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    I am an AFOL who has been playing with legos for over 20 years. In college I started my own collection and having been adding to it ever since. I love Castle and Star Wars themes though will occasionally dabble in Mecha. The MK in my screen name stands for Missionary Kid. A title I am very proud of and one I hope to give my kids soon.


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  1. MKJoshA

    Limited Time Challenge! Updated for December

    I'm fine with whatever you decide @goatman461 And it sounds like we are going for landspeeders only!
  2. MKJoshA

    [WIP] [UCS] MC75 "Profundity"

    Beautiful shapes and curvers!
  3. MKJoshA

    Star Wars Advent Calendar 2019 - LDD MOC

    I love your Christmas-ized versions of everything so far!
  4. MKJoshA

    EB Xmas Build 2019

    Here's my entry: Whenever I go ice-skating, I end up with my feet in the air instead of on the ice.
  5. MKJoshA

    Ep. IV: Corporations

    You need to either make a fighter that's instantly recognizable, or one that has a Wookiepedia reference. Additional guns, different color scheme, and other surface changes are okay. But if you took a B-Wing and gave it 4 or 5 s-foils instead of 3 that would be pushing it too far.
  6. MKJoshA

    Ep. IV: Corporations

    Sounds like the perfect time for a contest!
  7. MKJoshA

    Ep. IV: Corporations

    Factions have appeared all over the galaxy. The New Republic is still trying to sway enough planets over to its side to become the legitimate replacement for the Empire. Various Imperial Factions are vying for control of as many sectors as they can manage to control. The Scum of the galaxy is running rampant. What does all this mean? A lot of business for the many Corporations across the galaxy. Starfighters in particular are in high demand. Incom, Sienar, and MandalMotors in particular have seen a spike in profits as every Faction buys up the Starfighters they think will help them gain control of new territories or hold on to the ones they already have. Incom - Location: Fresia K10 Z-95 Headhunter ARC-170 U-Wing T-47 Airspeeder (Snowspeeder) X-Wing Sienar - Location: Castell M9 Sith Infiltrator TIE Series: Fighter, Interceptor, Defender, Bomber, Advance, Reaper, Striker, etc. MandalMotors - Location: Mandalore O7 Fang Fighter Kom'rk Fighter M3-A Fighter Aka'jor Shuttle Lancer Class Pursuit Craft Contest Specifics: Build a Starfighter from one of the three Corporations. The Starfighter should be minifigure scale. It should clearly fall within the Starfighter category and not be classified as a transport ship or larger. If you have questions please ask! You can also build a setting for your Starfighter: the factory where it's built, a shipyard in space where it's built, testing the Starfighter on a planet, taking the Starfighter into battle, etc. Each entry will be judged in two ways. The Starfighter will be judged by itself. Then the setting will be judged. The combined score will equal your XP/IP for the contest. But control of the Corporation will only be judged on the score from the Starfighter. Entries can be set on any planet and will earn appropriate XP and IP there. Regular rules for IP access apply. The highest scoring Starfighter for each Corporation will earn 50 IP on the corresponding headquarters. Only the Starfighters will be scored for this reward. So if CorSec builds the best MandalMotors Starfighter, CorSec will get 50 IP on Mandalore regardless how many other entries there were from other Factions, and regardless of the setting for any of the Starfighters. The Rules: Must be minifigure-scale. Must be a starfighter produced by 1 of the three listed Corporations. It doesn't have to be on the list of examples under each Corporation, but if it's not you should provide Wookiepedia proof. All entries must be posted as a new topic in the Factions subforum, the title prefixed by [Factions Ep. 4][Corporation - Starfighter][Build Sector - Build Planet - Faction]. For example, “[Factions Ep. 4] [Sienar - TIE Striker] [M11 - Corellia - CS] Imperial Forces”. Each person is only allowed 2 entries. Each entry may be for a different Corporation or the same. However, Factions would be wise to coordinate their builds to maximize points within one Corporation. All entries must be entered using this form: Link to Submittal Form All rules in the Core Rules topic apply unless otherwise stated in this explanation or the rules above. There are no restrictions on the size/form/content of the builds, as long as they follow the above described goals. The Episode will run from November 27th to January 31st. As long as it is still Jan 31st somewhere in the world, you can still enter. Entries posted after the deadline will be disqualified from the episode and will not be eligible to receive points or XP. Entries will be judged according to the following rules: Your build can earn up to 50 points. The amount of points you earn is also the amount of XP your character earns. This episode/contest is open to all players of Factions, even if they joined EB or signed up for the game after the episode has begun, with the exception of the Star Wars staff, who are not eligible to win XP or prizes; the EB admins and moderators, who are not eligible to win prizes but may earn XP; and the episode host, who is not eligible to win prizes but may earn XP. All entries must be new creations, not posted anywhere else prior to the start date of this episode. You can use creations for this contest in other forums or contests, but it should not have been displayed before the start date for this contest. You may be asked by a staff member to change your entry if it is too similar to an earlier creation. All entries must be built from real LEGO or with Lego Digital Designer. No third-party molds may be used for the subject non-human. If you are using Lego Digital Designer, please remember you can only use existing colors and pieces. Also be aware that the judges will watching to make sure your LDD model could hold itself up in real-life. Post pictures no larger than 1024x768, as specified in the EB Member Guidelines. You may do a 'full-blown photo edit' with all the text, effects, background compositing, support erasing, and other effects on ANY picture. For obvious reasons, any photo editing that changes the shape, functionality, or color (not tint or adjustment, but actual color) of a LEGO piece is prohibited,. All entries are considered WIPs (Works In Progress) until the deadline passes. Until the deadline has passed, you are allowed to change and improve your MOC. The Prizes: You will receive XP equal to the number of points you are awarded from the judges. Your faction will receive IP on your posted planet if your MOC is eligible for them. If your Factions earns the most XP for a Corporation, they will earn 50 IP on the given headquarters for the Corporation.
  8. MKJoshA

    Limited Time Challenge! Updated for December

    The intention was to have people make a landspeeder. Not an airspeeder, snow speeder, or cloud car. Examples of landspeeders are the X-34 that Luke drives in a New Hope, the Flash Speeder from Phantom Menace, and the M-68 Han drives at the beginning of Solo.
  9. MKJoshA

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    Yes! I want that goat! Lego, listen to this! And then give Bricklink back to us.
  10. MKJoshA

    EB Xmas Build 2019

    Yay! I was hoping there would be some kind of contest. I'll get started on my entry!
  11. Please use spoilers when you answer, but which one has been named as Paz Viszla?
  12. MKJoshA

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    I wish this was an April Fools joke. I'm very worried for the future of Bricklink. I know if it crashes and burns another will rise in its place, but that could take a few years.
  13. I'm wondering if the "amazing first" could be chrome pieces. No, there's not. Sorry. Feel free to PM me if needed.
  14. MKJoshA

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    @Clahador Wow! How many hundreds of dollars did that set you back?