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  1. brenden perkins

    7939 red container cars pulled off track

    How exactly is your train set up? If you have the intermodal cars behind your locomotive(s) and more, potentially heavier cars behind your intermodals.. the train could be straightlining in the curves.
  2. brenden perkins

    Heavy Trains & Couplers

    Something that has been done before (though non-Lego) is to use a slightly modified Kadee O scale coupler. It looks more realistic and I'm sure knuckles hold a lot more weight then magnets.
  3. brenden perkins

    Official Eurobricks Straightshooters List

    +1 For Dropsy, thank you!
  4. brenden perkins

    MOD: Lime Light

    That's actually the goal.. I'll be using bricklink once I get the funds. Anyway, I didn't mean to hijack this thread, carry on.
  5. brenden perkins

    MOD: Lime Light

    Dang, that looks awesome. I think I actually like it better then the original. It reminds me of the paint job our engine has at work. If our railroad existed in the steam days I'm sure the owner would have them painted much like you Lime Light locomotive. Here is a picture of it:
  6. brenden perkins

    Anyone in need of Series 3 or Series 4 Minifigures?

    I could really use a mad scientist if you have one..
  7. brenden perkins

    Is your member number a set number?

    Apparently my number matches up with a jeep from 1976, that's kinda cool. Set 365-1 Jeep With Steering
  8. brenden perkins

    Official Eurobricks Straightshooters List

    +1 for SilentMode. Thank you for helping complete my minifig collection!
  9. brenden perkins

    Maersk Train Arrives

    Well, my 4 came today. It's an awesome set but in the one I built I was missing 2 1x4 plates. One in the special blue and one in light gray. I'll be calling Lego tomorrow.
  10. brenden perkins

    Which set should I buy?

    I found a couple super chief locomotives. One with lights and a motor, both for $200. Should I get them...?
  11. brenden perkins

    Maersk Train: Engine vs Rolling Stock

    Personally, my trains have not arrived yet.. but, I think the containers look great. They're detailed and to scale. The containers that came with the ttx car were pretty small. Now, the well cars..they don't look too great but, if they looked any better we'd be paying more for the set. We can make decent looking well cars anyway. More then half the fun is building anyway.
  12. brenden perkins

    Maersk Train Arrives

    Mine are coming sometime between Friday and Wednesday.. Amazon is slow and the wait is killing me. Lego, Keep up the good work!
  13. brenden perkins

    What carriages do you use with BNSF & SFSC?

    Dan, You are very right. I use my Super Chief locomotive with the super chief cars on a dinner train similar to the old Railcruise America train that ran out of Union Station in St.Louis a few years back. The GP-38 is used on general freight though, these days they're usually not that common. Most class 1 railroads use them as yard and local engines because they aren't very powerful compared to their modern counterparts and are generally a lot smaller. Some industries that railroads switch have tight curves that require 4 axle units instead of 6 axles. They're good engines but my favorite is the SD-40 that the Maersk locomotive is based on (though the trucks aren't right). They run very well. Class ones and shortlines use a lot of these old girls still. We have one where I've been lately and it's quite good at anything we throw at it.
  14. brenden perkins

    Maersk vs BNSF: Enough cargo for both?

    In real life I believe one Maersk painted locomotive still exists though it only retains its paint as the Maersk lettering is gone. It is the former BNSF 6976, an SDF40-2 that resides in the Portland and is one of the former Santa Fe Maersk locomotives. The other was a GP-60M. The lego model is based of off Norfolk Southern's Maersk locomotive which (as mentioned earlier in this topic), was repainted after a wreck in to the normal NS paint scheme. Because this unit was last in service shuttling light coal trains before it was repainted I'll probably stick it on a string of hoppers and leave the money trains to the Dash 9s and SD-70M-2s. Of course it will sometimes appear on a local, manifest of even behind a wide cab leader pulling a string of intermodal containers.
  15. brenden perkins

    Maersk Train Arrives

    Only 9 left on Amazon... sorry