferences, 'attitude' is a very subjective and delicate affair. I don't think summary judgment about people you don't know is the way to a fruitful discussion.
  9. I doubt the designers are a problem at all. I am sure they would love to operate without restrictions but they have to work within the limits set by the higher-ups (number of piece, size of pieces, new moulds, prints, stickers etc.). I am also quite sure they would love to do something different rather than Snowspeeder set number 8. I am not a collector and I have different needs, thus I do not agree with the OP, but he is speaking from a customer's perspective. There is nothing wrong about a customer being selfish, just like there is nothing wrong with TLG wanting our money. After all, when disagreeing with him I too have my own interests in mind. And frankly, I doubt you buy Lego to better mankind or something. I for one do it because I personally enjoy building Lego and gifting it to loved ones. Therefore, I would love to see more sets because that increases the chances for sets I want to own. That's quite selfish, yes. And while TLG may not be Sith lord evil, it is still not a non-profit operation or charity. It is a business. Buying Lego is a business transaction guided by hard economic interests on both sides. No need for any moralising.
  10. Agreed on all points. I was just referring to the new helmets because the concept is sound. The execution is ... not. For me it is not so much the size, I dislike that the helmet sits too 'high' on the head; the visor and skullcap should come down more. Anyway, the pros and cons of that new helmet have been discussed in detail elsewhere. Who knows, maybe they will improve the helmet. Thing is, female face prints are enough for me. As was mentioned, flight suits are baggy (unless you are an instagram model...), and military gear in general tends to deemphasize female curves. Many, many years ago I served in the air force and the women in full gear were hard to distinguish from their male comrades unless you looked at their faces (and height, obviously). I mean, as sad as it is that the female pilots in the OT are rarely recognized as such, this is an indicator that we do not need female-specific torsos. Btw., I was also very happy that Lego did not make any special torso printing for Zuzanu Latt. Her face print was all I needed.
  11. I think a unisex torso is enough, but we definitely need female faces. On the other hand, if the new X-Wing pilot helmets become more common, we could solve this problem on our own. Of course, I too would like to see Lego releasing female OT X-Wing pilots; they are unfortunately often overlooked.
  12. Actually, only The Telegraph is known to be a conservative newspaper, supporting the Torys. The majority of the sites and newspapers linked have various degrees of liberal leaning; The Guardian endorsed Labour in 2017 e.g. And if you had bothered to read the articles, you would have known. But that is where we are now: people preferring to judge and condemn ('right wing'), rather than to learn and understand.
  13. Well, that's what happens when people feel the need to use terms like 'SJW' or 'diverse cast' while discussing toys.
  14. Ok, good for you. However, most people are not as oblivious as you are, regardless of their political views. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/dec/19/last-jedi-left-wing-jeremy-corbyn-star-wars-champion-grassroots https://www.filminquiry.com/last-jedi-failure-masculinity/ https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2017/12/star-wars-last-jedi-laura-dern-admiral-holdo-listen-to-women https://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/thinking-man/liberal-identity-politics-has-ruined-star-wars-fanboys/ https://www.huffpost.com/entry/rotten-tomatoes-last-jedi-ratings-bots_n_5a38cb78e4b0860bf4aab5b1 https://www.publicmedievalist.com/last-jedi-fox/
  15. At least the second part of your post was correct. There are other factors than the cast that made it political.