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  1. kbcakir

    [MOC] MTron River Crossing

    Me like it. Amazon crossing is my favourite set. M tron is my fav faction what else can there be!
  2. Hi I read the flickr comments you have many more i guess could you give me an exact number and photo of the items. I will buy but i want postage to Turkey. Please teel me how much they cost and your paypal id. ( my personal mail for easy communication : kbcakir@yahoo.com )
  3. kbcakir

    Space Marine Variant

    Thank you all guys ! :D
  4. kbcakir

    The Ugly Bastard

    Thank you so so soo much for frontpaging me that's an honor a huuuge honor LOL. This kind of appreciations make me want to build more but my stupid job kills all of my time. But I will try to participate this lovely forum as much as possible. Thank you soo much for the support guys. For the 'ugly' issue, I named it ugly because I thought this ship as bloody mercenary ship. Also if you look closely to the teeth like design on front part it is really ugly. But I thank you for finding it not 'ugly' Thank you! Sadly I didn't have time for taking and editing close up photos. But I will try to take some shots becase of the increasing demand :D Thank you so much bro!
  5. kbcakir

    [MOC] Jewelled Egg

    It is sooo nice
  6. kbcakir

    Space Marine Variant

    When I first saw the MODOK fig I was not so impressed. But later while I was surfing on bricklink I was this fig again and thought that it might be a good head for a big fig. I personally dont like brick built heads unless they are creature heads or masks or etc. I bought the fig and vent on with the idea. I hope you like and I also want to thank blizzard for creating Starcraft, it was a major inspiration for me although I built something far different than their original marines. With the anti radiation layer , Jump Function (Thrusters) My Flickr
  7. kbcakir

    The Ugly Bastard

    Thanks for the support guys
  8. kbcakir


    Thanks guys
  9. kbcakir

    The Ugly Bastard

    Thanks guys, the weapons are bought from brick warriors
  10. kbcakir


    Hi guys, I know this one can not be counted as a MOC but I still wanted to share with you. Maybe ıf you like him enough I would build a fighter for him. MAD-Tron is a former M-Tron spec ops soldier who has been invited to a very secret super soldier program. After various experiments and some gruesome trainings his mental health became questionable and turned against the M-Tron and started to terrorize their operations. My Flickr
  11. kbcakir

    The Ugly Bastard

    Hahahaha good questions. After finishing the hull and the nose section she looked like an anglerfish which is really ugly. Normally ships are feminine but this one felt so masculine and i imagined this ship as a buccaneer (state pirate ship). In my opinion he name bastard fits well for a ship with such a character. You are right, after the sails attached i became more attractive. But I still continued with the preset name. Maybe you can rename it, I would be really happy. Thank you guys for all of the motivating comments.
  12. kbcakir

    The Ugly Bastard

    Hi guys, I know it has been a while from my last post (space samurais). But I graduated from the uni and started to work, so I don't have much free time nowadays. Actually I assembled the troops for my late medieval army which is inspired from Holy Roman (German) Empire. (It employs about 200-250 soldiers) But after building the ship 'The Ugly Bastard' I felt that the Totenkopf mercenaries fit really well to the ship. So I am really confused about sharing it here or in the historic themes topic. If I did wrong by sharing it here, admins can relocate it. The Totenkopf Mercenaries (20 soldiers and a captain) are halberdier troops and they will continue to serve the emperor as long as they are sure that they will be paid well But their leader of the Totenkopfs 'Sir Langenschwanz' is also a talented sailor and he acts like a state pirate when the duty calls. Now I present you the Totenkopf Mercenaries and their transport Ugly Bastard. I hope you guys like them. Fully Rigged Ship, Three Masts 19D My Flickr
  13. kbcakir

    Securing Torresta

    I will handle the problem next week. Until then you can remove the topic.