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    I like to play Saxophone. And i like to build Pirate ships.
    I'm a big fan of pirates ;)
    My channel on Yt = http://www.youtube.com/user/Jiskpirate?feature=mhee


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    The Netherlands
  1. jiskpirate

    20 gun frigate 'Vesta'

    EIgenlijk zou ik hem in het echt willen zien
  2. jiskpirate

    Our Zorro (Dieter) passing away

    R.I.P Zorro, Rust zacht, ge zult gemist worden.
  3. jiskpirate

    UCS Black Pearl

    I like yours more than thatt one of your brother, cause yours is more nicer and more on a lovely scale ;)
  4. jiskpirate

    Ship-of-the-Line Under Construction

    Amazing! You gave me inspiration dude!
  5. jiskpirate

    (MOC) H.M.S Saint Matthews

  6. jiskpirate

    HMS Surprise - 24 gun frigate

    Well done, i waited so long for a HMS surprise!
  7. jiskpirate

    Pirate attack on east indiaman

    Wauw! I always like fights with ships. ever heard of the East-indian Amsterdam? It sunk in a strom near england. I always like this! Nice job and keep going!
  8. jiskpirate

    HMS Ares

    wauw, nice ship!
  9. jiskpirate

    More ships for the fleet!

    I want your fleet, its beautifull!
  10. jiskpirate

    20 gun frigate 'Vesta'

    wauw, very nice! Those sails with ropes. fantastic!
  11. jiskpirate

    Achille, a French frigate carrying 36 guns

    Wauw, this is very good! I want it ;)
  12. jiskpirate

    2013 Lone Ranger Sets

    I love it!
  13. jiskpirate

    MOC: Avenue Saint-Jacques

    wauw, thats a nice MOC!
  14. jiskpirate

    WIP: Eldorado 2013 XXL

    Perfect! Beautifull! I want that original set, but this is good to ;)
  15. jiskpirate

    PoTC - MOC

    Nice job! Soon, i'm gonna upload my first moc, a english ship. (i'm 12 years old and build nice ships ;) )