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  1. Primus

    Shadow Lord Tahu

    Master of Darkness. Destroyer of Ta-Koro. Butcher of Toa. Scourge of Mata Nui... While fighting Teridax, Tahu became corrupted by antidermis and drained of his honor. He killed Teridax and absorbed his power, becoming fully transformed into a force of pure evil. He then when on a spree of destruction, killing the other Toa and levelling Ta-Koro. Tahu acquired the Kanohi Vahi, the Mask of Time, so that he could relive the killings of his closest friends and revel in their misery...... By embracing his dark desires, Tahu has become the Lord of the Shadows... Built for the BS01 Legends and Infamy Contest. Also the mask is a Lego Prototype part I got back in 2010 in case you were wondering :)
  2. Primus


    Same! Haven't build anything with them in so long, was happy to give him a proper set of legs. As far as the series used, there's a whole gamut of series in this guy (Hero Factory, Hockey, Knights Kingdom, Ben 10, Bionicle, System etc) which made for a really fun and interesting build! Glad you liked it :)
  3. Primus


    Thanks! I really liked them too which is why I wanted to use them in a MOC Thanks a lot man! I liked the tubes as it added some more color to the MOC. The idea behind it was to make the MOC look more like a functional robot suit, but I can see where that might not have translated fully from idea to reality. Thanks for the comments!
  4. Primus


    I'm on a roll building stuff recently. This time, a I've managed to make a hard-suit for a TechnicFig who had no legs. Found him while sorting all of my parts and decided he needed a suit to make up for it. And yes, there's a TechFig in there! Brickshelf Gallery (when moderated) Hope you guys like him, C&C is appreciated! P
  5. Primus

    [MOC] Recent MOCs: Herakles & Rorzakh

    Thanks! Herakles definitely was inspired by the Jaegers. Thanks a lot! Part of the nice thing about a mostly mono-chrome color-scheme is that any color really does pop! Glad you guys liked them!
  6. Hey all, Been about 3 years since my last build, and 6 (!!!) since I was pretty actively building. However, I'm building somewhat again, so I've got some MOCs to post. First, HERAKLES: Brickshelf gallery Kind of a beefy dude, supposed to be some sort of fighting robot. Inspired by a bunch of stuff ranging from the Hercules beetle to the movie Real Steel. Then a Rorzakh revamp for a collab on Flickr: Brickshelf gallery Tried going more insectoid/monstrous on the shape of the Rorzakh. Let me know what you all think, C&C is always appreciated. P
  7. Primus

    [MOC] IN5T1-GT3R

    @WARHEAD: I seriously considered giving it more color and beefing up the arms and legs because it was shaping up to be a "typical" MOC for me. But fortunately my love for the spindly aesthetic won over that desire lol. I do think it's funny that one of my first builds in a long time is very reminiscent of a style I've tried to stay away from since 2010. @Leewan: I debated not giving him the knee spikes, as I agree with you that they look off. I was going to give him yellow cylindrical spikes but in the end I went with the simple spikes. I may change the spikes eventually. Thanks for all of the comments everyone, really glad you guys enjoy the MOC!
  8. Primus

    [MOC] IN5T1-GT3R

    @DraikNova: This picture should show some more detail. The head area is made from this piece as well as the shoulder joints from a tecnic figure.
  9. Primus

    [MOC] IN5T1-GT3R

    (all images link to larger images) Brickshelf Gallery So this is the first MOC I've built in two years, he's a rather spindly robot. It's nice to be building again. Anyways, please let me know what you think about him. Thanks!
  10. Primus

    MOC: Nine Oh Six

    Gallery when moderated. SO. I guess some of you are wondering what this is, and maybe even what it's for. So I'll tell you. This is for the Bionicle Without the Bionicle Brickfair Collaborative Display. The display is going to show a conflict between two sides, one good, the other evil. On one side are the COGs, a militaristic sect of war machines who have taken over a fictional society and are ruling it with an iron fist. On the other are the Rebels, members of that society that want to overthrow the COGs, beings that do not agree with the way things are being run. This is COG unit 906. After the takeover, it did not like what the COGs were doing to the members of society, and once it learned of the rebellion, it joined up. It removed its red paint (as, aside from the leader, all of the COGs are red), and joined the rebellion. Most of the other rebellion members are weary around it, due to its history as a COG, but they know it's military knowledge and tactical skills are valuable to the cause. So anyways, keep your eyes peeled for more MOCs that are involved in the display, they're all pretty neat! Hope y'all like it, P
  11. Primus

    MOC: Storm

    (all pictures link to bigger pictures) So, this is supposed to be some sort of brawler type villain, good at hand to hand combat etc etc. Used to look like this: But the arms didn't really jive. So I changed them. It also used to be some sort of ninja type villain. Anywho, Gallery when public. Hope y'all like it.
  12. Primus

    MOC: Creech

    (Click on picture for a higher-res picture) Gallery (it's public) So, I haven't really built much recently, due mainly to the fact that I don't have any parts at school. But, I had time to build something over Thanksgiving break, and I did. This is some sort of alien insect creature thingy. I guess it's kinda creepy? That's up for you guys to decide. So, anyways, hope y'all like it.
  13. Primus

    MOC: Prophet Omega

    Gallery (when moderated) 2nd (and last) in a very short series. So, this is most likely the last MOC y'all will see from me for most likely 3 months. I'm starting up my school term on Thursday, and while I'm bringing some of my pieces with me, I doubt I'm going to be building a whole lot.
  14. Primus

    MOC: Prophet Alpha

    Gallery (when mod'd) First in a (rather short) series. That head reminds me of a clerical cap.
  15. Alien Mech Pilot Junker Mech Gallery (it's moderated) So, this is basically two Mechs and a Technic Fig fighting each other in some sort of gladiatorial arena thing. Yeah, I know the arena's pretty ho-hum, but it was basically made so I could have something for the two mech's to fight on.