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    10199 Winter Toy Shop

    I thought purple was discontinued?
  2. I've seen it on bricklink but not on S@H
  3. Wow we haven't even got volume 3 yet. Unless I've been under a rock and somehow missed it.
  4. randomparrot

    Vintage Minifig Collection Volume 3

    I love these collections, i'm glad we get finally get a cowboy aswell. Hopefully it follows the same pattern as volume 2 where it was on S@H not long after we saw pictures.
  5. randomparrot

    REVIEW: 7079 Drawbridge Defense

    I can't wait to buy that. Good review also.
  6. randomparrot

    British, Chaps? (UK discussion)

    What is the release date for the farm sets in the UK does anyone know?
  7. randomparrot

    Vintage Minifigure Collection II

    Mine came today, i decided i'll make a quick scene for them so here you go. I call it "I blend in Perfectly" i know there's not really any building involved but
  8. randomparrot

    Power Miners: New Sets for 2009

    I'm definately getting the Crystal King but i'm hoping the set with the big green rock monster isn't too badly priced.
  9. randomparrot

    2009 Sets Speculation

    I'm hoping they have some kind of contraption to lower a smaller boat down into the water if not i'll have to make my own. it's probably going to slightly smaller even though realism wise it should be bigger but let's not go there...
  10. randomparrot

    The disney deal, implications to the pirate theme?

    I'll get them if they come with some good Minifigs.
  11. randomparrot

    REVIEW: 7418 Scorpion Palace

    Very Good review i like the detail you went into concerning the palace.
  12. randomparrot

    Vintage Minifigure Collection II

    Ordered mine. I have a funny MOC idea for the Ninja.
  13. randomparrot

    Batman theme in 2009

    Couldn't they just make a piece that slides over a normal body like this: http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItemPic.asp?M=sw075
  14. randomparrot

    Pillage the Village Voting - MEDIUM DIVISION

    1st. 21. Nich Artri - Fishing With Envy and Greed 2nd. 13. RichardAM - Stealin' the Imperial Loot! 3rd. 15. pe668 - Buried Trash 'n' Treasure