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  1. Thomas B.

    MOC: Pirate Town

    It isn't a PTV entry... Just a regular MOC...
  2. Thomas B.

    MOC: Pirate Town

    Well, guards and pirates hate each other, right? So, shouldn't there be an attack on each other? Like blood on the ground or them firing on each other?
  3. Thomas B.

    50's/60's signs

    Wow. Why are they so small? I saw this on ebay long ago, but now I'm glad I didn't buy it! I was going to put it in my city. They are very cool if your city is micro-size.
  4. Thomas B.

    5-wide small truck

    What is that on the grill? Perhaps the wheels could be bigger. Though I like the 5-wide idea.
  5. Thomas B.

    MOC: RTS San Legonio

    Okay. I think this should be discussed, it is after all very cool. I can't believe no one replied when this thread came out!
  6. Thomas B.

    "I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay!"

    Alright... I shall not bump threads very much... EDIT: When is it considered bumping? I would presume the first three wouldn' t be considered, right?
  7. Thomas B.

    Favourite Cheese (dont hide fellow EBers)

    I love cheese. My favorite is Gouda. Mmm... You made me hungry!
  8. Thomas B.

    "Spooking Up" a Tabletown

    That was in reply to Dr. Sinister.
  9. Thomas B.

    "Spooking Up" a Tabletown

    I knew it!
  10. Thomas B.

    2009 Coast-Guard new set?

    Yeah, I'll try...
  11. Thomas B.

    Help identifying a set.

    WhiteFang beat me to it! I read the first post and knew it right away. And as I scrolled down, I saw WhiteFang posted that! Blasted WhiteFang!
  12. Thomas B.

    LEGO ferrari

    It was at an exposition in the U.S. and I grabbed one of those large minifigs and ran! The security tackled me though. I seved a year in prison for that! I love to make up stories! I think this Ferrari is awesome! I would sit in it and watch TV!
  13. Thomas B.

    MOC: RTS San Legonio

    Hmm. A very interesting ship. I think the pirates could be changed for Imperial guards though. The ship's flag is really cool. A good MOC!
  14. Thomas B.

    MOC: Pirate Town

    That could be more gruesome. Though the buildings are nice. I really like the MOC though.
  15. Thomas B. - whatever happened to it?

    Thanks Guss for the email. Thanks Mister Phes for leaving the thread open. That evil KimT!